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nearly 2 years later im still blasting these songs that never get old to me. 😤




You are so cool

Good wateva

But music style reminds me of Marilyn Manson




The only good song here is ilomilo. A little less hoarse whispering please.


I don’t get why this is getting so much hate. Everyone has their own style of music. She has a large fan base not only because lots simply enjoy her music, but can relate to her music. Her music/music videos can be interpreted in so many different ways, that can help a lot of ppl. Her music isn’t about what lots of songs are about, love songs or or whatever u wanna call it. I’m not criticizing songs that have that storyline, but in my opinion I really like to listen to the story of the song, and I like when they are about different, unique things. All of Billie Eilishs songs are about something different. Sometimes it’s in a perspective of another person, sometimes it’s about her. Sometimes it’s even a completely made up topic. Her song aren’t always about being depressed alll the time. She does help a lot of people who do suffer from depression/anxiety or just plain having a hard time, because they can relate to her lyrics, and her herself, because she felt the same way. Not all fans feel that way, but a majority do. The rumor about all her fans being edgy sad pre teen girls is so not true to me. Personally my favorite song in this album is When the Party’s Over. I love absolutely everything about it, the way it sounds is just beautiful, and it’s amazing lyrically. On the other hand, all of her music videos are real. When she cried black in When the Party’s Over, that was real. The spiders in You should see me in a Crown vertical video, are all real. She never makes fake, computer made videos. Which makes them 100000 times better! Overall, this album is great and you should give it a chance. A long time ago I used to think the song Listen Before i go was so boring and I could never finish it through. Now it is one of my favorite songs, and I think the lyrics are incredibly meaningful. Again, it’s not just about being sad. Also, not all her songs are slow, bad guy or you should see me in a crown are pretty upbeat and cool sounding. I prefer her low vocal range over loud upbeat stuff. I like lots of pop, just sometimes it is a bit too overwhelming some music like this is perfect. I really love how this album has everything between slow nice songs to a bit more beat like bad guy. I found out about this album in 2019 and am still loving it. It is currently January 2021. I have been in the fandom for about 2 years. That is it for now, but I will edit this soon for more. I hope this makes sense, I am currently writing this at 1:00 am. Bye for now! 💚🖤


I hate this album it’s full of trash 🗑🗑 she barley did anything all she does probably is sit there while her poor brother has to do everything also her songs are a horrible influence to young little children I mean like bury a friend is gonna make kids staple there tongue and step on glass! Horrible! I think she should give up bc I see NO talent in her! Not my kind of music ☹️. On the other hand my sister LOVES her! So I’m stuck listening to her all day! I cant get a break of billies mumble music! I wish I had someone to talk to about how much I hate her but not gonna happen when u have a sis that’s a fan😑. As u can see I’m in quite a pickle!🥒! Honestly I know all the words to most of the songs bc I listen to her every day thanks to ma sis! I wish Billie would be normal and wear celeb type of clothes and makeup and heels 👠 I’m hoping that her new album that’s coming out will be a good one!❌❌! Also her music vids are WEIRD! like my sis watches them all the time so I have to watch them too... my sis loves when the party’s over music vid but I think it’s strange and disturbing! As u can see I’m NOT A fan of Billie! I have a very strong opinion about her and I needed to let it out! U know I can’t say it to my sis😖😒. I hope u enjoyed this review and respect my opinion! Bye y’all! P.s I got a hover board for Christmas and it plays any song I want! My sis plays Billie on it😡😡..


We are coming for you for making this.

idont know i dont know

I love her music it’s so relatable and she is the biggest role model to me i could listen to her all day and her voice is beautiful so that’s my review

empress Ava👑👸

I’m sorry about all the hate you get just for doing what you really like to do🥺 And even though some people don’t get you stay strong 💪😌


Billie will be more successful in life than you will ever be! People keep on saying she’s whispering but doesn’t mean it’s not singing plus I can hear exactly everything she says! >:( This album is good no matter what people say!

Playa Kev

Straight garbage. It just sounds like poop




Billies song when the party’s over always makes me think about relationships from a different perspective. Almost all of her songs seem to bring a negative thing into a positive light which I like. ilomilo is a song that addresses fear of losing someone and makes it sound like it’s ok to talk about.

by peachy love

Hey y’all I love bullie eilish like she is the friend even her new song berry your friend and pls sub to meh channel it’s called it’s Callie and I have an other one called it’s nova and Callie ok so pls like and sub TvT


I’m deaf with hearing aid and really like the sound!

Gritty da Kitty

It is amazing what Billie sings about. She really sings what she is feeling instead of what someone might want her to feel. Billie has amazing vocals and her songs are catchy and heartfelt. Also, the song listen before I go talks about a important topic that other artists might be afraid to talk about. Overall the Album is Amazing. You go Billie!

Listen with heart and soul

I know how much negative energy people are giving off right now, but keep doing what makes you happy and if you music makes you happy do it. Don’t do it for other people, do it for you. And your music always seems to come out perfect to me I love the vibes.


I wouldn’t even classify this as music. It’s programmed trash and exploitation of a teen. All sounds the same and more auto tuned than sang. Trash

pretty boiii

i cant believe how ppl can just come in the comments and hate on a person i bet they only listened to 1 song. And billie is good and awesome to some ppl and they just dont care and say its trash or garbage. no hate on them, but maybe you could get out and just avoid the dang music.


Yes it’s the best album ever


Love the songs

SariyahD 5th grade

My favorite song out of all of them is (You Should See Me in a Crown). It’s like so catchy and I love the voice. People who don’t like the song doesn’t understand bc this song is a hit and her voice. She has her own way to sing and no one, absolutely but no one can change her. If you think her voice is very low, maybe your voice is low if you gonna disrespect this lady! Like, come on! She has her own way of singing and you guys don’t have any taste in her music! Listen to something else if you don’t like this lady’s voice. Most of us love her music, while you guys are complaining about it. This lady is talented, so she shouldn’t listen to these haters disrespecting her. Those people need help bc they’re not treating her with respect! Just bc her voice is low doesn’t mean you need to be haters on this lady! The people who don’t like this lady’s music are haters. These haters are trash, not this girl! How can they be haters when they don’t get it, you know?! If one of these haters be singing, then I’m gonna say “Bleh!” if they gonna treat this girl like this! Like, give this girl some respect, why don’t you?! She shouldn’t be hated by these haters! These haters needs to get a life! I heard this music on a computer and these guys are haters, like, for real, though, you know?! This girl had her own way of singing and this is the way these guys thank her. With disrespect. These haters need to go somewhere else, like, right now this is ridiculous. This girl doesn’t need to be treated like this. I bet their voices isn’t any better!


My first listen of this album was in July and it completely changed my opinion on Billie. I used to think she was some overrated artist but after listening to the full album I understand the hype


i really love these songs. for some people, this style might not be the best but for me it is. i’m OBSESSED! i feel like if i song makes you feel a strong emotion then it’s a good song. this did it so there you go. don’t come after me for this if you don’t like my review and honest opinion because i’m just a kid GO BILLIE EILISH!

Robin Hood Reborn

About 5 days ago I said she sang in a creepy whisper. I take it back! She has this Lovely singing voice and shes' become My Strange Addiction. She helped me realize theres' No Time To Die. Well, now I have a Bellyache, so Goodbye. I Love You Billie!


If you think her songs are creepy, than you should give it five stars. That’s the point. She can write a song that makes you feel scared, or sad, without seeing anything, Just listening to her (incredible) vocals, THATS talent. The songs are well written, and she does NOT mumble. It’s just her style. I don’t like all of her stuff, but this allbum is very good


Billie Eilish YOU ARE THE BEST!! Her music I can really relate to it’s so dark but beautiful!

Funtime Weirdo

Cool, I like the vibes of these songs.


Billie and Finneas really outdid themselves with this album it’s pure gold🙌


Billie, I have loved you the minute I heard you sing. You are beautiful and talented. These songs are totally my vibe and I could listen to bad guy and when the party's over all day long. And to that jerk, Javiizz, this is Billie's vibe. If you don't have anything good or nice to say about Billie or her music, don't say anything at all.

so glitchy!

This is a really good album. And whoever gave it negative reviews than why are you even on here you idiots


Trash “artist” that sings trash songs.

liam isfat

Awful disgustang worst album of the century don’t understand the hype

Ok sen boi

This amazing singer is so talented and sweet. I don’t get how people can hate this


Hate on her all you want, but this album is very well produced! Billie and her music are an inspiration whether you like it or not!! Props to Finneas (her brother) who helped produce the album! Love this album!


Plz make more songs bc i LOVE THEM OMG I cannot stop listening to the songs plz make more!!


she rubs me the wrong way 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

layla the singer

This music is such a trashy talk I hate it it’s boring it’s stupid and horrible you’re a really bad singer and all what your music talks about is dying in stupid stuff why should Anyone like your music 😡😡👎🏻👎🏻

Pony lover💖💖💖

My Gawd, she looks like she doesn't take care of herself and sounds awful and just, ughhh. Less downloads= less billie eilish music that sounds like b u l l s h i t

Loving Powerschool

Billie always has a way of making me feel better when i feel down. ik it sounds weird since her songs are sad but idk i love them they make me feel so good abt myself ❤️✨👏🏼😊


FINNEAS and Billie really outdid themselves with this one!!! This album is so great!! Billie’s voice is gorgeous and the song meanings are so intriguing!!! The eerie vibe of the music is so cool and it really drew me to her because I hadn’t really heard music like this before!!!! She is such a funny and sweet person Irl which surprised me because her music is kinda sad and edgy haha!! The songs are very relatable and vibeyyyy!!! I love everything about her and her music!! This album is so spectacular!!! 100% recommend!! I love u Billlieee!!! <3

Princess Meem 💖👑

Billie makes some good music. It’s not wow, but it’s good. Most songs have relatable lyrics. Standout tracks are Bury a Friend and When the Party’s over.

Soon-to-be Mrs. Dr. Frez!

Her music embodies so many feelings and has a beautiful, rebellious feel at times. She’s not your typical pop star from today and that’s what makes her so popular; because there is a large group of people who identify more with out-of-the-box music. Her voice is amazing and I’ve gone from being speculative to being in awe of her true talent.

I am a fan of billi

I like them because the beat is soooo goood



What is this trash

Lot of catchy tunes but a very empty album. Okay