Holly Humberstone - Falling Asleep at the Wheel - EP (Apple Music Up Next Film Edition)

℗ 2020 Holly Humberstone

Falling Asleep at the Wheel - EP (Apple Music Up Next Film Edition) Tracklist:


The lyrics are amazing


Love how smooth and indie her voice is! I’m trying to sing and write music with this tone. I’m finding my true vocals.


Drop Dead is phenomenal. Comparable to how catchy Taylor’s songs are. Excited to see what happens with this one.

I am the owl

I'm rarely floored by an artist anymore. But Holly Humberstone just floored me. I sat here silently listening to every sample, then bought the album. Music has been stale for a while now, and she is the fresh sound which I've been waiting years for.


So good 🥰


Kinda bland but nice voice

Doing Geometry

It’s beautiful; it’s emotional; it’s— ..more and more with each listen it’s just one of my new all time favorites!


Just discovered her music while flipping through iTunes. Wow. Definitly just found a new favorite!


Can’t wait to see what else you do


i love your voice and this album sounds amazing. but i would suggest you have a few more catchy energetic songs. all of the songs on here kinda sound the same, and i would appreciate something else thrown in there. other than that, it sounds amazing.


I saw this album on the iTunes Store and I thought “Great, another pop artist.” Then I actually listened to the songs. My God, Holly KILLS IT in her songs. Her voice is so natural and real, her handiwork on guitar and piano is absolutely stunning, and her authenticity shines through in a raw, beautiful way. Don’t know if you’re reading this Holly (Can I call you that?), but if you are, let me just say thumbs up to a great first album! An amazing debut if I’ve ever heard one. Sincerely, probably your first teenage fan ❤️


I have so much hope for this artist. Keep it up girl:)


FRESH!! Absolutely brilliant


I fell asleep listening? haha boring, but she has a nice voice


Gonna keep an eye out on you! I predict big things for your future!!


I love her sound! I have been listening to this on repeat.😊


Amazing EP she’s so talented and incredible artists. She’s gonna be something huge I can feel it.


Lyrics need work along with production


she’s so good! young artist to watch

Peanut op

This is gonna be on repeat!

OvahFx Artist

I absolutely love her voice - Def her new biggest fan. I will buy all your music keep singing just like this. Blasting your voice thru the airwaves here in Sunny Florida. Adam O

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