Leslie Odom, Jr. - Mr

℗ 2019 S-Curve Records

Mr Tracklist:


I love Leslie as Burr in Hamilton, and I started wondering if he ever released an album of his own. That’s when I found this. A match made in heaven😍😍😍😍

Really Apple? Really?

If Leslie doesn’t get a Grammy nomination and award, I will be amazed. His voice, his accompanying musicians and song lyrics are a welcoming gift from God. This album is a wonderful listen during the COVID19 quarantine, and of course for years to come. THANK YOU LESLIE,


Words can’t describe the unique, tantalizing mixture of instruments and influences. It’s as if #LeslieOdemJr is a time traveler taking pieces of blues, jazz and soul Americana and incorporating them into a contemporary form that you always wished was more prevent.


This man's talent just continues to grow! Can't wait to see what's next! Stage, screen, and song, there's no height he can't seem to reach! Every listen of this CD gets better and better! Go Crazy, Hummingbird, Under Pressure and Foggy are current favorites! Give this album a listen or twenty and you'll be a huge fan, too!


Can not stop playing U R my Everything!


Love it! Talented guy right here.


Nicely put together R&B and Jazz blend!


Stunning. Just stunning. Real music.


Such a great and cohesive album! UNDER PRESSURE is a masterpiece!


I just the album cover and out of curiosity I took a listen. HE IS BAD!!!! Beautiful voice. Classic Jazz and R&B fused. There is still good music . Excellent!!!


This is the new soundtrack of my life. “Hummingbird” when I’m thinking of my children. “You Are My Everything” when I’m feeling extra loving. “Standards” when I feel taken advantage of. And so on. And so on. Every song is like a salve to my weary soul, they lift and uplift me. Its vibe feels timeless as Leslie channels the best of the vocal greats while making it all his own through his smooth tones and sultry melodies - as if he’s whispering his secrets just to me through my speakers.


Go Crazy makes me go crazy


Ever since his debut solo album, I’ve been hooked. Brings back an old classic style of jazz, and at times fused with what sounds like a South American/African rhythm. Although not likely, but I’m hopeful he will release another Holiday album soon. Well done!


I just love this album and his voice!

Senior assoff

Has a nice sound good music good music arrangements great lyrics.mellow wine drinking songs


His commitment to his art shines in this new album. IMHO, one of the best, if not the best contemporary vocalists today. He takes his art seriously and it is showcased beautifully here. Thanks Les. It was worth the wait!


I've been waiting for this since I saw him in the Nationwide commercials.


This album is perfect! It’s unique, fresh, classic, I’m completely obsessed!


Leslie should keep doin what he is doing because it sounds a little Michael Jackson and who doesn’t like Michael Jackson




Smooth vocals and productions across the board.. never heard of him until seeing this but I will definitely pick up a few songs


Why is this not getting more attention!! This is master class quality music!!


That song with the beat and all the brass and his voice. Shear perfection. It’ll never get old to me.


Great vocalist!! This guy has a wonderful voice !!! Really talented!!!

Angela Segreto

The songs released so far are just pure perfection!!! Can’t wait to listen to the whole album!!! Then again, I’d listen to Leslie sing from the phone book!! 😍😍😍😍


so excited for this!! can not wait to see what beautiful music he has created! although he had the perfect opportunity to call it “Sir”😂