Chase Rice - The Album, Pt. I

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The Album, Pt. I Tracklist:

Remington Campbell

“Lonely If You Are” is my new favorite Chase Rice song!!!!!!


All of the people giving a 1 star review aren’t actually reviewing the album. They’re not even fans of his, just a bunch of cry babies mad that he put on a concert.

Dawn of Naples

that’s got me through this virus is Chase Rice. I have two teens in my house (one my son and one an exchange student) and I have taken to listening to chase rice at 2 o’clock in the morning riding my bike with them through our neighborhood with my speaker blaring chase rice and my whiskey in my basket, listen to him every evening and I look forward to it. Whiskey and chase also makes my husband a very happy man. A great freeing combination for me. I love how he is unfiltered in his lyrics and not influenced. Don’t ever be! I saw a podcast where he was talking about his lyrics and how they wanted him to tone them down basically because of the me 2 movement and he refuses. And I totally agree because his music actually makes me feel sexy and more empowered and I can’t imagine a world where a man never compliments you. And this is coming from a 47 year old conservative married 29 years. We have scheduled our vacation this summer so we can go to his concerts in tiger. I pray it doesn't get canceled after all the heat he took for his concert he did last week. Keep it going chase! Don’t think twice about the media’s opinion. I can’t wait for Tiger and part III. Be YOU and when all else fails have another Jack that’s my motto these days!


Holds a concert in the middle of a pandemic. Attendees didn’t wear masks or socially distanced. How much more irresponsible can you be?

happy blue monkey7

Mediocre talent that doesn’t care about his fans, to be so irresponsible when Covid is on the increase. Boycott him and his music.


This guy is so beyond fake. And this is only Part 1?!


Forever to go is a amazing song!!


I love this album. I have probably listened to lonely if you are a 100 times plus in the car and no every word to it. Can’t wait for the next album. Keep up the hard work!


“Messy” is 💯. Definitely my favorite song right now. Such a great album! My two other favs are “Best Night Ever” & “Lonely if you are”


This album grew on me. Nice job, Chase!


Every single song on this album is SO good!! His best yet!!!


Not country. If you want to sing pop music, you should just call it pop. This is nothing near country. I like true country. Only country song is Forever to go. If the rest of the album sounded like that it would be great.


I am proud of Chase being authentically himself and the direction life has lead him with his music. Sounds amazing as always. It’s sad to see such negative mean spirited reviews. I hope Chase remembers it’s his real fans that know he has an amazing voice and great music. 🙌🏼


Give it a few listens and they will catch on. Forever to go is a great song!

Flutterby Flutter

Found from the Bachelor you dated victoria f!

The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man)

American Nights!


Always trash


Get this off iTunes. Wasn’t he on the bachelor and now his album is on here? The mindless masses will eat it up.


It’s pure & wholesome and everything good


...and much better than his previous work.

Realistic Gamer 348

For being such a talented artist, he tries to sound too much like all the duchey sounding “country artists” on the radio.


Can’t tell if this is Country Music or Taylor Swift. Lol sell out trash.

no nickname needed to express

Hope part 2 album cover doesn’t look generically cheesy as part one-


Chase has always played what is his style of music and his music as an example of him and his amazing crew. Perfect in his own way surrounded by brothers who support each other as they climb to the top. Keep doing you and we will keep supporting!


The sorry excuse for Country Music doesn’t belong in the Country Genre. Do your self a favor & take a listen to Kane Brown or Riley Green..... now that’s REAL Country!


Ive been following Chase since the beginning of his career. I love how this Album shows many different sides to his vocal ability! There are a few numbers ones on Album! Well worth the wait!!! Well Done!!! Congrats!

Mr. D-Man

So refreshing to get an album with such a diverse set of subject matter and not just the same songs about a girl in a truck on a dirt road. Chase Rice is hands down one of my favorite songwriters and really blew me away with some of the lyrics in this album. I can’t wait for part 2!!!


It might be pop country, but who cares. I love this album, definitely on repeat!


I love his music it all flows so smoothly


Waited so long for this, and it did not disappoint!! Can’t wait for Part 2!

Yael K

Ok. A lot to say. Every time I listen to the album I get a different view. The first time I listened I loved it. Very catchy. But then I listened again and realized yes it is catchy. But is it country? Still trying to figure out my thoughts. Been waiting on this album for a while because if u look back at chase rides music it is country. I understand music changes with time, but this much? I don’t know. Kind of sounds like another Sam Hunt, which again, can be positive or not. It’s good music, but I’m not sure it’s good country music.

the real nannyd

Real honest music. Not doing the usual pick up truck and hunting music!


Loved every song on this album. Looking forward to what part 2 comes out with.


Another great album! Love all the songs . Don’t listen to haters on here . They clearly are old school and expect today’s country to sound like the 1950s 🙄red necks . Can’t wait to see you in concert again ! 🤘🏼


Solid start!

Pansar Saggin

If Paula Abdul's Greatest Hits had a baby with the Slim Shady LP, it'd be this junk. I'd bet that the foreshadowed Pt. II will be even worse.

Jinks fan

Just the same old BS. More crappy pop country.


I’ve been a huge chase rice fan since Carolina Can. Every song on this EP is like a crappy tribute to Sam Hunt’s worst songs. Lambs & Lions was spectacular. Go back to country, please


Absolutely love every single song on this album. I can’t wait for the second part. It is new country which gets a lot of hate but times change and music changes with it. Definitely will be listening to this on repeat


I thought for sure The City would be on Part 1 and I’ve been dying for it but I just realized Lonely If You Are is going to be the big hit to start off so The City will have to keep the ball rolling into P2. I love a good American song and I’m feeling Messy so much already 😍; Best Night Ever, In The Car & Everywhere will be hits too.


Hey chase, go listen to some Tyler Childers or some Keith Whitley and learn what country music is.

The Secret Detractor

What’s he doin’ covering the Night Game?

Audra C.

Worth the wait!


Garbage garbage garbage


One of the best I’ve heard in a while and it’s only half the album


The Carolina boy has arrived💙


I e been waiting so long for this album. Forever to go has been on repeat!!!


I absolutely love love love this album! Chase has the best voice. The words are so strong. ❤️


Was a fan of his last album Lambs & Lions but this seems like Sam Hunt sat down wrote these songs together.


I especially love that it’s not all about dirt roads, bars and girls in trucks. Love American Nights and Forever to Go 🤘