Jinjer - Macro

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Macro Tracklist:


My son recently turned me onto Jinjer and I’ve been listening to this album on repeat, love it.


Jinjer is amazing. Everyone knows that and why. So what's with people who hate a genre they admit they can't grasp, going out of their way to leave a review on an album that affects its rating, when that album would otherwise have five stars because it is so well liked by people who can actually handle rock music? Literally, as in the literal old-fashioned dictionary definition of 'literally', the album would be rated five stars, meaning people in the genre would see it is thought of as 'perfect' by itunes reviewers who at least listen to the genre, but instead, various people have to let us know they don't like rock music unless it has only clean vocals like Hanson and Bop Skinny Bop. Can we just make a rule that comments have to be about the band, album, not simpletons ironic attacks on a genre they already admit they don't understand at all? Do I go on Zane's whatshisface's album to complain about boy band music? No. That would be childish. We should have not have censorship of any kind, that's been getting out of hand, but at least require that reviews stay on the topic of music within a genre.

Benders Shiny Metal

This is technical metal at its finest. “Until the end” from their old stuff is amazing. And this album shows they are completely in control of their sound and message. They have mastered the metal code.


I thoroughly enjoyed this album, and they have yet to disappoint me. Every song is great and the band members are on point as always.


I liked them better when they were called Lacuna Coil.

Amanda Lochmann

screaming is not music

Greg Lemire

Beautiful and brutal!


This album is basically a masterpiece. It’s top tracks in my opinion in no particular order are Judgement (&Punishment), Pit of Consciousness, Pausing Death, and then every other track on the album. The riffs are heavy and groovy, as well as Tatianas vocals sounding mint! Her cleans are amazing and her growls are that of a hell beast 🤘🏼🤘🏼. Give the album a listen you won’t regret it!


Not my cup of tea but you guys enjoy for me


Keep the bass lines and screams coming! I’m there!


Outstanding work both musically and thematically. Everything from Cloud Factory to Macro feels like one massive journey now. Jinjer keeps evolving in spectacular ways.


This album is going to be great. First two singles were amazing. SO EXCITED.


I’m in love

The Local Foreigner

The new single is fire.


Super dope first single. I like that it seems like this will follow along with the micro ep 😎😎