Miley Cyrus - Hands of Love

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Hands of Love - Single Tracklist:


Why can’t this be on a album!?


I have to take back every doubt I’ve ever had about this kid. She is absolutely amazing in this song. And as skeptical as I have been about her talent, I really think only she could have pulled this off. Amazing!


This is the best song ever!!!!!! The Princess Of Pop!!!!!!


I don't understand why this song never became popular.

Danielle Andrea

This couldn't be better. I'm obsessed with this song, it's beautiful! Great job Miley!


This song was one of her best songs she has ever did


Never was a big fan of Miley, but when I watched the movie and I heard this song, it was hauntingly beautiful. If I'm not mistaken, I think the song was wrote by Linda Perry, who is an already established and phenomenal songwriter for generations now. So between the two women's magic, something gorgeous was released into the world. I give major props to both women for making a beautiful song.


Miley's so talented😍😊


I feel like she's finally finding her balance. We all go from one extreme to another. We all try different stuff out. Then, one day...we find our balance. And this song is really excellent. I just hope she doesn't wear a freaking cup cake in the video. This should be a bad assery song. Not a freaky deaky dumbo.


Amazing Voice for an amazing person ! Woaah just woaah !


She's the best and so is this song!!!


A feeling of the old Miley!!


Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a Miley Cyrus fan at all. But I herd her preform this on Ellen and immediately fell In love with this song. Amazing job!!

Lora Merrill

Miley voice real shine through in this and shows everyone she has a great voice !


Beautiful girl and a beautiful voice. Everyone, she's not going back to the way used to, and I'm happy she isn't. I can relate to this Miley much more and she's so much more fun! Kudos to Miley for being happy :)


So raw and beautiful. Miley did such an excellent job with this, and quite frankly I think she's doing excellent with all other things in her life.


Loveee 💕


This girl can sing. I just adore anything she does, there’s such honesty to her artistry and her voice is beautiful. I love this song!


Such an amazing song ❤️


Perfect lyrics, perfect voice, perfect sound everything screams perfection ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍


Such an amazing voice! Everything she sings is distinctive and beautiful with her voice.


I am almost positive I am buying this song. I LOVE IT. gorgeous voice Miley. #RIP CALEB


The muffled, distant production of the song bothers me. It takes away from the beauty of the song. I think whoever engineered this could have done a better, clearer job. It sounds cheap and aged.


This song is so beautiful! I love it when you can hear the artist's passion in the song that they sing. Miley Cyrus, you never cease to amaze me with your musical talents!! Girl, keep on doing you!


I love your voice. I love the lyrics. I love it.

Damiete jack

She's back finally 💞

Drawsome is EPIC

this is one of the best songs of her career. if she writes more like this without a doubt she will become one of the #1 artists.


This is one of her best songs yet... Miley this is what you need to make more of.


What a beautiful song.


I have been waiting for this song as soon as I heard a clip. It doesn't fail. Amazing lyrics, music, and a talented Miley singing. I can't wait for the movie!!


I didn't want to like this song, but holy cow it's good.


No matter what anybody has against Miley personality wise they can't deny that her voice is truly amazing. I love her❤️


Miley Cyrus has such a unique and beautiful voice. she is so inspiration and thats what i love about her


Miley is such a beautiful song bird with a lot to sing about. People who know of her gift of a voice won't question her abilities as an artist, she's really amazing above all else.


Love her abd her music 😍 everything she puts her hands on is perfection.

Pure catchiness

Nice to hear Miley's voice again! Superb!


Is she coming back? This song is amazing!! Her voice is so angelic and so much better than her other ones. It's absolutely amazing and the lyrics are more meaningful than ever! Love it!


Miley gets loud, nasty, and risqué, then goes to promote stuff like this. I speak with, laugh with, and love the gay people I know, as Christ wants me to, but it's a sinful lifestyle and I won't make it comfortable. Love is great, but this love is expressed the wrong way


Miley continues to amaze me with every song she writes and sings. Her voice and style are one of a kind and unique. Cannot wait for more to come out


So amazing!! Buy it! Buy it!!

Wow z

now back to this vocally gifted global superstar!


I've always loved Miley's voice. Looks don't matter.


I wanted to put 2 stars because you know first person and all but whatever it's fine. I'm fine guys


This song reminds me of the old Miley and the incredible voice she has!!




so glad to see people actually supporting Miley! Keep doing you.


It was good. But back to This artist who rocked this song.


Miley has done it again! Great song!


Miley now seems to come back with her nice voice without having to be naked on a wrecking ball, naked under sheets or tweaking on people at the fricken VMAs. I will buy this song now.

Kathleen ferris

I love this song because its about lgbt+ and this song means a lot to me cause im a lesbian and i can relate to this song

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