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Wow your political music changed the way I see things. I’m in absolute agreement with your political views now. Seriously is that what you think is going to happen. Lol F off.


i will always be a fan and people taste in metal has gone way down because people rant and rave about the new tool album and that is nothing but a huge dissapointment


Remember when Lamb of God was Lamb of God? Yeah I don’t either. Just take a look at the song titles, remember Burn the Priest?? Go back to that.


Hell, my first album I ever bought as a teen was Rage BoLA, and even more ironic was LoG's Wraith album was a favorite of mine while I was deployed to Iraq in 08-09. "Contractor" was particularly amusing since I did that for years afterward. But I listen for the music, not the politics.


Poser fans


I'll have to agree with most of the others in this review, leave your political stance out of it, and yes Randy, there is always the Czec Republic, you all had a good thing going, bad choice of written topics, should have stuck with what made you popular.....sorry guys after years of following you all......I'm out also, hope Halo of Locusts doesnt follow this garbage.....


When a coward junkie asshat like Randy Blyth the heroin junkie that likes to beat women have the f’ing nerve to preach politics to anyone. Randy has a REALLY punchable face .


It took 5 years for them to release this, frankly it’s a disappointment. I’m not interested in buying the full album now, sounds exactly like the past 2 albums recycled. I’ll just listen to Mark Morton’s side project instead, save the $10 to buy his next album. Mark Morton > LOG


This song rocks. I was bummed when Chris left or was asked to leave but Art does a great job on this song making the drums sound like lamb of god. All the negative complaints are from all of the orange face supporters. Just leave and please don't come to the shows.

Mr. Lithium

It’s truly amazing to see a bunch of people hailing on this for being leftist sjw cultural marxist cuckspiracy propaganda or whatever, because it really does put on full display that you people seriously have zero critical thinking skills whatsoever. I have no idea how you people didn’t collectively fudge your pampers in petulant chud rage when you first heard Now You’ve Got Something To Die For in 2004, but for those of us who have been paying any attention to things like “lyrics” over the last decade and a half, sonically, you have nothing to worry about. For all of you who found the listing for a new Lamb of God pop and got worried when they saw how heavily the first single is being panned, don’t be dissuaded, it’s being heavily weighted for reasons that you shouldn’t even be bothered by if you’ve been a fan of this band for any stretch of time. This is still a great, groovy, and gutturally feral song and honestly it makes me excited for this album’s eventual release. It’s what you came here for, don’t worry.

still a fan for now

I loved your band since the first record and saw you at Ozzfest 15 years ago. Get over yourselves and quit preaching politics. At least 50 percent of us don’t want to hear this crap. You aren’t changing minds, just making some of your fans cringe. I like to listen to escape reality, not have more bs shoved in my face.


This is awesome! Lamb of God stays true to form. Crushing riffs and vocals. I love how all the cheeto lovers are being snowflakes.


The band peaked at Ashes and Sacrament. This band is tired.


Metal has always been a genre that spoke its mind. And certainly everyone has a right to agree or disagree about the current state of our country, and Lamb Of God is no exception. But I sort of like the way Metallica handles things. They don’t push political commentary because they want all us fans regardless of race, gender, political stance(left or right) to know we are one big family,. At their shows, I have become friends with so many different kinds of people, and we don’t try to divide each other, we care about each other for who we are. I would caution Lamb of god to keep this in mind. That being said, I don’t care much for the song. Hopefully, the rest of the album is better.

qrshea masters

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Disgrace junkie politics


Social justice warrior.

Jason somthing

Sure it’s premature to review with only one single but IMHO everything they put out is good. Fan from Burn the priest. LoG fans just buy it.


You don’t like it? Don’t listen.


Both left-wing and right-wing stuff are terrible in songs. Obnoxious garbage.

Homey G Foodstamps

I’ve always loved LoG, yes I know they are political, just like everyone else. Be a bit more subtle about it like you always did before. The last thing we all need is another celebrity talking politics. Stick to music, it’s what your good at. Smh now I know why Chris left.


I would have expected something from from the first single. I’ll withhold judgment untitled the full album comes out but I have concerns...

The Blood Taker

A definite downgrade from past material. The political lyrics are garbage. This is not what anyone expected, too bad, I will not buy this crap.


Not even close. What were you thinking?


Musicians are in a position where they have to appeal to emotions and mostly left wing if they don’t they sabotage their career. Gotta sweep that all aside and realize this rocks! This band gets better and better def one of my faves. Can’t wait for rest of it!!!!!


Metal to resist the fascist regimes around the world. Thank god for LoG.


This just in: Trashing Trump and right-wing politics in music isn't cool anymore.

Director Of Security

It is now crystal clear why Chris left to do other things.


Thought checkmate was decent, not their best work.

Brian guda

New drummer tearing it up LOG style. Great job.


Seems like I have heard this song before. Maybe Resolution lost a song and made this album. Groove is stale and seems boring. Lyrics are cliche as everyone seems to have found hatred for one political side. I do still plan to buy the album as I enjoy their music and know of their political stance. Much like Wage War, find something else to write about.


Step 1: Review what worked with AOTW (your fans want that fire) Step 2: Apply those lessons to any new album going forward Step 3: Remove divided political viewpoints from your music else you will lose fans


Hey, Randy, you could always go back to the Czech Republic. The rest of the fellers in the band would do well to drop their less than mediocre singer and add one that doesn’t think ‘make America hate again’ is anywhere near an original thought! What a nice mess he left at the pipeline with his fellow protesters too. More hypocritical tripe from a thoughtless mind.


It’s not the best song but it’s definitely something you can jam to.


Anybody remember when metal was innovative and fun? This sounds like the last two albums. Hopefully the rest is better


While I agree that this song is in fact dissappointing, I think it's important to remember how MASSIVE the catalog of great music these guys have made is. Sometimes bands have to make a sub par record to move onto better ones (IE Slipknot, Metallica, etc...). Don't lose faith in these guys. They've been at it 20 plus years and not every release can be good. However, I will say that Randy needs to rein in his politics. It was necessary in the post 9/11 landscape, but it just comes off as forced in this day and age.


LoG has always had politics in their material have you never listened to Ashes of the Wake?!? Hope the rest of the album has some more grooves and shred compared to what’s offered here initially.

Some dude who played cp when 9

I love the political commentary


I knew it would only be a matter of time before their, probably mostly Randy, political views would ruin the band. I’m not saying they’re not entitled to have whatever personal beliefs they choose, but music is supposed to be entertainment. If they want to start making biased political songs, they need to use a different name or something.


So predictable, so tired. You condemn hatred and division, and then turn around and perpetuate more. You hate the country that afforded you the opportunity to be millionaires. Yes, I’m only one person, so who cares what I think? Millions more just like me, and we start to add up pretty quick. You guys are hypocrites, nothing more, just like Machinehead. Absolutely pathetic.


Stale as ever, give it up and break up already. You are only tainting your great songs that are now over a decade old. LAME!!

Native Brandon



They used to be so much better.


I guess some people forgot the roots of Metal started with political commentary and social injustice. True metal fans know this and also know that it's not about left or right. It's about what's wrong. I imagine most of you will have changed your music taste in a few years anyway to follow whatever shepard leads you.


The new LOG single from the forthcoming album has been released, and it sounds like everything else they’ve released. The problem with this band is they painted themselves into a corner. The Metalheads want to hear their particular style of Groove Metal, so any attempt to write more dynamic songs or change it up and try something else will be met with stiff resistance. LOG were interesting for a bit, but got stale really quick. This sounds like every other record they put out; you heard one you’ve heard them all. They are quickly becoming another version of Cannibal Corpse, just very predictable with every release.


Did we not learn from Rob Flynn?


Sounds good, can’t wait to hear more. If you don’t think metal doesn’t talk and politics or current events then where have you been?


First single, just sounds like an average been done before paint by numbers LoG song. I am a fan of LoG’s earlier releases and have found the last 2 albums just okay. This sounds like that to me. If you like the newer stuff, than this should make you happy, me though, I miss the heavier, rawness of their discography up thru Wrath. I miss Adler behind the kit too. Art sounds fine but Chris has something about his playing that I always loved. Might be a pass for me, that’s hard to say.

Big C-Ho

At least there’s no auto-tune!!!!🤘🤘🤘