Future - Beast Mode

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Beast Mode Tracklist:


???... this is an amazing trap mixtape tho!!


How is this rap? Sounds like someone dying.


Are these dudes even trying anymore?


half awake mumbling to a royalty-free stock beat isn't music...or even rap. Just burning diapers filled with hair in a dumpster.


this is 2015 mixtape that sounded raw & slapped hard five years ago. now it just sounds vapid & stupid like alot of old trap

Texas Soldier 07272012

Trash as usual.. I’m surprised any label wants to release this crap 💩


Beast mode? Really?

The Wolf of Ball Street

These artists aren't even trying anymore.


This came out like 5 years ago. You cant fool Us man.


This is trash..


Come on, somebody need to represent ATL better than this reject! OutKast please come back to music!


I thought this was beast mode 2, why tf would u rerelease this like we don’t know

Music GOD!

You are one of the best rappers on the game. Now lets be honest... The work you do in other people’s music is the best work in all of rap music. Get ahold of me. I rap but don’t have a producer to guide me. Just me and my beats. I would love to show you my work. Not a bad album though. I love it. I just think my favorite work of yours is what you do for others.


Need to release purple reign to

your faec

Release 56 nights


This tape missing a track.


Future is wack. Face it, can’t even reach number one on the charts anymore. Lol. 🤣


Needs to release 56 nights

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