Agust D - D-2

℗ 2020 Bighit Entertainment

D-2 Tracklist:


He never disappoints! The production, the lyricism, the soul... I’m in awe. Yoongi we are so proud of you 🥺 thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us! The way 28 hits differently... losing sight of dreams as one becomes more and more of adult. I think he described the feeling so well I’m in awe and overcome with melancholy. Definitely one of the songs closest to my heart

Bowie chick

Just became a BTS fan last week. Suga, I'm in love with your voice 💜 you could record yourself reading a book & I would purchased the recording.


my favorite mixtape of 2020 hands down. So much effort was put into the production. flawless 10/10


He’s a really good at making music and especially good at rapping

SwaggerSouls' boi

ALL OF THESE SONGS ARE BANGERS!!!!!! but that is what is expected of the KING of K-Rap... can't wait until your next album yoongi... I will be patiently waiting until your next comeback


This mixtape marks the growth of Agust D in his solo career - more mature, more reflection of life and human relationship. People and Dear My Friend are my two favorite tracks. I strongly recommend reading the lyrics in addition to the beat.

(ㆀ˘・з・˘) 😐

It a really great album and I love it


After watching the music video to this song I had to buy this song so I can listen on repeat. Its such a cool song..and the music video is just epic. Seriously. watch the music video.


yoongi never fails to make incredible music if i could i would give this 100000000 stars.


All I can say is WOW🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


AgustD released this mixtape as a surprise release so when it dropped i was hyped. Loved all of the tracks but my personal favorite is Daechwita, Dear My Friend, and Burn It


you can tell that he worked really hard on this album and it really paid off! love it!

jinjin astro bby

Lil meow meow is such a baby but also such a great rapper

#Windbreaker #Bookworm #😜

I love this from the bottom of my heart




perfection didn’t expect anything less


Agust D genius producer and rap prodigy


best thing ever

ic0nic yo0ngii

this is an awesome mixtape i hope to buy soon. i really think that you are awesome and you deserve a lot in life. thank you for making my days better with your music. it’s truly a gift from Min Yoongi. thank you so much!! 💜👑

Once you Jimin

This album did not disappoint! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING💕💕💕💕💕


I cannot stop playing this album over and over. I honestly can’t pick a favorite tune either because there is such diversity of sound. And the giant cherry on top of this awesome musical dessert is Agust D’s husky, dreamy, creamy voice center stage and in the spotlight. I am going to settle into to this album, wrap my auditory arms around it and thoroughly enjoy it while also keeping an eye open for future releases from Agust D.

Jess Renee

AgustD May be top 10 one of my favorite rappers in Korea, like hands down. I’ve always been a fan of fast, aggressive rapping and this dude is good at giving either both or one or the other. I like that he is good at expressing things but sometimes it doesn’t hit with me the way his first album did. But good album.


i hate the beginning and he’s repeating a lot of stuff in daichwita, also the way koreans say “yeah” is kinda wierd no offense, also in daichwita, did he say the n word?


Min Yoongi... this album slapped. Please listen if you want clear skin and a happy life.


Should quit singing horrible voice low production and overrated and ugly 🤢


WOW just WOW!! The album is the true definition of diversity. He showed growth and his skills through this album and I’m here for it!!!


He’s too good for this world, I go into a parallel universe when I listen to his track “people” THANK YOU for saying it’s okay just to live and breathe in the moment such a good message for the young in our world. BRAVOOOO!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


I love Suga! I give it 100% and beyond! I love him and BTS🤍💙💚😘🧡



Love Yourself 💜💜💖

His songs are amazing, this album was worth buying 100%. I never regret buying it, I always think there’s gonna be that one song I hate but there ends up being none, I love all the songs in his album.


He really outdid himself. All the songs are beyond amazing


This whole self produced mixtape is straight up fire 🔥 king is back 🤯


yoongi world domination!!

John Fabulin

I wish he makes more MV for this songs. Loved Daechwita MV!!!


Praise the king


Absolute king🥴🥴


Best album of 2020

Trust and Us



I think this was a great follow up to the first mixtape. If there is another one released, I can imagine they will just get better and better! I appreciate Agust d’s improvement. However, I don’t believe that Daechwita was an appropriate title track. A song like What Do You Think? or Honsool would’ve been a better choice in my opinion. But that’s a personal opinion. However I know I was not the only person who found the chanting of “DAECHWITA, DAECHWITA, PLAY IT LOUD, DAECHWITA” to be annoying and loud. I get the head nodding dance thing, but still. I also (I don’t speak Korean) was confused on the lyrics for about three days bc no one told me what the word Daechwita meant. But haha other than that, my favorite tracks were Strange and 28. I really recommend everyone read the lyrics to Strange, because they’re extremely thought provoking and deep. They question the whole of capitalism and I find that so interesting and great that Agust D (I refuse to call him another name when that’s the name he’s chosen 🤷🏻‍♀️) is speaking against something so accepted. I adored 28 and i replay it over and over these days, it means a lot to me. I think you’ll love it too if you give it a chance! In short, I loved this mixtape but believe the title track song was chosen wrong. Great job, Agust D!


I love all of your SONGS and I’m a really big fan of you😘😍😍 I love you SUGA✨✨✨


Just amazing 💜


Yoongi world domination, great mixtape!!

plastic moon

There is not one skip-able song on this album. The lining of the songs is sooo perfect and the production is on another level. I do not regret buying at all!


AgustD (Suga) has just dropped the mic. Game over.


Much respect to Min Yoon-gi. Layer upon layers of sound on each track. So much fusion of East and West. Lyrics and beats flow well...even an instrumental album of his beats would be amazing! Agust D2 shows how much more of an artist he is.


beautiful in every way

#maze runner fan of newt

I really thought the album would be as good as Agust D but I was wrong I got hyped up for the songs to come out and then I was disappointed ☹️ I just overall don’t care for the title tracks and besides the best part though was when Kookie and Seokjin got into the fight in the bg😅


This album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🤘👏👏👏👏✌️


That’s it. That’s the review.

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