A R I Z O N A - Asylum

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Asylum Tracklist:


I rarely write reviews...but I felt this album deserved it. I hadn’t heard of these guys until a random day at work they came on our Spotify station. I then listened to more of their music and just fell in love. This album really is fantastic! Every song has its own individual feel, yet is completely cohesive to the rest. All catchy, all wonderful, all creatively done. Mad props to A R I Z O N A on a great album and a job/efforts well done. You’ve gained a new fan!


Getting to hear Nostalgic live in concert before it’s official release made me extra hyped for this album. It’s amazing! Different feel from the first album, for sure, but awesome in its own way 😌🎧🎶


Loved it. Wish another was coming out


This is all the great sound of this band however there are a couple things they need to work on. 1. Their songs are too short, just when you’re really getting into some songs it ends, many of them barely breaking the 2 minute barrier. 2. I saw someone’s review that there are too many “wa-oh’s” and I agree 100%. If the band is going forward, they need to use more lyrics and stop heavily relying on those “wa-oh’s” because honestly it’s getting a bit tiring. The song Problems is greatly guilty of that. On a last note, Zach Hannah’s voice doesn’t isn’t really cut out for high pitch notes as heard in Still Alive but other than that the album is great.


i’d love that music, and even though it’s a good music

Europe Sami

Always a favorite band in my music playlist. I’ve loved them for YEARS! I keep worrying about when they’ll get mega- mega-huge and I’ll start having to pay the BIG bucks to see them at Chicago House of Blues again. Something special about this group. They’re going to explode; I’m calling it now!!!


I love literally every song A R I Z O N A has put out. I can’t stop listening. I love the whole album but “Don’t Leave,” “Trouble,” and “Problems” are my faves. Cant wait to see what they put out next!


Way too many oh-wo-oh's.


Problems? Check. Arizona? Check. Hot dude voice? Double check! Great song just to vibe to while chillin in your backyard or cruisin in the car.


very stable LP!

A R I Z O N A fan

It was definitely a step down from their first album, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the new songs. Still Alive is an amazing track. I would have liked to have heard a guitar solo from Nate!




I love the upbeat nature of their songs!! So much fun to dance or workout to. Very refreshing!!


Come back to Austin ! We love you 😍😍😍

The Yeeting Cow

Just a little too “popy” for me


I remember when these guys were just starting out giving out and sharing their music! Love their music! Keep up the awesome work guys!