BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez - Ice Cream

℗ 2020 YG Entertainment, distributed through Interscope Records

Ice Cream - Single Tracklist:


I’m a fan but I feel Selena really stole the song and didn’t give BP enough credit-


I was suuuuper worried that this song had an Inappropriate hidden meaning, so I was happy to find out it doesn’t. Cool song, kinda childish lyrics but it’s up for you to decide whether you like it or not tbh. Happy deciding!


I love it ✨


I said what I said


i’ve stanned blackpink since debut, and HYLT and ice cream have both been huge disappointments. ice cream, while better than HYLT, is so /juvenile/


this song was a huge disappointment. As much as I’d like to support them I just can’t give this song a good review.


Haters are gonna hate. Some people could just never be positive🤷‍♀️ You guys know how hard they worked and how excited they were for collaborating with each other. But here you guys are just crapping on it. Just imagine how they would feel if they saw all the nasty comments



The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man)

This beat and sound was stolen from one of those country/hip hop songs. KPOP blended with Selena Gomez blended with country hip hop blended with pop equals pure trash.


Currently creating a dance routine to this and bought an ice cream pullover... this is my fave blackpink song for sure..


love it!!! SELPINK the collab blackpink wanted and got❣️




It’s not my absolute favorite song of theirs but it’s pretty decent, gives off some summer vibes but I do think Jisoo deserved more lines. The beat is pretty repetitive so I think if YG really wants to give bp more comebacks he needs to take his TIME don’t rush songs or else they’ll sound like this. Once again the song is decent, not my favorite though.


The song doesn’t have the most insightful lyrics BUT that’s not its purpose. It’s intended to make you feel good which it effectively does. Very catchy and the more you listen, the more you get addicted. It’s a very cute and fun record, so I look forward to listening to this summer jam on my car radio! P.S. it’s really annoying to that almost every single negative rating on here are just people who either hate Selena, BLACKPINK or both.


I love this song!!!!!! Yaaaasssss Selena did that 💯❤️


It’s ok K-pop needs more parts 😬


it’s fun, it’s cute y’all are just bitter


Great collaboration


Count how many times Lisa said Lisa in her rap verse, I dare you


The choreo is good, but the lyrics are a bit weird. I’m a StayZennie, but I actually enjoyed it. It’ll grow on you, just wait 😊


it was boring. and repetitive. was honestly expecting better since i generally like selena’s songs even if she’s not a very good singer


Terrible vocals i hate this kpoop btchs


i stopped expecting from their music. quite disappointed in Selena for collabing w this group for unnecessary clout.


This song sounds old like it’s been done before. Plus adding Gomez to it doesn’t help we all know she can’t sing and neither can these girls😣


I don't understand, an artist need to have a meaning behind the song a message of hope, my friend is a blink so i came here give it a try, but this song doesn't sound right, its like a nursery song for lil kids, which i can play to my lil daughter. I tried BTS dynamite and i think its really beautiful and spreads the message of hope. Thank u for letting me give my advice.

Sabel Skies

The chorus has a catchy tune, but it's rather repetitive and shallow. Not to mention the overtly sexual lyrics and connotations with the cutesy and young girl sound/aesthestics of the song. This song has potential, but that's it. It should've had more development on it's melody and lyrics. Simplicity in melody is not a bad thing, but for taken in its entirety (melody, lyrics, themes, etc.)...well, there's a lot that can be fixed. I'm not a fan of Selena or Blackpink, but both had better songs than this.


I love how refreshing this song is. BlackPink and Selena did a great job.

grace k

Sounds somewhat similar to Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake, the only difference is that Red Velvet’s much more appealing and well written.

Marc junior

Didn’t need the whisper goose


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YG Entertainment has had better feats in this industry. 2NE1 was amazing and they were different, BP is just the same style and barely even mushed into a different concept. While yes, the members are talented, this song just came off as very creepy to me and it seems to be all about sex. I’m not complaining about the fact that they’re women, because I honestly don’t see anything very wrong with Justin Bieber’s “Yummy,” because it doesn’t sound like horror movie music for god’s sake, it doesn’t sound really creepy, whereas the BP song sounds over-sexualized to the point of being creepy, and by that I mean the chorus, some of the individual verses, and so on. The line distribution was also really crappy. Overall, I think the song is weird and a basic repeat of what they’ve been doing for the past four years. YG is kind of wasting their time. These women are talented, no doubt, but the music is alarmingly popular for what it is. YG Entertainment has done much better than this but I can’t hold it against them as they’ve had this type of success before, but this group is just different in a very concerning way. Not very YG Ent in my opinion.

Ma Ris

Idk where these haters came from but this is an amazing song haters belong to the streets


the song was very boring and bland. i thought oh, a pop star and a kpop band together would be different and cool. but the song is like any other pop song, there’s not anything special about it besides the people performing the song. selena gomez usually has good music, but i was disappointed in both her and blackpink. i don’t think this was good.




i’m a blink but i just really dislike this song.. the blur is do not fot the best doesn’t even sound right 😔 i’m disappointed

👑 Queen B 👑

This song is great 💙 the music video was amazing and the colors are just so pretty. I’m so happy that black pink decided to do a collaboration with Selena Gomez. It’s awful how people dislikes this song. If you don’t like this song why you’ll decided to purchase it ? Some People are so stupid sometimes smh!!


I like it, I don’t really know why people would put reviews bout it being repetitive like if you don’t like blackpink then leave it’s that simple


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I like BLACKPINK, but this was kind of a flop, A MAJOR FLOP. I excepted much more out of these girls. The first time I listened to it, I liked it but then after a few more listens I didn’t like it. I was honestly shocked how Jisoo and Rosé got the least amount of lines and they are vocalists and how Rosé got the least amount of lines and she is main vocal?!?! That is so pathetic! I really excepted more out of these girls! Let’s just hope that they will have a better collab with Ariana Grande. Stream Dynamite!!!


This sounds too cute and childish with horrible lyrics. Perfect for a Barbie show/movie or whatever. This has to be one of the worst songs from Blackpink and Selena Gomez.


Sadly people who know nothing about kpop will think that this is what it mostly sounds like. I like most of Blackpinks discography, but HYLT was just ok and this song is just terrible. BP has gotten too westernized and collabing with lame western artists. YG is just after clout and $$$$. Poor girls can do better than this. Shame.


Song got me into BLACKPINK Not their best but the hate is surprising but I mean with a feat like Selena Gomez on it, this isn’t surprising


I was so excited for this song to be released and I ❤️ it!!! Honestly I don’t mind these food songs first yummy then water melon sugar and now ice cream!! Keep it up!


Why did they even bother even having Selena and that other girl in this song if half of it is in Japanese. I don’t plan to buy this song cause it’s annoying and don’t know why Selena Gomez would ever do this song.


This song is amazing!!This is the best collaboration song ever.


The beat was very annoying Very generic just bad


I love how BP adjust to all ENGLISH lyrics for their Blinks!! I want moreee! Great job SELPINK!

Jocab sartoruis

I’ve tried to become a fan of theirs but I can’t. All their songs sound the same and this... it sounds so robotic ina way(too much autotune)? Anyway, the lyrics are just terrible, do they not write their songs? My standards are not high bc I listen to BTS, wim is BTS always has some extravagant music that never disappoints me like none of BTS songs are even remotely mediocre. I’m sorry but I can’t be a blink, this is their second time copying BTS melodies for this song copied “second grade”. Bp is only getting clout bc the beauty standards and mv visuals.

cute glitter bomb

You da best !!! Love it work it do it!!😍