Flo Rida - Hello Friday (feat. Jason Derulo)

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Hello Friday (feat. Jason Derulo) - Single Tracklist:


Love it!


Love flo and Jason, but stole the beat of "jump out the whip" 3 stars

Spencer Lieberman

It is a very upbeat song. It pumps me when I run.


He stole tedashii's beat, look up tedashii- jumped out the whip.


Alright, too all these people hating on this song, we'll get ready. Cause this is going to be a hit. LOVE THIS SONG


this is just .... complete garbage .


And I hate Mondays!


what even is this?




why why why can’t his career end, so over these songs from flo….


If you guys think it's so bad why is it on the charts😑😑Nice song😈


I actually kinda like it, it's okay


yeah, me either.


This stuff that artists are putting out today isn't music it's trash it's horrible an this track right here shows that.


This song is a special kind of bad. It was made for the sole purpose of trying to make money off of a low-quality sound and concept. The sound mixing is downright awful, considering you can't understand Jason Derulo half the time, and the lyrics are unimaginative and lacks any sense of creativity. What happened to the Flo Rida we used to know; the Flo Rida who used his talent to come up with innovative, catchy, and creative songs. This song tries way to hard to be hip and trendy, and it ended up being absolutely horrible, along with the other meaningless songs he's coming out with these days. I'm hoping he will see his errors and try to fix them instead of trying to make a quick buck. Until then, he's lost all of my respect.


I really like this song.

iPod touch 8617

Look up Tedashii- Jumped out the whip. This is the same beat. Trash.

DJ Vraulio

I rather bump Chalino Sanchez in my 2015 Dodge Viper. Sorry flo it's just I never felt the flow when I'm riding


Catchy music awesome lyrics! Keep it up Flo Rida!


He can do so much better.


I only came here for Jason!!! 💙 but was it really necessary to have the GD word in this song like 4 times?......... 1. There is no EXPLICIT warning...... 2. There is no clean version........ What? Every song that just has the GD word in it shouldn't get a clean version?...... Same way with Cake By The Ocean by Joe Jonas's new band DNCE..... I really wanted this song..... 😭😭😭 maybe replace it with "hot" or something!!😭 got that idea from Jason Derulo's song wiggle!! 😝❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️. 😩😭CLEAN VERSION!!!!!! 😩💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭


Go back to your old style, Flo. Those trap beats just don't seem to fit you. 😕


Can't wait to hear this in the radio 1000 times a day


First off the rap verses are weak, and in the chorus u can’t even understand what Jason Derulo is saying? SERIOUSLY????? WHAT IS HE SAYING??????


This Is Litt Tho 💯


I'm not the biggest Flo Rida fan but he knows how to make songs that are guaranteed to get radio play. Decent song, nothing special but nothing horrible either.




Doesn't get any better than this upbeat song! This collaboration was overdue


Who keeps buying these garbage songs? I never hear them at parties, nobody likes floor rider. Must be 11 year old girls downloading this garbage




One of his better tracks in a while.Go pick this up & play this every Friday. Anyone who hates this doesn’t know good music. -From A DJ




Hell yeah this is sickkkk😼


I already now what I'm gone be playin every Friday move over Rebecca Black its FloRida time.


Same old Flo..

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