Jason Derulo - Everything Is 4

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Everything Is 4 Tracklist:

Trust and Us


I Pokémon

I’ve been a fan of Jason ever since he started. I have all his albums and singles and this album by far is my favorite! Talk Dirty was ok but I did like it, just my least favorite. This one by far is my favorite. Pull Up, Want to Want Me, Get Ugly and Painkiller are my favorite tracks! I was focused on Try Me and love it as well! Don’t listen to the total rating which is 3.5 stars. People always downgrade our generation because they lived in there days. If they were in this generation, they wouldn’t be like what they are now. They are just haters. The Art is Very Nice as well. The song with K Michelle is the one I didn’t like at all. But overall Jason Derulo Everything is 4 is good album in my opinion. Listen to the album and u might like it. I like it! Keep going hard Jason! You still have a old and yet big fan right here! Always will support you!


How comes he’s made hits but people still don’t know him


Could have done better but is a good album

Jamaal Rainey

This is Pop gold. He stayed in his lane and his voice was so rich and full on this album. Good job Jason!


K. Michelle is a vocal beast ... glad to see she's always making music of things people think but are scared to say


Jason Derulo is a great, awesome, terrific singer. I love all of his music and he is cute.

Beantown Brawla 45

He married to singer from Jodeci

Caleb the boss 101

This song is the best and I love it 👍👍👌👌👌


Want to want me is a fun catchy song, Cheyenne is good too


Cheyanne and Want To Want Me are the only 2 decent songs. The rest are sh!t


The album as a whole was worthy to be called legitimate pop that could be enjoyed. I particularly enjoyed "Trade Hearts," "Cheyenne," "Love Like That," "X2CU," and "Painkiller." The reason these stood out were because they were catchy and or melodic, like a pop song should be. "Cheyenne" and "Trade Hearts" had more to offer than the other songs, though. They were more intriguing. One was emotionally driven and the other was a desperate story of unwanted love. I couldn't stand "Get Ugly." It was the only song I would want to skip immediately. It was uncreative, not catchy for me, and out of focus. Overall, it was an album that I rather enjoy listening to for the catchy beats or decent pop.

Yas the music fox

Perfect beat with great harmony would listen to all day and dance away. Chorus is great. One of the best songs By Jason Derulo. Defiantly deserves five stars.


Chinesemom101 doesn't see that the album is called "Everything Is 4" first of all and it symbolizes why he does what he does and second Ya'll judging him about this album but praise him for "If It Ain't Love"? He killed it on this album so keep quiet haters💥💯


It made me dance.

Shapes like u are cool

Love love love almost every one of his songs very very catchy also !


Love it!


Just what I supposed another horrific song by the one and only Jason Derulo. 0 stars


Cheyenne is a great song. Overall amazing album!


Mostly Bland stereotypical Pop. Ever wonder why there's not even 1,000 reviews? Here's my theory Either A) They were too disgusted with talk dirty to even think about listening to Everything Is 4 Or B) Other albums came out either before or after it that made that disposable There is nothing special to this record at all. It's just bland generic pop with stupid lyrics and crappy auto tuned vocals

Kitten lover Reed557

One of my favorite albums out there

Taylor and kittens

Love it! get ugly,the duo with Keith urban just a feel good dance in the car or any where album!!!


Best album ever 😝 this is my jam plz make more! Get Ugly is the best


This album isn't the worst but isn't the best. It could have been better, but GET UGLY, BROKE, and TRY ME are the best songs on this album.


Nice I expected more but it was great I think try me should've gotten more attention than it has.




He asked me to duet with him for get ugly? Are you kidding me?? This is trash! Jason I am so dissapointed😔 my musically is acroal I fan for fan:)


Ok, there are some songs on here I just can't stop wigglin my butt to! Hahaha! Over all a great album. Only a few I wish I could delete! Can't wait to work out to this at the gym in the morning!!


I honestly don't know what all of these complaints are. I love the whole album, I pre ordered it a while back and I have Been amazed with the whole thing! My personal favorites are pull-up and broke! They are both amazing and definitely worth listening to! I love you Jason always have, always will! Don't let the haters and rude people get to your head, I think this album is AMAZING!! Hopefully I will be able to see you on tour this year, fingers crossed❤️


I love all his songs my favorite is get ugly!

Shawn noland

Get ugly is awesome and it will be remembered forever


Get ugly is the worst song I have ever heard in my entire life!!!! If I could I would give this 0 stars


after this, his parents will never wanna show they're faces in public. if you like this crap, please, get your ears checked.


Love get ugly . The music video is one of the best for a dance track I've ever seen.


This is probably the worst song i've ever heard


Because I'm a big fan of Jason Derulo better than Taylor! This album is amazing! I've been trying to find it everywhere! And I did it's the best album ever he's made so far! 😊 Please don't hate! And stay awesome dawg! LuV Jason! 😎✌🏻️


The only good song is Cheyenne.


Opinions are like buttholes and everyone has one. I don't think he has a bad song.

William 9870

This album has some good songs if you commented a bad thing on this album just shut up.Jason derulo has done a good job his album.Stop commenting bad things. His best song is want to want me.😀 I love your music Jason derulo. Keep up your hard work. For those who have commented a bad thing shut up because Jason derulo is a awesome pop singer actually one of the best pop singers ever and for those who have commented a bad thing on this album listen again and maybe you will like it. Go Jason derulo keep up your hard work


I love this so much and the "Talk Dirty" album! Great job!


some of these songs are catchy, but I would never buy them. some of these, I cringe when I listen to.


I got the whole album it sounds great.


I like it 💙


I give this album five stars. Not necessarily because I like all of the songs, but because I am positive that Mr. Derulo put all of his effort into trying to please his fans, and I believe that THAT is what truly matters when it comes to music. Honestly, it doesn't matter what you like, there's not a single song or album that deserves a one-star review because the artist who created that piece of work put a lot of effort in to making it sound as perfect as they possibly can. It is a form of art, not something we should automatically dismiss as a piece of garbage just because we don't like the words the artist is singing. This album is actually pretty amazing if you are able to appreciate all of the effort he put into it. Five stars, for sure! Can't wait to hear more!!!


I love this cd and Jason Derulo!! The people trash talking it and trash talking him must have no musical taste and must lead boring lives. His songs are good, fun, catchy, funny even, and he has an awesome voice! Not to mention he's one of the best dancers! So quit hatin! Haters! If you have nothing good or nice to say, don't say it! Hes doing what he loves and he's making people like me happy! Go Jason! Ignore the few haters! You have tons of fans!!! Peace! :)


He's ruined by auto-tune, just another typical R&B singer story. These songs are as embarrassing as "Wiggle". I used to search for his unreleased songs, now I will never spend a dime on his "music"again.


What happened to the old jason? The one that had love rnb songs, hip hop, not the white washed music lol. The only song i like is cheyenne and try me cause jlo and him sound good but dang i miss those songs like "it girl" "whatcha say" "fight for you" "in my head" 2019-2011 was the best albums. Please give us that music again!


Half of the songs are ok. (Want to want me, cheyenne, painkiller,broke) the other half no (get ugly, pull up, X2CU)



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