Snoop Lion - Here Comes the King

℗ 2012 Berhane Sound System

Here Comes the King - Single Tracklist:


This is one of those songs that you can reply over and over. If you did not know that this was Snoop, it would still be a good song. That is why he is King. The beat is tight. The lyrics, and vocals are tight. The mix is clean. This is a 5 star song.


I like this song for one reason. The girl who sings the chorus sounds just like Susie from Rugrats!!


Snoop is just rapping over reggae music. That does not make him a reggae artist. You want reggae, listen to Stephen Marley or Ziggy Marley.


I was skeptical, but this is better than any rap song he's come out with in years, dope beat, and even a slight hint of hip hop in the verses. Keep up the good work Snoop, if you wanna make reggae songs, fk the haters and do what feels right!


MADE MY EARS BLEED!! There comes a time when an artist should just hang it up and're waaaaaay past that. Just STOP,


He should Stick to snoop dog reggaes just not his thing and he shouldn't try and be something he's not i like his rap though and he couldn't even get through this song without rapping

Game reviewer 1234

It's ok, but can see it getting a lot better


You will forever be snoop dog, lion's stand for bravery and courage, of which you lack. Plus I don't like your music so.. Stop.


The song is ok but not true reggae yet. Hopefully the rest of the album is better. I know Snoop will try and eventually get it!!!



Vera. G

Awesome reggae root song!


Snoop kitten


I love snoop lion "here comes the king" best snoop song ever


I miss the old snoop

mr. freddy k

I will always love ya for what you do man. Keep it up Snoop forever!

Little good fellow

I miss the real snoop dogg


Finally the Snoop I've been waiting for!

CJ 5.0



Snoop dogg on a 6blocc beat, I ain't mad at you


Snoop lion 👍

kidd rep starr

Yo Snoop lion hit dem wit this reggae swag!!! Reggae swag roots homie!!!


Snoop take back your own name hook up with Dr. Dre again and get back to gangster sh/t and stop this reggae garbage your making a joke outta yourself you used to be my favorite rapper now your slipping frankly it has been years since you dropped some flawless music now you've become soft in your music you need to get back to your 1990-2000's music man that is some of the best rap that has ever been released those years I would put you up with 2Pac & Biggie get your fans back get on your grind drop a good RAP cd & hit up a tour and make some cash flow like wayne stop slipping n getting desperate n dropping anything go back to the good get screwed up n get your thug back in you I don't even remember the last song you mentioned being a crip man!! Come on Snoop Dogg

S so Fresh N Double O P

I would consider this reggae solely due to the piano on the upbeat. It's aight. Dude is searching for something. I'll def stay tuned.


I was a big fan of Snoop Dogg, but I hate Snoop Lion, he's just switching genres because he knows his career is almost over.


Vampire Using Rasta to make $.

Jack attack 12311374

This was an amazing song but people liked snoop because of has gangsterness (L and toughness. Still, GREAT SONG!


I like what I hear!! The bass is really sick I think that's what makes this song really click. Makes want to chill and smoke a fat bowl


He is a man searching for something new no one should judge I love this


I thought it was pretty good

meshal alghaylan

Very bad !!!


its okay but snoop lion(dogg) has done a lot better


Glad hes doin his own thang and still making music. **** the haters! GREAT SONG Looking forward to hearin more from da king!


It's amazing how he reinvents himself it's a chill song

Ja studios

it doesnt help that your a sucky-a** bob marley wannabe now. go home snoop

Taquito lol

Best. Song. Ever.


Snoop's music always surprises me. He's the only rapper out there who can mix it up with all types of music. From gangsta rap, to funk ("Sexual Eruption"), to R&B ("Gangsta Luv"), to country ("My Medicine"), and now with reggae, it seems that he can work in any musical genre and still produce hits. This track is a club-banger. I'm loving this track and "Lighters Up" and I'm looking forward to the album, "Reincarnated"!


I love this song (we smoke em like papers)


Jamming to these in the car




This song is so chill!!! Keep it up Snoop