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Loving Powerschool

Billie always has a way of making me feel better when i feel down. ik it sounds weird since her songs are sad but idk i love them they make me feel so good abt myself ❤️✨👏🏼😊


FINNEAS and Billie really outdid themselves with this one!!! This album is so great!! Billie’s voice is gorgeous and the song meanings are so intriguing!!! The eerie vibe of the music is so cool and it really drew me to her because I hadn’t really heard music like this before!!!! She is such a funny and sweet person Irl which surprised me because her music is kinda sad and edgy haha!! The songs are very relatable and vibeyyyy!!! I love everything about her and her music!! This album is so spectacular!!! 100% recommend!! I love u Billlieee!!! <3

Princess Meem 💖👑

Billie makes some good music. It’s not wow, but it’s good. Most songs have relatable lyrics. Standout tracks are Bury a Friend and When the Party’s over.

Soon-to-be Mrs. Dr. Frez!

Her music embodies so many feelings and has a beautiful, rebellious feel at times. She’s not your typical pop star from today and that’s what makes her so popular; because there is a large group of people who identify more with out-of-the-box music. Her voice is amazing and I’ve gone from being speculative to being in awe of her true talent.

I am a fan of billi

I like them because the beat is soooo goood



What is this trash

Lot of catchy tunes but a very empty album. Okay


Just because billie is born into the music industry that doesn’t mean she’s good! She is so overrated, not that talented, and doesn’t deserve all of this hype!


I really like your songs and I think there very catchy but I’m gonna ask you one little question.... can you please stop cursing? It’s not really your songs but your YouTube videos and interviews that bother me. Other than that your really good I hope you see this.

kakshi hataki

I have Took out my Invisealine

will work for money

Trump 2020


Pitiful music made by a pitiful person for pitiful people.




She will never be Lorde.


This is garbage


Billie is the queen of all music her dark shadowy voice is so majestic i love her songs she is my fav singer ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎

Kaidenn orozco

I love Billie Eilish shes my favorite singer


she’s a very good artist, very much unlike most artist, most artist talk about typical things such as love and feelings which a lot of people can not relate to. but billie clearly likes to explore the dark and twisted space in the back of all of our minds, while basically saying that u can be weird, creepy, sad, or emo and still not give a care about what people think of you. lots of people say the her songs are meaningless and without important topics, but they think that because they don’t bother to listen closely at the lyrics of some songs. idontwannabeyouanymore ( though not from this album) talks about the struggle of models and people who are insecure about themselves a let them express their feelings through that song. xanny talks about having dangerous friends and refusing peer pressure, that you don’t need drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, and things if that nature to make yourself or feel better, hence, i don’t need a xanny to feel better. and if you don’t like billie eilish then that’s fine, no one says you have to. each to his own. nowadays for the most part, you either really like and understand these songs or u find them annoying, weird, creepy, etc. all i’m saying is please don’t judge these songs to harshly until you at least try to understand the purpose of the songs. keep being u billie


Her voice pulls you in close


I want to meet her so much❤️

jake is litt

I bought a couple songs from this album and like a month later they were literally gone and I have to rebuy them just to listen to it this has nothing to do with Billie but Apple please do better

Nosa 😻🤑

Words ain’t enough to describe this unrepeatable art!


So I would give her no stars for how horribly stupid her music is!! I mean look at her face in the album pic!!! She looks HIDEOUS!!! Am I wrong!????! Nope!! And where do people think she has potential??? She has awfully dark and insanely boring music!!! And for half of the time I think she’s just mumbling!! I mean how do people call this music!!! It’s legit just a bunch of weird whispering and insanely dark and horrible lyrics!!! I’d rather listen to a dying cow than her!! Honestly I’m a better singer than her!!! And she definitely deserves the hate that she’s getting!!! This isn’t real music dudes!!! Go listen to Ava Max or Rachel Platten if you want real music bros!!! Pls pls pls retire Billie you were never meant to sing, u have NO TALENT!!!

its_dog lover 101

I can’t listen to it because I can’t pay😢

cass slay434

i think billie is always creative and i think this album is very creative. i love it.


I love Billie Eilish! I know I’m a year late for this review lol. But I love this album there is some songs I relate to, and I understand some of the songs. So here is my review, I give it a 5 star rating!


So I’m super stressed about all the hateful review I mean if you don’t like Billie then ok keep it to yourself

nyancat pie

I love her new song “future” 👌🥰🥳😻


i listened to the whole album...i don’t understand the hype at all. the songs just sound annoying after a while and aren’t that good. and her whispery voice makes it hard to hear her... i’d rate a 0 if i could. one of the worst albums i’ve heard.


This album is literally the best album ever!!! I could listen to every single song over and over again and not be bored. This is what I call music! I can’t wait for Billie Eilish’s next album. 😆

underestemated chic

This album is good, just some of the songs aren’t my thing. I definitely recommend trying it out before you jump to conclusions. Just for me, it’s only three stars. No hate, just an opinion

Exclamation Girl

Billie٫ she's awesome!

Golden blazer

Keep doing what you do!!!!!!!!!! Please you rock p


Insipid vapid dull


Her music is dope, i can feel it & relate.

BOC me262

I really don’t think she is very talented at all. Childish lyrics, poor production. Average voice, and that’s being kind. Nothing to do with her music, but she looks like a corpse. She will fade quickly.


Billie is soo amazing! All of the people who don’t like her are just crazy. I hope that she keeps being amazing!!


I love billie’s songs so much I understand the lyrics it is just the best


another drug abuser...

Julian Huga

This is a good album, NOT A GREAT ALBUM!(this album really didn’t deserve to win all those grammys,but yall not ready for that conversation 🤷‍♂️✌️) shes good but it lowkey sounds like whispering the whole time.

Josue Galvez

Nada bueno, nada nuevo para la industria


Republicans RULE..! Trump, Trump, Trump..! “This” artist. Haha. How dare her..!


Politically she is stupid. She should keep that stuff to herself Duh. I like this song and a few others.

liam isfat

Awful disgustang worst album of the century


not as good as her debut album but there are some good songs


I don’t get the hype


Just dope.

Pika Pika Pusheen

It’s OK if you have an opinion about someone, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to hate others for the littlest of reasons! How would you like it if you got so much hate enough to where you started to have depression and anxiety? It’s not fair that all Billie’s trying to do is make music for her fans, and yet people come in and give her problems, so what if her voice isn’t high, That’s her being her! Let her do her and you do you because I’ve learned that nobody has the right to control other people! Billie’s just putting what she wants in her music! It’s not YOUR music so you don’t have the right to tell her this and that about her (unless it’s a kind thing). If it’s not your style and you don’t like it, then don’t listen to it! Keep your ugly words to yourself! Ok that’s all I had to say.... bye! Love you Billie! God bless you all!


This song flopped hard, Billie, it’s time to hang it up.