NCT - NCT RESONANCE Pt. 1 - The 2nd Album

℗ 2020 SM Entertainment

NCT RESONANCE Pt. 1 - The 2nd Album Tracklist:




NCT never fails to astound. Their sound is so unique, and this album is such an amazing demonstration of all the talent each member and different combinations of members have. Each song is very different and super unique, yet all are incredible.


and totally worth the buy. NCT never disappoints. Never


This cb was like 2 years in the making. They’re not one of those groups that just release crap just for sales and charting. The production and artistry is just top notch. You will not me disappointed. This group is vocally talented as well as talented rappers and dancers. They really represent kpop well. No mediocrity to be doing whatsoever when it comes to NCT.

Vivian snoopyzen

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the members so much. But SM needs to stop doing their artists dirty and giving little to nothing to showcase their talent. Like with Jisung and Winwin, they have almost no lines in the whole album which is ridiculous since they could’ve easily been added in more. I just hope one day SM would stop treating their artists like trash and listen to the fans for once. As for the 23 members 🙃 I love youuuuu! The music sounds beautiful because of them!!!


left no crumbs


Nothing else to say


All the songs are a bop even the ballads the people that rates this lower than a 5 star gets this 😁🔪


This album amazing the vocals, the rap, everything is perfect. Stan NCT for clear skin 😌


It did take me a few listens to like Make a Wish but now I love it!! NCT definitely has a unique sound and it’s not always a hit for everyone but they should really give them a try. I’m so proud of Sungchan and Shotaro!! They did so good even they weren’t in many songs. I can’t wait to see there potential and what groups they will be put into. 엔시티 화이팅!!!


absolutely perfect. not a skip in sight. easily one of the best kpop releases this year.


so goood omg


they deserve a grammy ! they’re music is the best ! purrr

Jess Renee

If this album proves anything, it’s that NCT is one of THE best currently active kpop groups in Korea right now. They can sing, dance, rap, you name it and they’re doing it better than anyone else in the game. But what NCT has that NO OTHER GROUP has is the ability to put their best men to the task to give the best possible product put there. From Make A Wish (Birthday Song) - a catchy track that’ll make you wanna dance and get stuck in your head - to From Home - a beautiful, uplifting song about the people around you, ones you love, being your home in the darkest hours, you’ll find a range of genres and offerings. Light Bulb may be my favorite track, a well produced rap track with beautiful vocals to back it up. This album offers you up everything you never knew you wanted and then some. You won’t regret buying this album... That said. To the person who reviewed and said you’ve stanned since 1996... how? Are you a time traveler? Half the group wasn’t even born and the others were barely toddlers. I see you acting up and I know what fandom you come from. 😘


This album is filled with diverse songs with different styles. I’m so proud of nct and I’m excited for part 2!


The NCT U units are so good!! It's so interesting to hear the different combinations of songs across 3 fixed groups + the new members. What really makes it unique is the past to present transition within the tracks itself. While there's a bit of a retro feel and modern mix to many of the tracks, the first half of the album really gives that nostalgia of 90s hip hop, rap, and r&b, a really sweet addition for those who were a fan of NCT #127’s Neo Zone. Bonus is Light Bulb, which actually is a song from the past (pre-debut). And then with the delicious past to present interlude (ALL respects to the producers behind NCT’s interludes) and we dive right into what we’ve categorized as NCT’s noiseprint. The individual tracks for each fixed group really lives up to the type of music each individual units has been doing so far yet also still very NEO. And then it's hits home with From Home, both it's international version and Korean version, and it reminds you of how hard these members have worked to bring a concept to life. Then of course, Make A Wish (English Version) comes back on and we’re taken back into (si)N City lol. I definitely recommend Resonance and listening in order! It truly lives up to its title by bringing out what else they can do and showcasing what they've already mastered.


Empathy was a amazing and this was EVEN better the boys did an wonderful job and I looking forward to what these 23 members have to offer in part 2 and their other future projects




I just love how the music is so up lifting and smooth at the same time. These boys come a long way to United as One.. GREAT JOB!! Member for Life: MARTINA 🇺🇸


i’m so proud of you sunshines !!


I don’t get the appeal of NCT, the sound is mediocre at best, they don’t write their own music not saying much as the lyrics are atrocious. Sm and their artists are the epitome of the manufactured junk people think of when referring to the stereotypes of kpop. Honestly sm has done a great job of ruining the image of korean music to the world it’s sad because the boys are actually talented but it’s completely wasted on this racket.


the FLAVOR in this album 😌


I love all the songs. NCT’s music has always been pretty unique compared to other Kpop groups but this is something even more different. Love Dancing in the rain so much, and Jungwoo’s deep voice in Music, Dance 😍💚💚💚

Bee Mumble

NCT always shows up and shows out when they drop new music. This latest album is no exception. There’s something for everyone !! The boys really outdid themselves with this one, cant wait for part 2.


“This album is not just an album, is a piece of art” You may have heard this phrase a lot of times, and I would like to explain it to all of you why this statement is correct. All thirteen (13) songs of this album are a superlative masterpiece, you know it when you hear “I like my donuts with jam in the middle”, line from the title song, Make a Wish. Who would’ve thought of that line and execute it so perfectly like Jaemin Na? Nobody, and this is just an example of all the phenomenal lyrics that this album gifted to us. Every song touches really important and inspiring messages, for example “Give me that nectar. Give me that, give me that, give me that”, line by WayV in the song Nectar, and “Just feel yourself right now”, line by NCT 127 in the song Music, Dance. The production of these songs complements all of these incredible lines sung by these twenty three (23) incredibly talented men to give you thirteen (13) perfect songs. So yes, this isn’t just an album but a masterpiece that deserves our respect and admiration. To culminate this review i would like to share one of my favorite lines from the song Volcano, “Get your bounce, back and forth, it can’t stop.”

Yuta's art curator

There is not a single skip in this album 💚💚

City 127

I have been a nctzen since 1996 with the debute song, 7th sense, and following every unit, esp.127, every step of the way. Resonance is without question the worst album ever even tho the numers of the album sale and youtube sound impresive (SM bought 250 million views anyway). I fear that NCT has degenerated into SM's money-making machine while dropping its experimental sounds and edgy dance performance. The entire album is underwhelming. Like Super One by Super M, this album is another gimmick pushed by SM to make up the loss caused by Covid-19. The only redeeming song is Light Bulbt but then SM doesn't even give Taeyong credits when all nctzens know that it's his song since predubute days. I support the boys but this album is purely exploitative of them and of their royal fans.


Their songs are neo and cool. Full of passion and creativeness. So if you don't know about them and haven't listened to them, plz don't judge them at will. If you want to know more about them, watch their stages and lbs! Their dance with their songs are powerful!


Loving this album - the range of music is amazing. On repeat!




Next level music.

Pen On Paper

No skips <3


As an nct zen who’s very critical of my boys, this is one of the best albums I have heard this year,, as someone who didn’t really like the super one album this was so refreshing, don’t listen to the haters with 1 star reviews


“Faded In My Last Song” is such a great song that shows off the vocals of members that we don’t usually hear too much from. Make A Wish, Nectar, and Volcano are the songs that will automatically put you in a good mood and hype you up! 2020 has been a crazy year, and thankfully NCT saved us from the mundane day to days of 2020 with this great album!


“Faded in my Last Song” for real hits different. I love the creativity in all the songs. For example, “From Home” is sung in 4 different languages, like what?? Amazing ✨ I really love this song and hearing all the subunits sing together


All the songs are so good!! I was so happy first heard it and it’s and amazing album💚💚


Great songs, respect to anyone work behind the musics inside this album.


What’s up with all these k-pop acts? Every week a new comes then goes away then another comes and goes. None of them ever have a second round of success. It’s tiring and boring.


No no no no no no no no no no. No no no no no. Nooooo




I just love them, so I bought their album. I do not regret my decision.


Dude I see you everywhere. Stop spreading negativity on groups you don’t support or just avoid them completely. Just stay with the people you support and leave NCTzens and other fandoms alone. Now then NCTzens support NCT w all your heart and ignore antis ❤️✨


If the title of the album is any indication there’s not an ounce creativity put in to a product title literally The second album. Really, can’t come up with any concept for your music?


Every song is great! Love the mix of the NCT members!

rob ruddell

As always, this album is incredible! I can’t wait for part 2!


This album has changed my life! It is beautiful! I am just so proud of the boys working so hard to be able to bring us this LEGENDARY OUTSTANDING PERFECT ALBUM OF THE YEAR!! I am just so speechless and all I have to say is that i am so proud of NCT and I will always be proud! Ot23!! Thank you for changing my whole life with this album boys and remember: We will always support you!<33 💚


Album of the year? Hell yeah!


Absolutely in LOVE with this album!! NCT has really outdone themselves with this comeback, every song is a masterpiece. I love seeing them shine worldwide 🥰

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