Michael Jackson & Mark Ronson - Michael Jackson x Mark Ronson: Diamonds are Invincible

℗ 2018 MJJ Productions Inc.

Michael Jackson x Mark Ronson: Diamonds are Invincible - Single Tracklist:


Michael wanted his songs to stay intact. Don’t mess with them. This is terrible and I wish Sony would shrivel up and die.


Good song ☺️👑😀😘😌


I absolutely love this mix! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Like it but not a lot because it’s literally almost all his songs put into a remix.....COME ON REALLY release a stupid remix AGAIN WHY NOT Dangerous 25th anniversary!?,I mean seriously release something else people know that there is a lot of unreleased Michael Jackson songs why not release those songs.good remix though just try to release some other Michael Jackson stuff though.😐 Edit 2020 Ok so I made this review when this song first came out and honestly it’s been a few years since something has been released and I’ve just been listening to Queen since This remix came out and ive gotta say ITUNES! Now that I’ve got your attention I’m a Michael Jackson fan (not a super fan) but I like his music and I know for a fact that there is unreleased tracks that you could release! Maybe do a dangerous anniversary album what is it? 30 years old now? I don’t know....but cmon you released unreleased prince songs a month after he passed and an entire prince album But anyways consider releasing a new Michael Jackson album I don’t listen to him that often anymore (because I like Queen much better) no offense to MJ fans But I would like to listen to a new MJ album but not with remixes!


MJ the King


Just why did this have to exist?


This is absolutely terrible! Michael Jackson's songs sound good alone. not mixed in this mashup.


So isn’t this the same idiot who got sued by Roger Troutman’s estate as well as Warner Bros. for the stealing of the guitar samples or sounding like more bounce to the ounce? Now you want to try and say that you know what you’re doing with Michael Jackson’s material? I think not. Just listening to the sample in the way that this is mixed, is way over produced. It’s also too loud. I understand that people want to dance, but how about checking your levels when mixing. I have been a DJ for years, and this one I’m just going to pass up. Michael, I’m sorry they are doing this to your memory.

Trace Dial

. ? I never go by reviews on anything. My taste in music changes almost daily, but it always returns to loving it again. Take the Beetles. They are loved by billions of people. I do like a few but not every song like some. I love Michael Jackson’s songs. Not all but most. And now this.. The idea would be great to bring MJ songs, a few & make it into one. It would be great. But too long makes the entire song seem bad when it’s not Make it shorter & choose the right songs.. Do it like MJ


This is terrible.

Golden freddy faz bear

He should be Arrested for this


That ☝🏼


This is pretty corny.


Guys, it's not that bad as your saying it is, it's a good song it's just a mix of good MJ music like blood on the dance floor x dangerous x bla bla bla, point being, it's just a combination of "one song per mj album" do what Michael would have done and be yourself. This song is on YouTube so you can listen to it beforehand, I'm about 110% sure that no one did that before purchasing, how dumb are you people? It's right there on YouTube

MJ dancing fan

What have they done


Not even in time , this is amateur remix at best


Don’t waste your money.


I have heard and seen way better well thought out mixes of MJ’s music at cheerleading events and dance competitions. This cheap remix shows no effort whatsoever.


Huge king of pop fan I love it it’s different!


People giving the music barely any stars because of what? You don’t agree with making remixes out of Michael’s music? Blood on the Dance Floor was entirely made up of dance remixes especially for clubs. There are countless remixes of his music for dance parties. This release is no different. It’s just a mashup of songs from his birthday party. For the idiot fans who are way over analyzing and criticizing every small release regarding Michael Jackson, most of you are becoming internet trolls. Annoying and desperate for attention. You aren’t even real fans. You’re just critiquing something you know nothing about. Mark Ronson did a great job with these mash ups. Perfect for DJing for parties and having fun with a mash up of Michael’s best tunes while keeping the spirit of his songs alive. THAT’S what keeping his legacy alive is all about. Keeping Michael on dance floors everywhere.


The best remix of the King Of Pop Ever


And no.


Love this mix, the skipping was too much though.


Love it

Fletch F. Fletch

Ronson is a pro (he can do this kind of thing in his sleep), and this is a fun medley, but Sony has a deal to produce albums of his unreleased music and we’ve seen little of that. Good single, but get your act together Sony,


Let MJ RIP! Quit doing this!!!!!!! This sounds so stupid....


Honestly why did this have to exist!!! Its horribly cut & blended!! Leave the Jackson name alone! He left his greats in whole songs for a reason.!! Just all kinds of Nope...

Luke Cyrus

I understand that Sony is in a big scandal with releasing Michael Jackson music that could potentially not even from him in his posthumous album but y'all are just over reacting on this one. ITS A REMIX. I personally don't like remixes but it's not like they are making up music. They are taking hit songs and remixing it. Like chill lol


Why was this necessary? Answer: It wasn't. Don't waste your money or your time with this piece of crap.

All bout guns

Why would you even try to touch a dead singer’s music? This is a disgrace to him. The mixes aren’t even timed well, plus it sounds like the DJ was having a seizure when he made this. So horrible.


One of the worst sequenced, edited, and remixed songs by MJ I've ever heard. The transitions alone are atrocious.


This disrespectful to MJ!!! Just because you can doesn't mean you should!


Poor Michael


I agree with all these comments this is the worst mess I’ve ever previewed of MJ’s songs. Why do a mashup and it doesn’t sound that great, smh?


Let the man RIP and quit ripping his music off. And butchering it!


Please leave Michael Jackson’s legacy alone, I have fond memories of these music and songs, do not tarnish their reputation. These songs belong as they were back in the 80’s, unedited and pure. I remember them a certain way, so DONT CHANGE THEM

dj Sebastian Florentine

This is pathetic and surly a quick production to bring in revenue. Take this off iTunes!


To think some knucklehead got paid because some other knucklehead thought this was a good idea?...Make Music Great Again!!!!

Dispossable Lunchbag

Ghost of Michael Jackson 😂


This is pure disrespect to the King of Pop and I like Mark Ronson but come on man.. 😒

Famer Girl

0 stars if possible


My 13 year old son could have done a better job mixing these songs in less than an hour using his iPhone. Are they really that desperate for money?

Mike The MC

Was Mark Ronson completely drunk when he made this?

Phil Collins the 3rd Esquire

So disappointing.


Pure garbage. Not a new single just old songs blended into a tragic waste. Shame shame shame. 🤮🤮🤮


Nah. Show a little respect to MJ.


This sounds like you gave a toddler a piano where each key is a different MJ song..


Weird because it doesn’t mash well and MJ is dead.


Long live the king..........nice mix!!!


This is such a mess! It sounds SO horrible

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