Jon Pardi - California Sunrise

℗ 2016 Capitol Records Nashville

California Sunrise Tracklist:

Wiener Bob from Among Us

Jon Pardi is the best country music artist

Trust and Us



Not everyone can relate to having dirt on their boots


“All time high” is the best song in the album hands down. I wish he would of released it as a single cuz it would of went straight to number one!


In a world where Florida Georgia Line is some how considered country, Jon Pardi reminds us of a time where country was at its finest. Such a great album and sound. Five stars over and over.


Can Nashville songwriters please start reading books, and studying art and poetry because new country is just plain dumb? Listen to the new Willie record if you want real country music.


Best music ever

Baseballl Dude

Jon Pardi knocks it out of the park with this album, delivering great songs that I can listen to again and again. I especially love Dirt On My Boots, Paycheck, and California Sunrise, but every song is fantastic. Pardi and his bandmates bring the energy and authentic musicianship to each song, which we need more than ever in an age when programmed computer loops are creeping into mainstream country.


It’s a quality album all the way through, but “can’t turn you down” and “all time high” are by far my favorite.


This is my go to album to play when driving. I love the true country soul it has. “Out of style” is my all time favorite. If I want to jam, it’s the one I play. Amazing. The whole album is great. Thank you for Keepin’ it Country.


i love the song “night shift” a lotttt! it’s also one of my dads favorite song haha. it could be better which is why i give it four stars. still awesome tho!