Cody Jinks - The Wanting

℗ 2019 Late August Records

The Wanting Tracklist:


Really good country music.

Zee Dogg

This may be his best album yet, and that’s saying a hell of a lot. Great work man!

Skeeter McCheese

But what is with that artwork?!?




Every year his sound gets better and better.. he has begun to add more instruments to his music, a lot more violin and other strings that broaden and add depth to his sound .. Cody has become an unstoppable force in country.. there’s no denying that he is here... and he isn’t leaving any time soon.. so jump on this train or get left behind.


I was intrigued by the wolves on the album cover... Then I listened to each iTunes “ snippet” and found some “ New” old country music, nice, comfortable and I like it. Good job!


Great songs across all domains... lyrically, instrumentally, and performances worth the listen. Cody is what Country Music should be.... good stories, good messages, songs that relate to life, and music to put the feelings in the right place... He is my favorite artist my more than a Country Mile...


Here just take all my money!!! So much resonates with me. Between the words you say and even the one’s you don’t say. So much talent.


Might be my favorite album of Cody’s


How can you get much better then this right here! Cody Jinks and friends are some talents individuals and can make some mean country music you’ll want your kids to play for their kids! Atta boy Jinks!


Sons track to my life


The authenticity of these past two albums is stacked in virtue. I live in Texas and will die for Texas. Cody Jinks is the real Texas country deal. We do not need the Nashville garbage they’re pumping out because our music is tough. I’ll be seeing Cody live in Fredericksburg this weekend. Believe that. Buy both of his last albums and if you hate them somebody will personally refund your money. That’s my 100% money back guarantee. Believe that.

Rich G 62

Jinks makes music for people who appreciate country music, real country music.


This guy is flippin amazing!!!! It don’t get much better!


Pure gold from beginning to end. This is country music!!


Started listening to Cody a year ago and he has nailed this album! Keeping it Country for us is what he believes! Which I love to hear! Here’s to real country music with feeling!


Thanks. Be blessed. Peace be with you.


Mr. Jinks has outdone himself again!! It’s been on repeat since its release!

Nothern hillbilly

Legend in the making. Good to see someone who doesn't pretend to be tough with brass knuckles like BG on stage.

Back half-acre

This is a great time to be a country music fan. 6 stars

Gary the baddass

It’s really pop like and I don’t like it


Two weeks in a row Cody has proved he is the modern country king with no major label or radio help.


Who else could put out 2 albums this great a week apart? Starting really listening to Cody about 2 years ago and had to download all his albums. He is a true down to earth great American singer. Writes about what’s real, not trying to get the hot chick up in his truck like all the phony so called country “artists” that are popular. Cody Jinks is the real deal, just love his music, and great live as well.


Two albums in one month and not a single song disappoints. Heads up to Nashville we don’t need you and pop-country. Cody has already showed the world what a true artist he is and still has many years ahead. Will he go down as one of the greatest, you bet he will!


Solid country gold.


This guy is bringing country back to country music 😍😍😍😍


This is the Jinks style I have always loved. Flawless record for sure been waiting for this to come out!!! This will be another timeless record.


Just do yourself a favor and grab this album and ALL of his others! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

The Blood Taker

This is what real country sounds like! Cody, you are the man!!!


This is real country music. You won’t find anything close to this caliber on the radio.

Geoff_ C14

Good pure country music.


Love it better than any mainstream country!!!!!

Pay up sucker!

Once you listen to his music you’ll be hooked for life

Jimmy Giuliano

There ain’t no one better than Cody!


Which One I Feed is one of the best songs I've ever heard. This is how country music should make you feel! Great job Cody! I can't wait for the rest of the album!

Fritz Bost

Writing top shelf! Great band. I preordered both new albums.


This is music.

Jinks fan

Cause he is. I don't know how anyone can give this a thumbs down.


Doing his thing, playing real country music and not letting Nashville or any politics get in the way. He is your true American, balanced and honest. In a time when that is exactly what we need.


Hands down, Jinks owns country music.


How country music should be! Cody jinks has always kept it real. Never lets anyone change his sound!