Jon Pardi - Rancho Fiesta Sessions

A Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Rancho Fiesta Sessions Tracklist:


I love me some pardi animal but this isn’t good. Was he drunk the whole time?


Every song has his twang! Sinead didn’t sing it that good brother!!

GM 1967

Listen to the originals. You have to, at the very least, be as as good as the original or why redo a perfect song.

n. bbbdjdjjf

At least someone sings these old songs!! Why can’t this be on the radio?!

Kevin Buback

I hope country radio plays one of these songs


Some songs are better left alone- like Jon pardi but he can’t sing everything... especially Prince


Yes yes yes!!! Go Pardi!!!


This is awesome! Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!


You should do this again and make it all country love the album man


Jon Pardi for continuing to sing real country music and keeping it alive ! Love this


If you like true Country music, you must have this. Omg. It is amazing. Just download it.


Just what quarantine needed thanks Jon


Jon Pardi covering Prince... need I say more?! Major props to Pardi for giving us this awesome gift during such a hard time for all of us!

Gofer josh

Awesome covers of classic songs, Jon is one of the few still doing “country” country

Ruff hen

Love to see him pay tribute to some of the greats! Sounds good and raw. Love it


More great music from a great talent!


Jon sings so beautiful I love that he has released these songs again and I love that he is the voice singing them!!!!