Steve Aoki & Backstreet Boys - Let It Be Me

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Let It Be Me - Single Tracklist:

double digit

This isn’t bad. It is different from the normal BSB style but it is still pretty good. Buy!


Everything Steve Aoki touches turns to gold. Excellent song!


Love the new song it’s amazing 😍❤️🎶Let it be me🎶 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’ve already listened to it like 10X already and I love it a lot and I also love the music video of it 🥰❤️

Silvia Pedrini

Love the song! Very special one

Go Noel!

These boys are back to slayyyyy!!!!


Another good song!


Great collaboration!!! BSB always shines!!!


I knew about the calibration over a year ago when they recorded it in Las Vegas!! Such a great song!! Can’t stop listening!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Kat K 🥰 (Kolanjorani)

I’m so happy these talented guys are STILL making good music!!!!! Now that I’m not a pre-teen (fast forward 23+ years!) I can appreciate the details & hard work that goes into being such an incredibly talented group— unreal! Just went to their concert with my husband and now he understands why I’ve been such a huge fan! He’s a big fan now as well!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Andrejoin Bo

Im just like wow


ANOTHER HIT for sure!!!!


Been listening to it nonstop. Love this sound! Vocals sound amazing! Awesome colab!!


I’m going to break the internet in 2020.


Amazing song 😍😍😍😍😍


Dance world, get ready for Steve Aoki. This is best dance genre song I’ve heard from the Backstreet Boys, since “Straight Through My Heart”. You can definitely hear some sampling from David Guetta in “Let It Be Me”.


Backstreets back alright!!! Awesome track. Definitely adding this to my gym playlist.


Music gold guys!! I love the collab!!!


Loving it! Of course a great collab with these two!


It’s gonna have to grow on me don’t care for it.


Such a beautiful song as always




WOOHOO!!! Love it!!! Steve Aoki & Backstreet Boys created a hit!!! This needs to be #1 on the radio and blasting at every dance party all over the world!!! Love the beat!!! “Let It Be Me” dancing on the dance floor 💃❤️🎶


Took me a few times to get used to it. Love it! Like the Howie gets more vocals!


Y’all need to stop with the Bieber comments. BSB created the sound that Bieber uses. They ran so he could walk, have some respect.


Love the sound !


Love the fresh sound but can still hear the Backstreet Boys uniqueness... I love anything BSB...


I absolutely looooooove this song! Perfection at it’s finest!!


This song is such a jam! I have always loved the Backstreet Boys and this is a fun modern version of their old sound!


A different sound for my boys but I love it!!





Running enthusiast!

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just pure magic in a song!


love Aoki with the harmonized voices of the Backstreet Boys, it’s a fresh sound!


It’s BSB, so you know it’s the hotness! LOVE❤️, LOVE🧡, LOVE💛



violet belle

great timing for this release! Love it!


Great song with awesome beat!


At first I thought this song was so-so and Bieber-esque, but the more I listen to it the more I enjoy it. Really fun, and good for Howie he finally gets to sing as a lead. Really different for Backstreet and this sounds like it could be a hit🤞!!!


I like it. I wish there was more Kevin and less Howie, but still great.

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