Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

℗ 2004 Warner Records Inc.

Rumours Tracklist:


This album is flawless in every way.🎼 Singing, writing, lyrics and band members. This will always remain a classic album for everyone’s playlist. If you like folk, rock, disco, country etc, it’s all here for you. This is an album you want on your deserted island list. A true GEM 💎


Best band ever


Beautifully written and well produced. One of my favorite albums of all time.


Just maybe the best album ever made.

Trust and Us



No words necessary. A complete masterpiece from beginning to end.


My mom would put this album on in the car when she'd drive me and my brother places. it's around 8-9 years late, 18 years old, and i still catch myself listening to this every now and then. would give 6 stars


Stevie Nicks has the voice, of a angel. A voice to fall in love with. If you don’t like Fleetwood Mac you don’t like music. I so wish we had this type of music today, most new music, should have never went to a recording studio. I’ll always listen to the old music, it has a backbone


I’ve usually listened to music online (Spotify, Amazon Music, SoundCloud) or by very crude pirating (recording songs on the radio), but when I finally decided to really buy something, I decided to get what I think is quite possibly one of the best albums ever. It brings back memories for me too, I remember listening to Fleetwood Mac when we would go to vacation in Michigan. I’m in high school now, going to college very soon and these songs really bring me comfort not just memories of “happier times,” but also a really nice easy listening experience, I think of riding to the convenient store at 10pm with my Grandpa, uncle and sister and hearing this on the radio in our old car. It’s still one of my favorites. So essentially this album means a lot to me, so perhaps I may be a bit biased when I say this album is simply wonderful.


The best album of all time


I love this song a lot 😍😍😍


All of the albums from this lineup are great but, this one is my favorite. I like all the songs, including silver springs as well. Definitely one of my favorite albums of all time

Łáńd Øvęr Øcêäń

This is just amazing. 10/10 recommend, this is the greatest album of all time.


The greatest album of all-time.

Musicfan 399

A perfect album


Just unearthed the original vinyl from our collection and am beginning 2018 being blown away again by this album. So timeless and tight all the way through. Thanks again to all of you, Fleetwood Mac!

sharked king

Hard work and great song writing

Someone that's me 😆

Awesome music


Inspired by destructive break-ups and 70’s drugs, Rumours is an icon of music mastery that never was equaled. The songs stand each clearly on their own, yet are meant to be played in succession. I’d bet my life’s savings that each of the 3 songwriters do not claim a Rumours’ song as their favorite. The struggle of making the album comes across in each and every song and result in a powerfully emotional, if not beautifully bitter, album that will touch you through memories of your own. Not to be duplicated again by the band, enjoy the journey that is “Rumours”.


I heard this in guardians of the galaxy 2


Honestly love this album so much! Fleetwood Mac is by far my favorite old band! They are phenomenal and Stevie is one of the best writers ever!

Captain Luke Skywalker


Vanilla Blueeyes

Very powerful and strong album. Stevie Nicks is a great singer. It's weird how the songs speak to me, but I guess that's just music.


I absolutely love Fleetwood Mac! This album is captivating! It has with stood time and is still one of the best of all time. I'm only 17..

Tori Catherine

THANK GOD I saw the movie because had I not I would've never come across my new favorite album.


Fleetwood Mac is my all time favorite band. They are no doubt one of the greatest bands of all time. They created so many masterpieces. Rumours is the best one. It's one of the best albums of all time. People still buy it to this day, 40 years later. This legendary album will go on forever.


This Album is a MASTERPIECE!!! Timeless, Fleetwood Mac Are THE BEST! 😱🔥🙏🏽😭❤️


my mom raised me on fleetwood mac, stevie nicks, and all the goodie stuff like this!!! i love this group.. and a lot of people love these guys. you can't go wrong with Fleetwood Mac!!!!


This is easily the best Fleetwood Mac album, and one of the greatest rock albums of all time. All of the songs on this album feel so real, simply because they are, with these songs coming from the hearts of the writers. I sing along to almost every single one of these songs, and I would definitely recommend it.


Anyone growing up in the late 70s and 80s who listened to music had this album. Fleetwood Mac had the sound and the gift of writing catchy but meaningful songs. There's not a bad song on this album. In this day and age, it would be nice if there was another band with the cohesive sound and style of the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Doobie Brothers; thankfully such music is only an iPhone away.


We all know we like the songs I listened to them since "oh well " peter green days. Enjoy the songs but once you know them listen carefully and you will hear such an amazing arrangement such perfect in time meshing, especially sara oh daddy gol dust woman many more. Half way thru sara there is this sustained tension overlapping layers it just hangs there then it releases and shifts into next gear with this sizzle from mike's drum kit like a wave breaking out of the bridge into next verse so well worked out and smooth


If u don't cry or feel anything when listening too this album u have severe problems

Panda boy 123

I really love Fleetwood Mac !!!!

Co co man

Just like dark side of the moon unique and different but still is one of the best albums ever


Arguably one of the greatest albums ever made


Nobody expected this re-boot of "Fleetwood Mac" to work! They were a hard rocking blues band! However, This album shook up music in the 70's! Every song is a hit! A "Once in a Lifetime" Album! Just with "Dreams, Don't Stop & Gold Dust Woman" Alone? Your money is well spent, the rest is gravy! If you're young? I know you'll like this cd! It's not dated! It's "POP/Rock" Music at it's best! It sounds as good today, as it did back in 1978! Forget The Year? Listen To It? For It's Great Musical Quality & "Style"!


Won this album from a radio show on my 16th b'day in 1977. Wore that vinyl out. Honestly, best gift EVER!! Each song brings back wonderful memories from that time in my life and, I too, am grateful to this amazing group of artists.


Incredible album


True then, true today , and true in the future. That defines a classic!


Back when vinyl was the format of choice I would usually track one or both sides of a record each time I chose to listen to a record. After tracking the record a few times I would develop a “sonic” memory of the songs and the order they are tracked in. Years later buying the digital version of the album that “sonic” memory from 1977 comes rushing back and my brain excites with the knowledge of what song is to play next on the record. “Rumors” means 1977 which means high school senior year. There was good and bad at that time of my life but music was the glue that held everything together. Don’t hesitate to buy this record (with all of the tracks) if you are missing any part of it. When the music police come to visit you, not owning this record could mean bad mo-jo for you!


Lindsey Buckingham's magnum opus...this is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, and still stands alone in its genre. Their amazing live albums and other covers continue the legend of this greatness. Thanks 'Mac and please keep your art flowing.


An all time greaaaaat album, and one of the best shows I've seen live. Buckingham is a beast guitar player who is highly underrated!!!!!


My mother used to play this album constantly when I was growing up. Brings some of the greatest memories that will never happen again. Stevie Nicks is a Queen.


Awesome album!! One of the best ever made! Every music fan should own a copy of this amazing album!!! Buy it!!!!

Pancake 22

I don't usually write reviews. Like, ever. But I am obsessed with this album and band. I grew up listening to this, and always loved it, but only recently I have fallen truly in love. The emotional trauma and work that must have gone into this album as they were all divorcing and breaking up produced some of the most emotionally-charged music I've ever heard. The lyrics and songwriting is mystical, meaningful, and beautiful. Stevie Nick's throaty, strong, sexy voice is possibly the best thing I've ever heard. Lindsey Buckingham is so talented with the guitar. And of course, much love for Christine McVie/ Perfect, Mick Fleetwood, and John McVie. Thank you all so much for making this music. On a side note, I am a teen and no, we do not all listen to terrible pop music.


One of the best albums ever created!