All Time Low - Wake Up, Sunshine

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Wake Up, Sunshine Tracklist:


This album is literally beautiful and varies in sound and feel but it has a song for every mood and I love it so much. I’m so beyond proud of these boys for sticking together and staying real to themselves and us. Thanks for this album, it’s a blessing.

brady r creasy

This album is fantastic definitely gonna be one of the best of the year for sure


I’m sorry this just isn’t good. Maybe it’s just not my genre


The best album All Time Low has made this far. I can not stop listening to it. I have been following ATL since 2008 and I can’t get enough!


i love my ATL!!! they’ve stayed true to their sound and i can’t take this album off repeat 💛 such an outstanding album


IN LOVE WITH THIS ALBUM !! Genuinely feels like the All Time Low we know and love & has such a nostalgic vibe. This album dropping was 10/10 the best thing that could’ve happened rn to lift people’s moods


ATL has been my favorite band since I was 16 years old and jamming Put Up or Shut Up. I didn’t expect to be still jamming them this hard at 30, but this album is 10/10 and brought me straight back to why I fell in love.

Jasé Alston

I love All Time Low and everything they have done. Wake Up, Sunshine has a summer feel to it. This is definitely an album I would listen to with the windows down. 10/10 would most definitely recommend!

Rose Lacle

these boys never disappoint


Love this band so much. They have never disappointed in their fifteen years of making amazing music. Love this album!

Melancholy Kaleidoscope

There isn’t a single bad song on this album. Every single one is great! Even though there were a couple that weren’t my favorite at first, they’ve completely grown on me. The whole album is straight fire, and I’ve never heard an album with such a strong song line up before. I absolutely love and adore this album, 5/5!




amazing as always! probably my new favorite atl album!!!!


Best album All Time Low has made! Starting with a song that goes through their career and ending with a song that reminisce from when they started the band. Truly amazing work!


Love this album!


An incredible improvement from last young renegade

rais :)

every single song is a BANGER. love this band with my whole heart. this is an amazing album 💛💛


As soon as I heard Monster feat. blackbear I knew I had to listen to the entire album. Their previous 2 albums (and live album.) just sucked, they just had to cater to the arena fans (just like one ok rocks previous 3 releases). Either way the guys are back with elements from “Dirty Work”, “Don’t Panic: it’s longer now”, and “So Wrong, It’s Right” this album is a great hour killer!!!!


All Time Low never disappoints, love this record so much!

Hawaiian girl 999

Wow. What Ana amazing album. Everything about it was so good. All the instruments were so powerful and Alex's voice was unbelievably great. This album has something for everyone and I think it is such a great progression, while staying true to their roots.


Have been a fan of ATL since day one- I LOVE this album and love how much they’ve grown as artists while still staying true to their sound.

The wanna be tpose

Best ATL album to date


Hey all you cool cats and kittens, just here to say how fire this album is. Ugh I’m just obsessed with it, currently listening to it on repeat. ATL has done it again! Get it to #1!


If you’ve been sleeping on All Time Low for a minute, wake up sunshine! This album is for you. Every song if better than the last and the boys have truly outdone themselves. You won’t regret purchasing this album.

All Time Hope

Wake Up, Sunshine is by far the best album the All Time Low boys have ever made! The flow of the cords, the lyrics, the overall vibe is utter perfection! Album of the year!


Amazing album. Highly recommend. 5/5. Will listen again.


Great job!!! Amazing love them!!!


they’ve done it again!!! absolutely amazing album not a single bad song on this beautiful amazing showstopping incredible


This album made me cry so much


All time low never upsets. They killed it on this one. So cool to also hear them try new stuff with The Band CAMINO and blackbear. ☀️🤘🏼


This album takes every era of All Time Low and blends them in the best way possible. Fantastic!

Quarantine Boy

One of their best albums to date!


If your an old school All Time Low fan this cd is going to be your jam. I fell in love with this band back in the very beginning. To be honest their past couple cds weren’t my favorite. I just felt there was a change that I didn’t gravitate towards. But this cd right here is everything and every reason I fell in love with them in the first place.


All Time Low never disappoint. But, having been nearly 3 years since their last album, I was so ready for some fresh tunes. I stayed up for a first listen at midnight and then had to go through and listen again to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. That is how good this album is. Your ears will thank you for listening.


they’ve done it THEY’VE DONE IT!!!! INCREDIBLE ALBUM there are zero skips!!! aoty!!


They been releasing singles for this album for a bit and EVERY song was fire! Then the whole album came out and I can already feel this is an album I will have on repeat for months.


Highly recommend this album! Perfect listening during self isolation.


No skips, all love towards this💛 Been following this band since 2013 and will never not be proud of anything they create☀️👁


This album feels like a rollercoaster of weather made up of mostly sunny days but laced with a cloudy day here and there. Perfect blend of tunes. It feels and sounds like All Time Low.


I’m loving the album! Amazing sound throughout the album. 💓


They are the best band to exist, what did you expect?

Kal-El in SLO

This is such a good album! I love it!!

shannon 💚

one of all time low’s best albums. every single song is an absolute banger!


Has sounds from the previous 7 albums, as well as going into its own direction. With songs like Basement Noise and Pretty Venom, All Time Low tackles insecurities and how far the band has come in the past 17 years.


I’m just so impressed with this album. I’ve been listening to All Time Low since I was in high school (2006-2010), and while this album shows so much progression and originality compared to, say, So Wrong, It’s Right, it also has this nostalgic feel to it that harkens back to both old ATL and more classic pop punk and alternative in general. The title track could be one of the poppier Foo Fighter singles and Getaway Green would fit perfectly with late 90s/early 2000’s pop punk. Melancholy Kaleidoscope, like the album, combines themes of being down with driving instrumentals that lead into an incredible chorus. I actually love the alt-rock stuff in the middle like Monster and Pretty Venom, but then the Band Camino pulls them back into pop rock/punk territory for the second half. Basement Noise is an almost ballad that perfectly closes out this album. This album is big and ambitious, and it really pays off. I loved the detour that was Last Young Renegade, but I’m glad that ATL returned to playing around with their classic styles. They’ve grown as song-writers and it shows.

Animal lover212

This album is such a beautiful menagerie of new and old sounds of ATL, it truly has something for everyone and every occasion, and for that I truly believe that this is my new favorite album!


Most relatable album of 2020. Thanks to all the minds behind this one! It’s perfect in every way

Definitely Not Chuck Norris

Is this the last album?