Grimes - Miss Anthropocene

℗ 2020 4AD Ltd

Miss Anthropocene Tracklist:


More stars please 👌🏻

Nicki Manjach

The songs on the album are SOOOOO GOOD,


To the moron who couldn’t tell, white music is still a genre. Lol. Work of art btw

blah blah is right

Love it!🐉


I am an appreciator of all kinds of good music. Most Grimes tracks feel like they are ripped right out of the future. Something more evolved and deep, and intricate. There’s a little bit of tribal, anthem, electro pop, and just about anything else. But it’s blended in a way that feels like it was meant to be.


I just recently got into grimes over winter break and this is my first release era as a fan! I LOVE IT! grimes is truly so creative and has such a celestial sound!! ROCK ON CLAIRE 💓


This album is amazaliscious so far! I am grooving to these tonic sonics of right-timed beats and tickling pleads of sound. I love her old work, but this tops it.


Yeah... um 😐 orgasming chipmunks.

Maddi 660 XD

Grimes is so talented and creative. Love all the songs already. Can’t wait for the whole thing!🖤


delete forever is something else...


Nice and Subtle!


this is so uninteresting and boring. it’s not even chill, it’s just white noise in music form.

The Yeeting Cow

At first I wasn't sure if I like this album or not. I mean 4ÆM was pretty good, but Delete Forever is just amazing. It will never leave my 2020 playlist.


I think it’s a different style for her but i really like it and it deserves five stars and she’s good in what she’s doing


Yup she’s backkkk

Still awesome!

🧚‍♀️🔪🌎 Edit: to the person who gave this one star while insulting the intelligence of the fan base, citing the fact that we haven’t heard the album yet. Um excuse me? You, sir, are the dumb one for not knowing that the album LEAKED in FULL. Plus, as anyone who has been paying attention to this album release cycle knows, “We Appreciate Power” ended up on the DELUXE edition of Miss_Anthropocene. It totally seemed like a lead single until we got 10 months of radio silence. Do your homework buddy before you come for us stans. 📚 & that’s on the end of the world luv 💅


This album is so fire so far omg I can’t wait to hear the rest of it


This album so far is as Grimes as it gets. Arrangers is good but it is more pop (which is good when grimes is doing it). But this has the familiarity of that album mixed with the darkness of some of her earlier works


Sounds like a more repetitive version of BT’s early stuff with orgasming chipmunk vocals. Goes to show the intelligence of the fanbase too, applauding the album like they’ve already heard it, naming a song that isn’t even on the album. Over rated.


We Appreciate Power has been on repeat and everything else has been good so far too. My Name Is Dark is her best song.


Stan Loona, Stan Grimes 💕


This album is not as much of a masterpiece as Visions is, though still a masterpiece!

Barlow & Straker

The moods that she captures in her music are awesome. I love the layering she uses with her voice. I have always thought it was cool when an artist understood that his/her voice was an instrument as well. Been awhile since a song put me in an intensely cerebral state and So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth gut punched me in the feels.


Cannot wait!!!!!


I am so happy that she is going back to speaking her native tongue now that everyone has learned to communicate in her language. 👽


Claire I have been checking frequently to find out the next songs. I am so excited to hear of of the songs for this album. I am sure they will be great.


Grimes surprises with each song and so far Violence and So Heavy transcend expectations. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!


Where is We Appreciate Power?


We’re stepping into 2020 with a futuristic apocalypse goddess album. 💗💗


im ready


Can’t wait! 💕