Guns N' Roses - Greatest Hits

A Geffen Records Release; This Compilation ℗ 2004 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Greatest Hits Tracklist:


Gun’s N Roses is my all time favorite rock band ever Slash is the whole reason I picked up a guitar much less a Les Paul in the first place. I’m 25 and have been Rockin GNFknR’s since I was 7 years old they were my start for rock! Such a great band!


Guns N’ Roses is by far one of the greatest classic rock bands of all time. I totally recommend


Disappointed because I love these songs!


Classic songs. Legends


Good album

Jack Casem

I mean come on people

Bowtieprof 1

The tracks and the price point are great, but it is also missing several essential tracks that could easily have been swapped with less necessary tracks in here. Where’s Nightrain? Estranged? Mr. Brownstone? Come on.

FullSend6535 @ xbox

I ❤️ 🔫&🌹


How do you NOT put “One In A Million” or “Mr.Brownstone”on a Gn’R greatest hits album? TRASH




I am a huge GN’R fan. I was APPALLED that some of their greatest hit singles such as It’s So Easy, Nightrain, Mr. Brownstone, Rocket Queen, Used to Love Her, One In a Million, and Estranged were not included. This album is not a true representation of GN’R. If you are a new listener who wants to get into GN’R, do not get this album. You should buy all of the GN’R albums instead, because they represent GN’R correctly. I was also surprised about the track listing. In my opinion, the tracks should have been listed in their chronological order.


This is probably the best album of all time. No other albums have so many good songs.

Blitz 15

Face it, Appetite for Destruction was their only good album. Most overrated band ever. The rest of their music is lame.


The only thing I would of done would be to replace Sense I don’t have you with Estranged

fried cheiken

It has all of there best songs except Mr. Brownstone. There version of sympathy for the Devi is almost as good as The Rolling Stones.


Brings back memories


Need I say more?


This album is awesome.

Destroyer 21👾

Axl sounds like an 88 year old man who’s just about to die


This is the 2nd time for sure n i think 3rd time i have ordered Best of Guns n Roses, Apple just keeps removing it from my itunes even though i bought it on itunes. They also revoved a copy i downloaded from a store purchase of the album n it was not on my itunes while i was inroute to G & R concert at the gorge amphetheater! Which messed things up


As a guitarist I appreciate your work. As a singer I appreciate your work. As a classic rocker I appreciate your work. May God bless you :) G&R


I am a guitarist and love to play along to all of them. AXEL I LOVE YOU DUDE


Vintage but amazing


The songs are epic


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