Brandy - B7

℗ 2020 Brand Nu, Inc./ Entertainment One U.S., LP

B7 Tracklist:


I love every song on this album. Feels like Never Say Never + Afrodisiac + Full Moon mixed with years of experience, today’s vibes and Freedom. Thank you for the beautiful journey Brandy.


I tried soo hard to get it... Nawww. I gues this was a cabin fever quarantine project.


I was looking forward to this release. I’m not pleased. What happened to that amazing Brandy sound we all fell in love with? That good R&B? This is some new age foolishness! Sigh...


May not be her best but my babygirl packs a whole bunch of nice sounds and tunes. Its a bit hard to hear her voice since the music background hides her voice, but i think with headphones it sounds amazing! Brandy has a beautiful voice as she goes by the “Vocal Bible” Its a good 4/5 album, i just wish she inputs catchy hooks and chorus :/ imo its a combination of Full Moon (like Rather Be) and Afrodisiac (Like I Am More). My fav song is Rather Be, Lucid Dreams, I am more, and Baby Mama which is pretty catchy once you listened to it like 3 or more times. Fantasia “Baby Mama” > Brandy “Baby Mama”


This album is such a Beautiful piece of work. Brandy came back hard on this one. From the first track to the last she showcased why we love her and refer to her as the Vocal Bible😊


Thank you brandy finally some real melodies again!!!!


This album was so amazing

Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper

Straight trash. Please retire and take ray j with you. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤡💩


I am liking this version of Brandy. I get a contemporary R&B feel which I love. I give it five stars because I haven’t stopped listening to it. I really really love Unconditional Oceans!!! Just got my vinyl copy today to add to my collection!!!!


I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since Brandy's last album. I’m just glad that’s she’s graced us with new music! The album is enjoyable from start to finish and reenforces just how much I 🖤Brandy! My Personal Favs ⭐️ : - Rather Be - Borderline - No Tomorrow - Say Something - I Am More - Love Again

Sunni Bin

Nobody does it like Brandy... She continues to show her vocal abilities without showing off... One the greatest Vocalist of my time...


Man.... Divine Timing. Loving this body of work ! 💯😍🤦🏽‍♂️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


Absolutely ❤️!!!!! Brandy you out did yourself above and beyond as always. This album just calms me and I can’t stop listening to it..I’m addicted....Brandy #1

Krissy F Baby

This album is beautiful. THIS, is why they call her THE VOCAL BIBLE. The other reviewer is right, you definitely need to give this album at least one listen with BOTH headphones in, to catch all the vocal layering. Borderline is the standout track here (and Brandy’s personal favorite). The song is incredibly layered, as she weaves in out of what she does so effortlessly: runs, tone, harmonizing, and melodic vocal stacking. The album is cohesive, the production is not overdone and allows Brandy’s vocals to stand out, and each track flows into the next perfectly. And also, Brandy DOES NOT use autotune! That is her TRUE TONE. Her music has EVOLVED, and so has her voice. Many are waiting for another Never Say Never or Full Moon, but it has been 20+ years, she can’t regress or stay musically stagnant to fit others’ taste. This is new, REAL R&B, reimagined. An impressive, emotionally raw, body of work. A masterpiece, truly.

Space Cowboy NYC

Love this Brandy. What an amazing production! n


Storytelling in it’s most vulnerable and artistic form. Freedom, evolution heartbreak and self-discovery personified through music. And a timeless and limitless instrument in Brandy’s voice.

The Real RoyalKev

Brandy is truly an exceptional artist. B7 displays all of her masterful talents. Her great tone, exquisite harmonies and exceptional musical ear is what makes this album incredible! Brandy’s musicality is so underrated! You must pay close attention to detail with her. She’s a pure creative that uses her artistic gifts in ways that are so refreshing and inspiring. Some of her background vocals are so unpredictable and intriguing. B7 is all about the lush harmonies and it makes this listening experience so marvelous.


Thank you, Brandy. I'm so, so, so proud of you. So happy to be a STAR. Every bit of this album has been worth the wait. It's all I've played since Friday. I can't even put it into words just yet, I'm so happy to have it. It's so obvious that you and the team put your ALL into this. I just .. 🥺✨🎶🙏🏾


Love this project to death ❤️


True to greatness. This album is Amazing


Your voice is Amazing Brandy, this album is beautiful!! #AWorkOfArt #BlackQueen


Love Brandy but I have to be honest. The album is lukewarm at best. A LOT of the songs sound the same and I get lost listening to it (not in a good way). After the first 4 songs I zone out. She is excellent at vocal layering but EVERY SONG....I think it would be best to listen to this on shuffle with other songs to break up the one sound and tone the album has. I give her props on not selling out to the trap R&B that is taking over.

Duke Yarbrough

My goodness, where to begin. #B7 is truly a solid piece of work, and I am extremly proud of what Brandy has taken time to carefully cultivate and curate for us. This album showcases a grown Brandy, and love how her reclamation of her name calligraphy is almost a symbol of this renewed return--makes me think of Jordan saying that he had to get back to his #23 jersey for it to feel right, after returning to the NBA from his brief '94 retirement playing as #45. She shows so much vocal confidence, freedom, and range; and still gives what makes Brandy, Brandy--her very unique way of blending and stacking her own vocals with the instrumentations. Additonally, it's such a clean album. Lately, our music consumption in the black community has been limited to twerk tracks, songs of toxic relationships, sex, weed and partying, and/or foul language (and there’s nothing wrong with this, seeing people have moments experiencing all these feels of joy, pain, and expression) that I appreciate how this album interrupts that pattern. It's a grown ass vibe, most definitely. Also, listening via headphones or a good speaker system elevates this album to a different level. Bravo, Brandy!


It’s about time we give Brandy her flowers! I love this album, no one has runs like her. No gimmicks, no new found African love. Just a woman who can sing without all the theatrics. Love you Brandy!


🔥🔥🔥🔥. Need I say more


I can’t even explain how much I’m loving this!!! Brandy has always been my favorite and I really appreciate this album!!!!


Ugh! This album feels anointed with honesty! I appreciate this album so much! Love you Bran!!!


Absolute perfection! True Brandy fans know what’s up!!


I can tell by every negative review of the album that there are non-music lovers commenting. To truly grasp and understand why this album is a novel and instant classic, you have to listen for more than just beats and tone. You have to hear the adlibs, the layers, the detail, the phrasing, the intonation..... You can’t give art like this a fly by night listen. This takes patience and full attention to truly receive and enjoy. It’s gotta be savored, it’s that good. Kudos Brandy, I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


Everything I know about Brandy was addressed and she even evolved a little more! This is an amazing body of work!


People need to respect BRANDY’S Name! She is a ICON!!! God truly crafty her voice as an angel. We don’t deserve her! I love you so much brandy! 😭❤️ The Grammys need to appreciate you! Stop playing politics and giving mediocre artists awards that don’t deserve it! Stop being colorist and only giving shine to light skinned female artist that can’t sing! BRANDY IS THE G O A T‼️ Borderline itself should win 20 Grammys!!!!!!!!!! 💯🔥‼️ if this album doesn’t go number one I going to rally a protest! 🤣✊🏽 GREATEST ALBUM PERIOD!


I’m in love with this Album which I love them all, but hands down I can really relate to This album especially borderline. Brandy is one of the only ones who are staying true to her original unique techniques and transitions without trying to switch for the new era of music, which is great in my book because to be the originator of something means you don’t have to switch that you going to shine regardless and for that Thank You Brandy


No other artist can match with Brandy’s Riffs and Runs that she does with her vocal. After being away for eight years this album show’s she still got it. I hope everyone take note of the talent we have been missing. And appreciate Miss Brandy Norwood. You not going to get someone who’s been gone for so long and can still come back harder than ever before.


Best r&b album of the year!!!


worth the wait 🔥


Beautiful 💙

Savage Baller

Love it! This is a piece of musical art. Simply amazing!


Brandy can sing anything.. she’s the vocal bible. However, this seems a bit rush... and the writing is rudimentary.

Durrell L.

All I have to say is “Lucid Dreams”, “Say Something”, and “ I Am More” will remind anyone listening why she is called the Vocal Bible. This project is Brandy’s bread and butter of emotions. From heartbreak to happiness to hurt, there is a song for everybody to relate to. It’s so personal that she even has a song with her daughter! I’m really impressed with this body of work and I really hope it gets the props it deserves! 10/10. Anyone listening expecting ‘98 Brandy, save your expectations for another artist. This is progressive R&B at its best.


This is an excellent Body of Work!! True Music Lover appreciate and understand the Journey!! #B7


Brandy is BACK! And she’s here to remind you she “ain’t nothing like them other chicks”. This album is her most personal lyrically and perhaps her most experimental which shouldn’t be a surprise as ever since “Full Moon” she’s been changing things up and being ahead of her time. The album is not a one and done it requires multiple replays and if you ain’t listening with hq earphones you just ain’t doin it right imo. Welcome back B let’s not make it another 8 yrs please.


A wonderful masterpiece, full of soul, depth, raw emotion, perfectly fitted with her tone and effortless harmonies.


Now this is how you do it! Queen Brandy need to teach plastic Flopyonce a thing or two. Because she need it.


Crazy Crazy album! So creative. This is The New Brandy! So happy to be a fan. Brandy never disappoints. I was waiting impatiently but patient for their album and every bit of it was definitely worth the wait. People tried counting Brandy out. She had to show em what we already knew! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Man, this chick just gets better with time. Awesome music.

lovey dovey

Great project!! Love her voice!

Mr. Mustafa

Brandy I love you like fried chicken wings. The Full Moon CD almost didn’t make it with me but it grew on me. I gotta say this is a sleepy cd. I expected greatness from Moesha. This cd needs more bounce and substance. I don’t like that all the songs sound like one long song. Imma give you three stars if thats alright with you ok. Still love ya Brandy!

Taylor J. Booth

I have been in love brandy’s voice since the beginning. B7 just goes to show that she still got it and that she’s better than ever. It’s album you can play all way through just like the others. She deserves all the flowers, but five stars and a purchase should do the trick here ; )!..


Vocals, production, content and cohesion. THIS is contempory R&B at its zenith. This album should be studied by other artists and producers. Simply amazing. Congratulations, Brandy!!


There will forever be only one Brandy. The Tone, the technique, the sound through music that she implements that’s timeless. This album is pure perfection 🤎

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