John Lennon - GIMME SOME TRUTH. (Deluxe Edition)

This Compilation ℗ 2020 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group)/Lenono Music

GIMME SOME TRUTH. (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:



Working class hero is my favorite song but I hate how he swears

Not that BB

I own every single one of these songs; you can't go wrong buying it. There isn't a misstep anywhere (although I much prefer the older version of Grow Old without the strings). ... After reading another review, I listened through headphones and the mixes are good but are in no way up to the advertised level of improvement.


Didn’t this guy die like 10 years ago or something


These are worthless! Destroyed the project ! The mixes and mastering ruined these tracks! Who in the hell was in charge of this project? They should be shot! Very Sad ! The Real Abbey Road Team Should Have Been Called! starting with Martin's son!


Stop trying to make money off an artist who’s been dead 40 years.


Listening to the remixes are interesting but nothing new here. Mind Games isn’t represented enough on this and Double Fantasy too much.



ListenUp (~)\(~)

So many opinions and not enough reviews... 2020 Hindsight Working Class heros. 'Time Wounds All Heals' opens the U.S. vs. Instant Karma track. Folks, there are several John Lennon comilations out there. Don't like this one, pick yourself up an earlier release. I just purchased Come Together (Live) and love it. Sampled to others & enjoyed it. You also have the option of purchasing the complete 10/09/2020 box set, and then you can complain for hours on end... or enjoy for a lifetime and beyond. It's one of those half empty/full deals, you see... Gimme Some Truthand Shine On. John would have been 80 years old on the record's release date, 10/09/2020... And we lost hin on December 8, 1980. Let's enjoy & carry on...


Sounds like the generic kids bop bands. Buy the original albums instead,


Who ok’d this mix for one of the biggest stars ever? Glad the vocals are more up front, but the distortion and bass are so distracting. Shame.

stews music

If John heard this he would be embarrassed! What a downgrade! I’m not against re-mixes...The Beatles re-mixes were awesome!! But this is soo bad! Way to butcher state of the art records like woman, and watching the wheels! Should have given this project to Giles Martin! He wouldn’t have added a crap tone of bass, un-blend the vocals, and make all of the distinctive features of the backing track almost disappear!


Terrible remixes and track order! Made me want to turn off Lennon actually. Avoid...

crankit 66

where the hell is HOW??

Landon Manbearpig Miller

If I could add one more song to this collection, it would be Nobody Loves You (When Youre Down And Out), aside from that, great picks!


Clean , crisp , feels Re-energized. Great to hear these songs again

I'm For Beatles

These songs have been butchered. Oh my god. The mixes are horrible. Placement of the tracks are incorrect. Congrats. You’ve taken the guts and soul out of on an album that was perfect. I’ve known engineers, producers that worked with John, and The Beatles. They agree. Unfortunately this is nothing more than a remix sonic toilet hack job, again, without the original artists involvement.


The mixes don't sound significantly different and are certainly not enough to warrant buying this material again. but if you don't have any John Lennon and you want every single and significant album track from his entire solo career in one, inexpensive ppackage.....this is for you.