Ari Lennox - Shea Butter Baby

℗ 2019 Dreamville/Interscope Records

Shea Butter Baby Tracklist:




She’s a real Artist

Lil Popper

Amazing album , speaks to me on so many fronts “ New Apartment” is everything .


This album is just amazing from start to finish and no skips . Just a vibe 🔥🔥🔥


I love you !! Thank you for this !! ❤️😌


Love it


I’m usually the person who streams music via Apple Music. I’ve played your album at least 2,500 times because it’s dope! I discovered you via The Friend zone because I typically listen to the same songs repeatedly. When I streamed your album PHO, you took me to a different universe.... I mean the first note!!! At that moment you became one of my favorite artist! Your voice is so special and when you sing, your voice pierces my soul... everyone’s soul. Don’t worry... these folks are hating now... and God is just getting started with you. You haven’t even imagined what he has for you. Long story short...I just purchased your album and I will continue to stream it via my Apple Music as well ❤️❤️❤️ your friend!

Destiny The Voice

I absolutely love this album. They DO NOT make music like this anymore. This girl had brought back the feelings of black love, and good R&B!


I love R&B and Neo Soul. Soul music just hits different and for me its the best corner of music. I dont follow too many new artists and this is my first review but I feel like Ari Lennox is the first new artist to get me excited about R&B again. Her sound is all her own and yet so familiar if that makes sense. I have followed her on social media and shes mad relatable and hilarious. I like how humble she still seems to be and I think thats also reflected in her music. I cant wait to see what shes going to do in the future. I will definitely be following her career and hopefully when shes back in Va Ill catch a concert!




This chick is super smooth with her authentically modern soul!! Wish it was longer but worth the $$


The best R&B SOUL album I’ve listened ever!!!


Next level greatness. Every song on this album is incredible as are the vocals. Ari Lennox is the real deal. In fact, the entire Dreamville team is a movement.


I love the entire album!!! I listen to it daily!!! I can’t wait to see her at one music fest!!! 💜💜💜💜💜


Fire. Period.

Jhannelle L.

This album was so down to earth and her roots, the album was amazing all the way through, she kept it real


RIP to that beat. Track was killed 💯


I’m the most difficult person when picking music! Barely anyone meets my standards and I have that ear but she has sold me! Im a new special fan!🙌🏾


This album has so much originality on it it’s crazy. I listened to the full album and it just flowed so well. Ari Lennox really put her soul into this album.


Love this album. Stays on repeat!!


Her music puts you in a zone! You can hear the honesty in each song and a video plays in my head with every song!


Up late againnnn...🔥🔥🔥


Wow, the lyrics, beats, and production are hitting from beginning to end!


Creative and soulful voice. Ari gives alternative/soul vibes. 🥰🥰🥰🐪


Every single track with no skipping...rare these days! Love it!❤️❤️

Aaliyah's cuz

Love this album


Best CD have heard of with all songs are good

Demetrius F

One the best Albums that I’ve heard in a long time. Her music is for the soul. Her music is like water & the sun to a flower. She is most definitely bringing R&B back.


I lover her, this album & her amazing voice ❤️

#1 WeatherShield



Ari, Thank you for this. This project is phenomenal. That voice is anointed chile.


Ari continues to evolve and this album is golden. She’s given more of her personality in this than ever before, in complete awe.


Such a refreshing album! Makes me feel good inside


definitely liked the first half, started to lose me in the second. It was an ok listen through and through. Fav songs were chicago boy and bmo. worst songs were facetime and up late


flawless. I’ve been waiting and waiting for your flavor. Please don’t stop making this music!!


This woman is phenomenal... with an old soul! Her voice will set the mood for a long night of grown and sexy.... Sensual energy , sage and smoke.. love


Just wow! This is absolutely Art!


I rarely buy a whole album. This album is consistently good from beginning to end. Will be in heavy rotation. Thanks Ari💎 👑


R&B at its best.


I love it keep up the good work


I love it Neo-soul is back! This is the vibe I need right now


Good job j-cole you chose a good one 👏🏽

Ki_iiNG mURR

I like it!!!

RS dfh

Great album


❤️ keep it up!


Amazing. Enough said.


This girl is freaken DOPE!!!!

Ernest Dixon Jr


Monique Howard

Anticipating this album was well worth the wait! My love for Ari continues to grow. Can’t stop playing ever since it dropped. One minute I’m popping my woo-hah in the sky, fantasizing about vibin out to her music in my imaginary apartment, loving on my imaginary man. Her voice is so heavenly and smooth. Can’t get enough!

Brova DJ

This album is literally amazing. Her voice is so freaking unique and the beat selection is incredible. Also her writing skills are defined and just, This album exceeds expectations all around.