Motionless In White - Disguise

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Disguise Tracklist:

Never Be The Same

I’d heard of MIW but never really given them a chance until recently. This album though really turned me onto the band. Absolutely love their sound and there’s not a bad song on this record. Consider myself your newest fan!

Exodus N

It is a blast to listen to, and some of the song imagery can be really powerful! I dig every single track, and love the variety in sound. To those hating because it doesn’t sound exactly the same, check the older albums, they are just as creative and diverse.


Great album but had trouble downloading “thoughts and prayers”.


Trash band is trash.


It is still such a beautifully made album. Best songs are Disguise, code, thoughts and prayers and another life


This album is coming on a year’s release & since it’s release I’ve listened to It almost every day. I loved that they played a lot of the new material at their recent tours, but also never forgetting stuff off their earlier albums. The way they incorporate ALL their material into a live set list is pretty amazing, and every time I see them live they get better & better.


MIW cannot fail. This record is one of their best.


Crazy Electric Hard Smashing music! What more could you want?


it’s the only thing i will listen to i swear




I love every track on this album--I have no idea why it's not 5 stars. Give it a listen; it's well worth your time!!


One of the best metal core albums out this year. I bet this band is even better in concert!


This is by far the greatest album Motionless in White has ever produced. There is so much thought into every song. By far, Another Life is the best song on here in my opinion.


Best album I’ve heard in a long time. Just buy the whole thing ...amazing


Really good, 4-stars for my overall view of Disguise


Motionless In White is one of my favorite bands. This album is great! I like a few songs like Undead Ahead 2 and Another Life but some of the other songs were a little cringeworthy, in my opinion. I still enjoyed the album though.


My favorite motionless in white album


Before I get into my personal opinion of this album, I need to shutdown these haters. People need to realize that while, yes, Chris of MIW and other lead singers if their bands write the songs, the producers have a big say on what goes into the album. Next, saying that this album resembles Breaking Benjamin, Korn, Marilyn Manson, etc. MIW definitely took elements of each band to incorporate into their sound, but to say that it’s exactly the same is asinine. At the same time, this album is also reminiscent of Creatures, which is really popular (i.e. Undead Ahead 2, Thoughts & Prayers). As for my opinion of this album, I love it. Disguise, Headache, and Thoughts & Prayers are easily my favorite songs on the album and I cannot stress that enough. The rest of this album is really good and I do like it a lot! However—while I have been a die hard MIW fan for a few years now and I’ve done a lot of research into the making of their songs, along with the reasons behind writing them in the first place—I give this album a 4-star review because of two songs. Otherwise, the rest of this album is phenomenal. First, in my personal opinion, I do not like Catharsis. In and of itself, it’s not a bad song by any means, but for MIW standards? I was left extremely disappointed. This song sounded like the Pop music genre tried to mix in with the Metal genre, which is not a good match AT ALL. Second, Broadcasting From Beyond The Grave is so massively reminiscent of Dead As F**k 1 & 2. I like this song probably just as much as I do with the last two previously mentioned. However, lyrically, this song could use some work. There are just some parts that could be improved if the lyrics were either changed or taken out completely.

Thomas Mickie

I dig the nu metal influences because growing up it was everywhere and is still my favorite sub-genre of metal, unfortunately I know what these guys look like and it totally takes away from the music for me. Drop the extremely corny goth look and I might like you a tad bit more...


This new sound is trash


Honestly the album has 5 good songs, easily the best song on the album is another life, the 2 heaviest songs on the album being thoughts and prayers and undead ahead 2 both of which are good and then for those of u who miss old linkin park with a couple Korn riffs added in u have code lol otherwise there’s some influences of tool, breaking Benjamin and Manson as always thrown in like on reincarnate but overall it’s a decent album but I think that graveyard shift basically only had 2 bad songs on it makes it harder to give this a higher score as a follow up to that album and I love this band to death but it’s the truth


A++ I am in love


A++ I am in love


Why don’t they change their name to Breaking Benjamin already? That’s who they sound like, they literally don’t have their own sound anymore. Breaking Benjamin with some Marilyn Manson like elements? Oooooh, so edgy! This album is pure garbage.


Yes I’m giving my favorite band a 1 star rating because this album is terrible. PUKE

depresed wolf

Best so far


Definitely worth buying!

the hmmm

Incredible album!! Probably my favorite in a long time

Dj L.E.D

Best album for the year ! Sounds like something from the early 2000 era!!!


All the songs are uniquely great. Love it!

Vivix Valo

I can honestly say this album is probably their best one yet. I am so blown away. You guys kill it every single time. Just amazing!


Hell ya ooh


I have been a fan of MIW since middle school but I grew less interested after Infamous. However, finding this band again AND this album has been absolutely incredible. This is definitely their best album. I do not understand other reviewers saying that it’s “impersonal” or “not hard Enough”. I have never been speechless listening to any or their albums before. Ever. Each song is unique, the lyrics felt raw, Chris’s screaming and singing is on another level, THE BREAKDOWNS, the cool aspects of Rob Zombie and Korn themes, and it went HARD AS HELL. All in all, their sound really came together on this album. Good job boys!


Good mix of metalcore and active rock, love it

All In One Records

This new album takes everything I’ve enjoyed about the band and taken it even further to a less heavy and more lyrically inspiring record.


This album has restored my faith in Motionless in White. This album kicks graveyard shift out of water. That last album was a steaming pile of garbage. There is some heavy tracks that just blast. Lots of bleghs which you can’t ever have enough of those

Ant H20

I’m honestly bored with all of the songs already and they were released today. I mean, the cringe lyrics and boring same old Motionless honestly turns me off. Hate to say that I’m an old fan signing off.


Use to dig this band but It’s like they have regressed with each album.


I love motionless in white. Chris has an amazing voice, the choreograph to their videos are all in sink to one another... I know I’m just going on about the band but the album speaks for its self! I love it and I can’t get enough of it.... I can’t wait to see them live for the first time 🖤


That’s it! That’s the review!!!


Favorite tracks: Disguise, , Undead Ahead 2, Holding On to Smoke, Broadcasting from Beyond the Grave, and Brand New Numb. Least favorite: Legacy


When it was first announced, the song Disguise set my stands really high because of how catchy it was and now Holding on to Smoke is by far the best song on the album in my opinion with Another life being a close second. I love every single song on this album but it’s going to have to take second place to Graveyard Shift for me. Graveyard Shift was the album that got me hooked to the band and I still love songs like Voices, Eternally Yours, and 570 but I love the fact that every song on every MIW album is a story that everyone can connect to. I’m already looking forward to what Motionless has to offer on the next album.

maryee flamingo

the only bad thing about this album is that it only has 11 songs ! ((great album :) ))


Had it on repeat for the past couple of days, this is their best album! I could definitely relate to most of the tracks on this album. You can definitely feel Chris and the band’s Emotions and feelings on this record.


These guys give Limp Bizkit a run for their money for crappiest wannabes of all time. Pure sonic diarrhea.


I dig the record. Definitely some jams on here. I think as MIW goes on though this record will fall somewhere in the mix but won’t be held in such regard as Creatures, Reincarnate, or Graveyard Shift. Maybe I’ll need to sit with it a little more. My main critique is that it lacks that Bleeding Through element. That might come off as some saying it’s “not as heavy,” which would be falls. There are some brutal parts on here. MIW have always done such a good job of paying homage to the bands that influenced them. The Bleeding Through side was my favorite. Maybe the next record will give me a little more of that. Either way, it’s a good record that any MIW will like.


Best metal album ever




Nothing sounds original or interesting, every song (except another life) bored me. You can see the influences of other bands in each track. They don't seem to have thier own voice anymore. Disappointing.