5 Seconds of Summer - CALM

℗ 2020 5 Seconds of Summer, under exclusive license to Interscope Records

CALM Tracklist:


Forever my favorite band. They are awesome and you can really find one of there sings that you can relate too.


This album is amazing I can’t stop lis to it can’t wait for my copy to come in the mail❤️❤️ amazing job boys


Not disappointed, did not skip any song. I have 5 favorite on repeat all day since I bought the album 🔥⭐️💥💝💖


They never stop amazing us with their talent


I love 5sos just as much as any other fan. So people aren’t going to listen to me but my friend who doesn’t really know them loves them. He started listening to CALM and now he’s moving on to Youngblood next. Hopefully moving all the way back to self titled maybe even Teenage Dirtbag cover

TES student

amazing album!!


so proud of these boys




there isn’t a single song i don’t like. my boys continue to amaze me with their talent & how much they care about their following!! been here since their living room videos and i will always be a 5sos fan 💖💖


absolute ART. i cannot stop listening to it. all the people giving it one star are just salty dua lipa fans LOL relax guys don’t hate. i can’t imagine anyone can honestly say that this album deserves one star. be good people :)


It’s a rare occasion that I like an artist’s entire album, but 5SOS has pulled it off! Every song is great, been on repeat for days. Easily their best album, I love how you can hear how much they’ve grown and matured in their lives and in their music.


they never disappoint me 🥺


I honestly love this album and the story it tells is amazing. I know it was probably a difficult time to release and album but I feel that you guys executed it greatly and I’m so ready for you guys to go on tour so I can hopefully hear it like❤️.


i love this album with all my heart. i can tell the boys worked really hard on this album and i’m so proud of them! i’ve been waiting for this album and so glad it came out and brought me joy !!




OKAY WOAH. this is so good. so proud of 5SOS once again. love this album and cannot stop listening to it!!!


5sos’s growth as musicians is incredible and this album is beautifully written. 10/10 would recommend

pumpkin pie mf


maddie dudle

i literally can’t stop listening to it. luke’s voice sounds amazing, ashton went off on drums, calum killed it on bass, and michael was incredible on guitar as always. there’s no skips on the entire album. it’s incredible


Even after getting leaked they still are at the top 3 and if it weren’t for the d*a lipa stans leaving bad reviews, they would be number 1. notice how they still have five stars even with the sabotage.


Best album yet!


5sos never fails to make bops. CALM really hit home and it’s just so beautiful and each song has its own personality but it all blends so well together. AHHH! Been listening all day every day. Nonstop repeat. Keeping me sane and happy through this quarantine ❤️❤️


Such a great album


I have been a fan of them for like 9 years now and their music gets better and better every year. Love them this album is very emotional and gets very deep, and I’m happy they are getting personal with their fans and being connected with them. Love them so much ❤️❤️❤️🦋🦋🦋🦋


I hoped their project wouldn’t be as obnoxious and generic as the previous one but it was and it’s very disappointing that they’re clearly having no artistic growth

ava yeeyee mae

5sos NEVER disappoints ❤️❤️❤️


what a FLOP!

Leona Zielinski

5 seconds of summer never fails to disspoint. no skips, and you cant get tired of the songs, each time you listen to the same song you hear something different each time and its honestly my favorite album so far by 5sos. they cannot write a bad song!


Very unique, amazing, good beats, lots to dance to, very fun, powerful, amazing talented, nothing like the other bands, extraordinary, wonderful, beautiful, loud music. :)


5sos is able to try so many sounds and they do it so well. Easily the best album of 2020.

Ansey Morrow

This album was a blessing! Perfect timing perfect sound perfect vibe🥰🥺⚡️love every bit of it


I can’t get enough of this album! I’m speechless over it!

skinny queen 45

Greatest album of 2020


That’s just it, amazing!


constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly.


JUST TRUST ME AND LISTEN TO IT.. maybe grab some tissues just in case


there are literally no skips, I love it




I started listening to 5SOS during the Youngblood era and I love a lot of their old stuff too. Hearing how they’ve matured over the years makes my heart smile! They’re finding their sound and it’s an amazing one. Definitely loving every single song on CALM!!


I don’t know how you couldn’t like this album, it’s so diverse

Cutie 12345

so proud of my boys they keep surprising me everyday! i’m such a proud mom!

kinleyy :)

all i gotta say 10/10 would recommend :)


i have been listening to 5sos for 3 years now and they never fail to amaze me. i absolutely love this album.

Mista Protato Lovez Veggies

Phenomenal album, 0 skips! love it so so much and can’t get enough. amazing job boys! beautiful songs that are catchy and meaningful all at the same time. Been a fan for 6 years now. 5sos never disappoints!!


they never fail to amaze me, definitely recommend 10/10 <3


It’s different from the old 5SOS for sure, but the boys have grown so much as people and artists. This is sonically on another level than the old albums. As much of an early stan as I am, young 5SOS will always be my first love, this is too good not to vibe and grow with. They’re changing and bringing their original fans along while opening up to new horizons for so many new fans as well. Truly the definition of a coming of age album and a fandom (family) driven career and band.


I can’t stop listening to this. The guys of 5SOS should be proud of themselves

5sos stan :)

5 seconds of summer never fails to put out good music, and this album is no different. My favs are Red Desert and Lonely Heart :)


It's crazy to see how far the boys have come. From going to songs like SLSP to Red Desert, you can tell the boys have grown over the years. I'm excited to see what the future holds for them!

Frida gg

they made yet another amazing album. i’m proud of my boys. 💗💗

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