Jelly Roll - Self Medicated

℗ 2020 War Dog

Self Medicated Tracklist:


when Jellyroll hits the big time?! I mean, what more could you ask for: it's a rap album at its core, of course, but rap, rock, blues, country, even a little r n b and pop are all fused in a way that is as far from being contrived as possible (i.e., not just a rapper trying anything to make himself stand out). He reached his own high bar set on prior albums and seems to be challenging the whole genre toup the collective musicianship ante. Yes, I would like a 2020 version of "Hate goes on" or 1-2 songs with more of a gangster rap feel, but that's not who he is anymore, and I can respect that. Funny enough, although I like the singles releasd so far, they are far from being the best. "Rescue Me" may be my favorite, but I'm sure it's likely to change. Really like Brabo's verse, actually all the guests' contributions. I WILL say that, although I like this album from top to bottom more, "Life" and "Creature"on the previous are my favorite 2020 Jellyroll songs. "Life" wow, that's gotta be one of the best songs, period, I've heard in years!


You can just push play, they are all that 🔥🔥🔥


Jelly Roll literally save my life. I don’t understand how he knows how I feel. I can’t relate to these songs so closely isn’t freaky.


This is Jelly Rolls best album yet. This mans music just keep getting better as time goes on. My favorite artist by far as he connects directly with his fans ! I judge this album a 15/10. It’s just that good.


Proud of you for this one bubba

Dirty Mississippi Boy

Did it again 🔥


Album of the year, watch this go Number 1 !!!! I’m predicting this now !!!!!


If you can’t relate to Jelly Roll, you aren’t human. His features are on point. He’s never needed a major deal. Welcome to the trap house all the way to this? That is evolution and open minded music. Shout out to Jelly for being a real dude.


Great album. I thought you were great like 5 albums ago but each new one gets better and better.


Jelly absolutely killed it with this record!! Keep dropping classics


Best birthday present I could of bought myself, album is a banger


Like is said, Jelly Roll always brings the heat. Some soul, some rock n roll. Making you feel every line like it came from your own mind. Much respect ✊




Jelly is amazing. He deserves all the success that comes to him!


Pretty good album, quite a few good songs, some fillers. Wish it sounded more like Addiction Kills Album which I think was his best album yet. Two good albums in one year can’t beat that, job well done 👏.


This album is dope! For me it is his best album.


This is one of the best albums I’ve heard all 2020


By far album of the year right here This mans been in the game for to long not to blow up soooo much talent Congratulations Bubba Don’t celebrate to hard


Best album ever! Going to have this on repeat till the wheels fall off!

Amazing drummer

Can’t wait for the full album! I pre ordered the hard copy as well! Which is shipping today! Fire music laid down here!

A-Game all day

Don’t sleep on this one!

Jake HH

Can’t wait for this to come out!

Music bump

Jelly put it all in this album!!

Music Album of Jelly Roll:

Loneliness (feat. Rittz) - Single
Loneliness feat. Rittz - Single (2020)
Dgaf (feat. Jelly Roll) - Single
Dgaf feat. Jelly Roll - Single (2019)
They Say (feat. Jelly Roll) - Single
They Say feat. Jelly Roll - Single (2019)
Ballgame (feat. Jelly Roll) - Single
Ballgame feat. Jelly Roll - Single (2018)
Shine (feat. Jelly Roll & Jaysin) - Single [Remix] - Single
Shine feat. Jelly Roll & Jaysin - Single [Remix] - Single (2018)
Lady (feat. Jelly Roll) - Single
Lady feat. Jelly Roll - Single (2017)