Bruce Springsteen - Letter To You

℗ 2020 Bruce Springsteen

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Bo 1-11-21

Quintessential Springsteen. The lyrics, the sound, the intensity of the voice. His music can not be denied.


Bruce and the boys bring back the goodle days with some great new songs. I’m on the opposite end of much of his personal beliefs,but that has nothing to do with my love for his music for the past years and now. You’ll always be the ‘BOSS’. Keep on singing ,playing,and writing.


Love his music


After seeing the documentary on Apple, buying the album became imperative. I can readily identify with the songs. Age may have much to do with it.

rolling stoone

It is actually embarrasing to listen to.


I don't like some of Bruces latest political comments, but they are completely not relevant to the music. Some of the best albums ever made were from leftists or even communists under the covers, but the albums themselves were great. Be mature enough to separate the two.


Watch the movie, it gives you a framework for the album.


I’ve always liked and respected Springsteen’s music, but his sound is at its best when he’s backed by the E Street Band. They’ve never sounded better. The inclusion of some of his earliest, unreleased songs makes this all the more satisfying, and the story behind the project makes it all the more poignant.


What happened to the days of listening to your favorite artist without hearing about their “fake” political views? Here is a guy that employs less minorities than Trump but calls him a racist. A millionaire that just refined his mansion as agricultural to avoid taxes but criticizes. Bruce: We listen to you for your music, not because we want your advice and influence on our political views. How many Republicans listened to this record and decided to change their vote. Ah, no one? Play your music Bruce. That’s all we need for you.


No one has sent a letter in 30 years


Finally, we get great rock from someone that knows music and how to write great songs, instead of the latest garbage on the radio pretending to be rock- give me a break. Most of the latest rock bands on the radio are trash. Springsteen and Wofgang Van Halen are a welcome sight and sound of American Rock.


Only 2 songs out at this time, so far it sounds like more pop music hastily done and hastily written not horrible but not up to standard. Not terribly impressed with this cd, better than I thought.

WestCoast Bias

This album elevates my mood and helps me not think about the problems we all face today! Bruce and the E Street Band have bottled another elixir for us all to drink down! My rock and roll heroes are all getting older, just like me, but Bruce and the band are getting better. I just pray COVID ends for the health of this nation and world and also so we can all get another Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band tour to promote this album and give therapy to a divided nation!


Nice one

Time Addict

Thanks Bruce for the new songs and your renewed passion with the E Street Band. Definitely needed in these times and brings me back to the “Glory Days” growing up in NJ!


No no


As a middle-aged music fan my expectations of favorite artists have been reduced to hoping that there's a song or two on a new album that I may enjoy. I was really pleased when I listed to this entire album through a couple times and came out loving it. I think it's his best since The Rising (though I did enjoy Wrecking Ball). He and the band remain at the top of their game. Note: for these one-star reviews, I'm guessing they don't care for much other than Bruce's biggest couple of hits. If that's you, skip this one, too. But if you enjoy his body of music, you'll enjoy this one too.


NASCAR did a tribute to Jimmie Johnson with this song. #OneFinalTime




Longtime fan, it is great to see Bruce doing something with the East Band. I have waited a while for it to happen, well worth the wait. The songs; lyrics are deep and music is perfectly set as always. That never changes with Bruce. I find the album soothing, familiar and rhythmically catchy. I can’t help but think that at some point we may not hear from Bruce anymore. I think the latest albums seem like a closing. Like they are a wrap up to a character we depend on, we want to feel that character forever. Hearing what he feels, sees and where life takes him next. Bruce please don’t stop now. A Devoted Fan

Martin Blues Player

We've both come a long way from St Rose of Lima, Bruce. Recording this album live with the band is great.

Ralph and Martha Wright

No synth washes, no dumb politics, no fussy overproduction or trend chasing, he’s not doing the cowboy shtick, no Woody Guthrie pantomime, and few Patti vocals! Sounds vintage and great, although no sax. Recording quickly and spontaneously, like Dylan, suits Springsteen. This is awesome. But, “Ghosts” is “The Walls Came Down” by The Call. Accidental rip-off. And Bruce’s buddy Willie Nile did a song called “House of a Thousand Guitars.” I think Bruce is absorbing some things without realizing it.


Bruce does it again. Some throw away stuff here but also some of his best music since The Raising.


And I’m still his fan.


Thanks Bruce for a amazing album! Brings back memories I associate with all your earlier work!! Love the whole album!


Unbelievable that Bruce at this age along with the E St. band can produce such powerful music. Top five albums of his for sure.

Mascoutah Mike

This is the way the the E Street Band and the Boss should sound.


Starts out stronger than it finishes, but still amazing what The Boss can write & record, when backed by the E Street Band.


I have really loved Bruce's music for many years. The few clips I've heard sound great. I do wish that he, along with others would simply sing, dance, act, or throw the ball. Your opinion doesn't matter other than thinking I will spend my money elsewhere while you go live somewhere else.


He’s a fake and it comes across in his music. He was also a draft dodger and not a true hero to anyone.


I rather love the evolvement you hear of Bruce in these. Maybe YALL are just lookin for a way to make this political but just enjoy it. They’re nice songs.


Guess we can easily tell who the republicans are and who the democratics are from these reviews. His legend continues...

Daddy Dub .

So good ! Enough said ! Dub man.


Amazing album


The fools and trolls are easy to spot. Ignore them. This is a complete and fully realized E Street Band album...the remakes of the three older songs fit perfectly into the full album structure. It goes without saying that these are professionally written, recorded, and with whole band for the first time since the1970s. Unlike other artists of his generation he continues to write new material that puts all that modern and contemporary auto tuned music to shame. Listen, and listen again...and again...and again...


I’ll never understand why artists of every stripe feel such a need to virtue signal and lecture their audience. It certainly comprises the quality of their product


Thank you Bruce...A great album that is real E-Street rock and roll...


For all reviews for or against.. Is this how you accept judgement of Art now? 1 - 5 stars And leave a comment below.. Think about it..


Louder, as you were waking the dead. I am listening, Thank you.

Chicago cubs

He really lost it like sleepy joe


This album is so easy to listen to. The people attacking him and giving him one star for his “politics” are actually the disgusting ones. There really is not much political here. Watch the documentary to understand the motivation. His religious upbringing, his former bandmates, his fans are all inspiration for the songs on this album. Relax people.


I have noticed there is a pattern of albums of liberal artists listed #1 in Itunes with no top songs at all (Dixie Chicks). It seems obvious to me Itunes is pushing the sales of these albums not realizing we listeners do not care about them .


Bitter Bruce needs his extra buck ? Won’t give him a dime of my money!


This album totally takes me back to the 80s sound of the E Street band. Is it older BRUCE sure but arent I on my hand and knees grateful that he’s still here. I just hope we c him in concert soon. No one rocks like Bruce anymore. Album is very very good


Biden Harris 2020

Mac Badger

Bruce is really something, every album is so good. love Ghosts-Title track, Fantastic stuff.


Once I got an idea of the meaning behind the lyrics on several tracks, I was able to appreciate the message. I like the fact that the band performed and recorded the songs essentially live.

crankit 66

TRUMP 2020!!!

R. Pickles

True talent and drive!

Bobby Bee

Who would have thought I'd be sampling & purchasing an entire cd by Bruce Springsteen. It got such a write-up in the AARP magazine and so many decent cuts - I had to!! Buy it!!

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