Miley Cyrus & Cedric Gervais - Adore You (Remix)

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Adore You (Remix) - Single Tracklist:

Number one Miley fan

Why did she have to sing about sex she was so much better when she didn’t


This song is ok and the album cover is not that great.


This is poop


Miley has said it MANY times she is NOT a role model for your children 'Hannah' was & she's gone. If you don't want your kids to listen fine. But I guarantee you they are listening to something worse than this & since that artist wasn't a former disney star it's ok! Because that artist wasn't meant to be a role model. Parent be your kids role-models & teach them wrong from right and you shouldn't have any problems! ^.^ I promise you Miley is not going to make your kids go out & party haha 😂 No more than Britney Spears or Nicki Minaj would.


Totally love the remix. Listened to the original song, but too slow. This is my new gym workout song. More remixes please!!!!!!


miley is amazing, sexuality rocks, and haters can waste their time.

Milo Max

Better than original i bought it




This is awful

Mez Joseph

Don’t rely on entertainers and superstars to do your job for you. I think the fact you refuse to let your daughter listen to Miley shows your ignorance. And I’m not even a huge Miley fan, I’m just a parent with common sense.Her music is good and keeps getting better and changing because she is maturing and getting older. Buy your daughter Kidz Bop and keep her in a bubble. We’ll see how long that lasts.


SMFH.. She thinks by maming a remix out of her single it will do better.. Honey adore you already flopped and you cant save it. Thinkin she gonna get a hit like queen Lana Del Rey..




It's great if it was zoomed out so u could see them ( . )( . ) "Mmmm"

Sunrais lovely

Wooow This is PERFECT SONG REMIX ❤️❤️

:)- kr!

don't purchase her music. so sad to witness the direction her life is headed. rehab. rehab. rehab. don't buy her music. don't fund this lifestyle. she'll need to hit rock bottom before she gets better.




Hated the original but this is even worse. Wow


Number one song!!!

ListenUp (~)\(~)

Personally I think Miley lsot us with her Achey Breaky Heart Disgusting BS. But you who love her, C'Ya!

Girls Can't Eat 15 Pizzas

Miley this is pathetic. ugly cd cover.

Eric Venturio

I liked the original better


Sounds exactly like his "Young and Beautiful" remix


regular is better

Lovely ♡

LET MILEY BE!! Miley is just being herself and she doesn't care about what people think about her. she's based! which makes me love her even more. she just grew up. I love you miley! Follow me in instagram xD @ BasedLovely


I’m not only a fan of Miley, but I applaud her talent. These songs are catchy yet unique and beautiful. Love her, and this remix!


I adore you queen!! #adoreyouremix


I love the original song but this remix is just so cool and fun 😍❤️💕



Melanie Luangrath

I hope this remix brings the bangerz era back to life, this adore you remix deserves to go at least top 10!!!!!!


I actually like it. The beats good


This miley cyrus adore you remix sounds dope

funky dave

The only thing different about this song is the obviously enhanced (ahem) body shot of Cyrus


Little Miss Montana, is becoming quite the club hit producing machine. Bye bye Disney, hello sexy adulthood.


Such a boring and predictable “dance-y” remix for this song—i expected better :/


Love it!


I've heard this song a while back and I've been waiting for ever for this song to come OUT!


Worth buying it!


I'm a big Miley, but this song... I like the original ballad version better. Cedric Gervais does make good dance songs from ballads like Lana del Rey's "Summertime Saddness," but I like Miley's ballads more. So 3 stars!


While I think she has a great voice, it's sad to see the direction she has taken as of late. I refuse to let my daughter listen to her music anymore as she is far from the "role model" that she should be. Come on Miley, you're better than that.


I've had the song, but I've been waiting since the beginning of last month for it to be officially released! It's perfection.


sooo dope


The Queen of pop takes her rightful throne !!


Miley continues to releases hit after hit & they're all so great. Her latest single, Adore You, is a beautiful ballad with much emotion. This remix twists that song 360 & gives us something fresh and fun. It's a great version of the song. I can't wait to see what else Miley releases next!

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