The Amity Affliction - Misery

℗ 2018 Roadrunner Records

Misery Tracklist:


It takes maturity to make an album like this. I really enjoy what I’m hearing


I love this band and this is my favorite album, so much emotion and drive. I’m glad I got the chance to listen to such great music!

The Slow Lean

Where’s the band that released Chasing Ghosts and Let the Ocean Take Me? CG was really good and LTOTM is phenomenal. I get it. Bands evolve and that’s fine, but the quality of the songwriting and riffs should be the same or better. I was so excited for This Could Be Heartbreak and I hated it when it came out. It didn’t feel like it had the same intensity of previous albums. I was hoping This Could be Heartbreak was just a fluke (I’ll admit I’ve come to like that album more over time) but when I heard Misery, it was worse. It just fell flat for me like Memphis May Fire’s Broken. Feels Like I’m Dying has grown on me and I like a few other songs like Burn Alive and Black Death. The lyrics for a lot of these songs are not on the level we’ve come to expect. Holier Than Heaven and D.I.E. are so repetitive and boring. Maybe Misery would’ve come out better if it was also produced by Will Putney? Joel said Will challenged him and told him he could do better with his song lyrics. It doesn’t feel like Matt Squire did that on this album. I’m hoping their next album will be a return to form. We Came as Romans’ self-titled album was hated by a lot of their fans for not being as heavy and sounding more mainstream. They came back with Cold Like War which is a great heavy album that’s still a progression in their sound, so I know it can be done. Let’s hope TAA can do that same thing with their seventh album.


I've been a long time fan of the group. I seen them in Minneapolis and Denver at Warped Tour. This album is definately not what I liked from the band. Maybe one song or two is ok, the rest is garbage. Not happy with their changed sound. I loved Youngbloods, Bring the Weather with Me, and many previous albums. NOT THIS, save your money.


Coming from someone who’s favorite band started at “sounding the seventh trumpet” and is somehow got to “the stage”. This is still good compared to past albums.


Initially I hated this record and wrote it off. A couple of months back a gave it a few more listens, then a few more, etc. This record is great, I'm only sorry that I didn't appreciate it at first due to my inability to accept change with the bands sound. Give it a chance, you'll be glad that you did.


This album is so terrible that it’s hard to believe this is the same band. They literally took a decent band and toss them into the garbage with this album. Sorry it really is Doomsday for them.

Dylan chillen

Why do metalcore bands keep turning into this soft sellout trash. How can they go from Youngblood’s to this garbage. I feel like this has to be a joke. Like, if you showed me this album 6 years ago and said this is Amity in the future I would say “haha good one.”


I was never one to like this kind of music till a friend of mine played “on the weigh down” I have a a 1000 songs ranging from every genre. This is the only band that I down load the full albums right off the bat. They’re amazing live as well. P.s thanks for the pick kyle.

Guy who got the app

I purchased this album thinking it would be as good if not better than their previous albums. I was definitely suprised but not in a good way. It sounds like a suicide note performed by Attack Attack. It doesn’t have the heavy riffs that TAA is known for and instead has a lot of synthesizers in their place. I would recommend trying before you buy this album so you don’t burn your money on it.


Not as metal as before, but I can still dig it


I had to listen to the album a few times but grew to absolutely love it. New sounds but classic TAA at its best. Set me Free, Ivy, Drag the Lake great songs!!!


I love how the band was and is. I love the singing incorporated into the music they make. Still hard but also very different and that’s what I like.

Happy sack_fish

They did this album very well!!


Absolute garbage.


I love the amity affliction but this is by far the worst album they’ve ever made. Way. Too. Soft.

Aloft heyday

I want heavier on the next album. Saw them at Warped this year and thought they were great cause they still played some of the heavier stuff. But on this album, the heaviness is too few and far between on the songs. I’m giving it a chance, and I encourage everyone else too as well. But, I want the heavier stuff back in the future. So far the last two albums have been hit and miss with me at least, and this one has separated the fan base and family that TAA has built.


I love this album, I was looking for metal on iTunes but not extremely heavy like behemoth. And I saw this album, and it talks about things going on in the world which I love. I HAVE to check out there old music🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘


Definitely one i listen to front to back over and over!


Such a deep yet refreshing listen. The lyrics cut deep and are very relatable. One of the best albums I’ve bought in a few years. Fantastic listen front to back!


I really enjoy listening to this album, I used to love this band a lot and their music is great! I hope you guys keep up the good work!❤️🙏🏼


Please stop making music.


Reduce the screaming and bring the electronics to the front.......hmmmmm; sounds like a crash and burn type of album. Won't be buying this one!!!


This is such a bad album. It kind of reminds me of the bad poetry I used to write in high school. There’s really nothing to like here; the instrumentals sound like something you throw together in a garage that doubles as a meth lab. And this is a band I love. But...nah, this is just bad. Still love ‘em.


Don’t listen to the haters. This direction shows growth and development for the band. Every track is fire!!


Kick rocks is my new favorite song. Enjoying the album right now, some songs are hit and miss for me personally but solid work.


Not what we were all hoping for


This album is amazing! Their new thing they got going on came out really great. This band has always been amazing. Their music is always, not only sounding phenomenal, but includes such deep meaning to it. It is perfect! TAA is the best band ever, in my opinion. They have made me speechless.

liv's phone

this is such an outstanding album. this band saved my life and i will forever be grateful for them. i love the amity affliction and i love their music so much and i don’t know if they even read these reviews but i love them with all of my heart and with every fiber of my existence. their music makes me so happy and i really wouldn’t be here typing this review that nobody will read if it weren’t for taa


Misery is a long awaited change in sound from the band and I believe that its done fairly well. The vocal sounds are unique and unlike any of their previous albums before. This is accompanied by an electronic touch that enhances the new sound, except it might have been a little overdone in Feels Like I'm Dying. The album sounds great, but where it disappoints is in the lyrics. Only a few songs retain that classic Amity feeling with their lyrics and delivery (ex. Kick Rocks and Drag the Lake). We do get to hear Joel sing on the album, but again the lyrics felt uninspired (ex. Burn Alive and Misery). I like the album the more I listen to it which is good because I really wasn't feeling it at first. My wishes for Amity going forward is to refine this sound and give us another album with some deeper lyrical content.


I seriously was worried at first that this album was too different from the past ones, but after buying the album I found out it’s the same stuff just enhanced music.


Amazing album i love every song


Love this album! Love the sound! All the songs are really good! Beltsville blues , D.I.E, Kick Rocks Burn Alive are awesome :)!


This album is exactly what a TAA fan said TAA would never sound like. Awaiting the return of the real TAA.

Billy joe Jensen

This album by far exceeded any expectations I had of it. Great album.


Get a Neck Tattoo. Gross.


When I want something good out of Australia I'll listen to Thy Art is Murder


Nu Metal reborn for 2018. Not sure I am happy about its return. My preferences is that metal be heavy, hard and virtually unintelligble. This ain't that.


This album shows a lot of talent and growth for the band. I have listened to it at least 8 tikes a day since it came out. Great work guys.


This album is amazing. The vine and sound is different but it’s still TAA. Every song has strong meaning behind it and is special individually.


I’ll be honest, I never heard of them but, I’m definitely a fan now!!!


Love the new album!


I dig Ivy, Holier than Heaven and D.I.E. This band became a fast favorite for me over the last 2 years. They share a dark side of things I can only believe they’ve gone though and ways to get past the obstacles in life! I love the lyrics, hard racing metal and the emotion in the vocals. But this album isn’t what I expected. Bands grow, evolve and make their art on their experiences. In that respect, they are following what they need to. Youngbloods & Let the Ocean Take Me are the greatest! I will still listen to and enjoy Misery as I really like the band as a whole. The music plays on 🤘🏻


Been a fan since “Glory Days” & this album is such a disappointment. Listened to 2 full songs on the album then had to remove it from my phone. Just awful!


Not anything like what they used to put out. They have completely sold out.


I actually like the sound and tone I enjoyed the plot in you’d new album cause it’s honestly something I’ve never heard before same goes for this it’s honestly a new sound and mix of music never or rarely done I don’t mind metal core bands changing their sound for one eventually screaming is gonna have to stop because they’re not getting any younger and two nor am I and honestly I love the screaming but at the same time the audience is getting older and well our perspective changes we eventually have to leave emo/goth high school times behind and just grow up but for now I like the mix of very chill background music mixed with a metal core background with dark themed songs in a soft voice that occasionally screams it’s hard to describe but for me I loved this album and I’ll keep listening to it


Kick Rocks is incredible and Set Me Free is bone chilling. Whoever says your new sound is disappointing doesn’t know sh*% about how music should make you feel. You guys should seriously feel proud of this album it’s an absolute piece of art. I’ve been blasting it every day!!


Being honest I was really into their old stuff. It took me a minute to get into TCBHB, but when I did it easily became my favorite of theirs. When I started hearing this album, I started enjoying it from the start. It’s very deep and every song I feel like connects with me personally. I do wish some of the songs could have a tad more heavy. But either way it’s still my album of the year.


All these 5 star reviews are because of the first single. Watch how quickly the album drops now that all the songs are released. There are a few good songs, but most of this album is aboslutely terrible. Nothing like the past 3 albums where you could listen all the way through. Ivy and Kick Rocks are really the only 2 songs worth keeping in rotation. I hope the guys got this synth pop garbage out of their system and put it behind them. Will be looking forward to 2020 for the next one.

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