Chris Cornell - No One Sings Like You Anymore, Vol. 1

A Universal Music Enterprises release; ℗ 2020 Chris Cornell, under exclusive license to Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

No One Sings Like You Anymore, Vol. 1 Tracklist:


Aptly titled ... CS SOUNDGARDEN AUDIOSLAVE FOREVER ... black hole sun come to wash away the rain


Always loved Cornell's voice, regardless...this selection is different, but collectively it's still strong.


Absolutely perfect in every way !

The Thruth You Can't Handle

Chris was a beautiful soul, wonderful songwriter and one of a kind performer. I hope the money I’m putting on this goes to his family instead of soul sucking record execs...


These tracks were NEVER meant to be heard by the public; it should have stayed that way. A Great Voice wasted on PURE GARBAGE.!!!


We all miss you so much. Rest In Peace my friend


Seriously, volume ONE!? Please release more Mrs. Cornell and family. Sooooo glad he covered Terry Reid. Would beg to hear more volumes. LONG LIVE CHRIS!


I sadly just now looking through iTunes and seen this new album of his. I truly miss Chris and that one of a kind voice. I admittedly bought and and enjoying it and will always buy any from him. We lost something special and beautiful in Chris. That you to his family for release new album and hope we are lucky enough to hear more. I’m late to buying but got a wonderful Christmas 🎄 gift for a gift.

brady r creasy

The covers are great the music is great however looking at the “volume 1” im thinking vicky just wants to make more money off of one of the most talented musicians on the planet




One of the best voices in alternative/hard rock!


Chester and Chris were two great artist. There still singing!


Not much to say other than we all lost one of the greatest Rock vocalists of our generation. This album proves how diverse he truly was while still making the songs his own Rest In Peace Chris and thank you for all your music

Soundgarden forever

I’m a huge Chris Cornell fan, but the finished version of these songs was disappointing. Even Nothing Compares to you was re-edited for the worse. Sounded more like elevator music. If Chris Cornell was alive, the sound of these songs would have had more of a grunge take on them.


It's a cultivated collection of covers that Chris put together out of his favorite songs, and I like hearing what he was influenced and moved by as well as just enjoying the music. It's well done Chris Cornell, something he intended to release not just outtakes and trashed songs his family scraped together. It's not Soundgarden, so if you like any of his solo stuff you should like this. Don't like his solo stuff? Move along, sir, but don't rag on the deceased because its not the 1980's grunge you wish it was.


I've had a dusty $6.43 sitting in this dormant account for years, waiting for the moment to strike. Here we are. Chris Cornell had the greatest voice of all-time, and we're lucky to have it for posterity. "No One Sings Like You Anymore" is about as appropriate an album title as you're gonna get.


It has to be both deflating and inspiring for kids coming up in the music biz today when they hear Chris Cornell’s incredible voice and soul. This entire album is perfect from start to finish.


Spanning songs from Prince, John Lennon, Guns N Roses and Harry Nillson among others,this compilation is amazing. Such a diverse group of songs, but proves the range of his amazing one of a kind voice. It culminates with the fantastic version of Stay With Me Baby. Gives me goosebumps. R.I.P. Chris. We miss you.


Great music from a legend! Your music helped me get through some tough times! Thank you Chris!


Didn’t know this was coming out! What an awesome surprise! A great selection of covers to give us another album to enjoy.


I liked Cornell, but his flirtations with pop were never very good. These covers show that. Yuck.

Pimp my screen

Haven’t bought the album yet but what else do you expect...? It’s going to be amazing so might as well buy it without hesitation.