Kygo & Tina Turner - What's Love Got to Do with It

℗ 2020 Kygo AS under exclusive license to Sony Music International Ltd

What's Love Got to Do with It - Single Tracklist:


Shame on you Kygo for turning a good classic song and turning it into a pop crap song!


Kygo took a classic Tina Turner song and had a chance to make it something new, but it's too much of the same. Keep some of the magic, same notes or whatever, but bring it into 2020.


It’s nice to see someone remix the older songs so the new generation can enjoy true talent and hear real singing! Not all this auto tune crap


Remember people, Tina is retired so it’s nice to hear something new from her. Keep em coming 🎶


Do an 80’s remix that has some spunk


The original will always be epic, but this version is awesome.


Never mess with a classic.😖this is worse than the higher love mix. Steve Winwood did you actually approve that one? And should be Tina Turner feat. Kygo. After all she is the 👑 Queen.


Leave timeless music alone.

Sarah Grace Fan

This up down tone is annoying.


All his songs sound the same and all are sampled. Where’s the originality?


Love the original and love that kygo brought this song back. Much deserved for Tina. Keep them coming


I love how Kygo is bringing back the classics with his unique sound.


Sorry but the original is much better.


Can we please have a Michael Jackson or even a Queen remix done?! He did it with Whitney so it can happen right??


Great remix, doesn’t overpower her vocals at all and kept it to the original sound. Love it!

Jonathan A. Dailey

First higher love was an obsession of mine, and now what’s love got to do with it! I’ve always loved the original, and this one is such a fun dance version. I don’t see why others in the reviews have to be so nasty, as if they know how to write or create music themselves... please. This song is amazing!❤️


Tina and Kygo are a match made in heaven! LOVE IT!!!!


No one can beat the original. Just leave it as that. Lol


I have to laugh


Ok. We get it. You had a hit with that Whitney song, but don't be so cheesy now and start releasing remixes of old artist songs . One time is good, but this is over doing it. You start losing your true artistry and identity. Don't do it just for the money Kygo.


People always complaining about something this remix is ☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️ love Tina!

SJ Bobkins

This is a ballet mixed to a hip hop beat which makes it choppy and hard on the ears. Push on the flaw and drive away from this mockery of a great song


A masterpiece! Keep up the good work KYGO!🙏🏼


I want Kygo to make a whole remix with all the queens (including Kim petras obvi)


Amazing song Enhanced an amazing!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m a huge Kygo fan, love golden hour and cloud nine but this ain’t it, noble indigenous tribe leader. The remixes with these old gospel and r&b artists that all sound like nails on a chalkboard just aint good. Kygo did a great job on the production(no surprise there😆), but he needs to leave Whitney Houston and Tina turner and every other dead icon alone.

turn on your magic beam

like any of those songs sound better..........NOT




I love Tina Turner, thanks for placing Tina back on the charts Kygo! I love the 1984 hit brought fresh to 2020!


Could dance all night to this!

Rose Mulet's Biggest Fan

Who asked for this?


Don’t understand the need for a remake remix. The original song is timeless and that’s why it’s so popular. Doesn’t need to be “fixed” or “honored” or whatever. If I were him I’d try and make my own music.




You’ve got to stop


Love my Tina... But this remix is acting confused and dazed. Why so much techno. Tina's voice doesn't require excessive electronics Kygo! Go back to the drawing board and fix this mess. How dare you mess with the Queen and her classic. Redo this second hand production and get it right out of respect for the inimitable THE Ms. Tina Turner. Seek a different collaborator T. A loyal fan for life...Love ya Tina!


Her voice sounds great but I kept waiting for just a little more with the mix. I like it though. Definitely worth the money.


He should of stopped at the Whitney Houston one. Quit while your ahead.


Tina Turner is a LEGEND!! Love this modern take on a classic song without losing the original sound.

My Name Is Dita

It was THRILLING to log into my Amazon Music and hear Alexa say “Tina Turner am artist that you follow has a new song” ... it’s been far too long since Miss Tina gifted is a new song and let us all enjoy that UNPARALLELED voice that’s all too distinct and beloved. 👏 👏 👏 to Tina and Kygo ... job MORE THAN WELL DONE


Kgyo song with Whitney was great, but this not so much! The original with just Tina was much better!


Huge Kygo fan, but this one isn’t for me


Kygo must have had a lot of pressure on this remix and who knows how much freedom he had with the production but he handled this one super professionally. I find it very hard to believe any other DJ / Producer could have done a better job. He kept the integrity of the song and respectfully added his touches. Idk what more he could have done without completely changing its sonic foundation. He killed it and the end result is nothing short of respectful to the original production. It’s classy. I can’t wait to see what opportunities come to him next as he handled this and brought the song back to life with such grace. Any other comment that degraded the rating of this song is either ill -informed or doesn’t understand what’s happening here. Tina Turner is a Queen and deserves her time in the spotlight as much as possible and with this collaboration Kygo gives her best hit exactly that. If anybody were to bring back classics, it’s this man. Well done Kygo. Carry On 🌴🔥🙌🏻


Save your money on this one. The original Tina song was much better than this version.


What a wonderful remake/remix. A true classic updated for the new millennium.


Awesome remix! True to the original, with a modern dance bop twist. Tina sounds incredible. Kygo is a genius. Love it!

sup broski ;)

It sounds sooo goood


At 80 she still topping the charts!!!


Kygo just stop.

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