Nightwish - HUMAN. :II: NATURE.

℗ 2020 Nuclear Blast


This album is perfect for me having growing up to their collection over the years because i feel it opens a new door to a stage in life that we all go through at some point, and looking at the negative reviews claiming it's soft and not more metal, you're missing the point. It's a journey the band started a long time ago and they're proceeding with how they see it, and not based on how you want it to be. Learn to see the artist's point of view for once and stop holding people up to your expectations and learn to appreciate their vision and effort.


I was soooo excited to hear this new album, then after falling asleep during the first listen and almost having to force myself to listen 3 more times... I could not believe my favorite band put out such crap. I will be using the CD as a frisbee for the kids. The band sucked all metal right out of this record and replaced it with elevator music.


Do I wish this album was heavier and with more operatic vocals from Floor? Definitely. BUT nonetheless this is music that will make your heart tingle. Pure art. Great album.

Carlos Blackheart

I want it included with the purchase, i saw some of the images already and it is really cool. I don’t know why it is not included :(

Josh lazier

I’ve been a Nightwish fan for many many years and it was always heroic music .... this is like someone stole there Viking spirit from the band ....

Trust and Us



Isn’t good. Makes me sad. Nightwish usually rocks but wow.


Floor is not the singer for this band - whether it is the editing of the music or her voice - the vocals are overshadowed by the music and come off weak and uninspired.


Nightwish ha venido presentando un giro musical diferente y refrescante desde la llegada de la neerlandesa Floor Jansen que tal vez posee el registro vocal más potente y versátil de la historia de la banda; sin demeritar el talento de sus antiguas interpretes vocales que llevaron al estrellato al conjunto finés, tal es el caso de Tarja y Anette Olzon. Su nuveo albúm Human Nature mantiene el rumbo de "Endless most forms Beautiful" y lo lleva al punto de la introspección del nuestro que hacer humano, de nuestra cotidianidad y vulnerabilidad emocional a través de las letras de Tuomas Holopainen. Noise, Procession y mi special one How's The Heart?, son para mí la mejor carta de presentación para entender el enfoque de este álbum. Una joya sonora que no debe pasar desaparecida para los amantes del rock y el metal sinfónico.


Human :||: Nature is an absolutely beautiful recording. Each and every piece is beautiful. Some are more powerful and some less and always appropriate to the lyrical content. It is a recording that I gladly add to my collection of music. The instrumental on side “B” is beautiful in its own right and kind of a surprise. I very much like when each recording does sound like the last. I like to hear bands grow and evolve over time. This recording certainly demonstrates that.

Echo Hollow

So I’m 25 and I have been listening to Nightwish since I was about 7. And I used to be so passionate about each album. I loved every single one, even when Tarja left. Still missed her; but I liked the couple albums after her. This album and the one before it did a very poor job at delivering the same Nightwish feel. Floor has a beautiful voice but when it comes to song and tone writing, that is not her. And if someone else is writing these songs for her to sing, they are not writing them to allow her to really deliver on her performance. From Floor’s voice to the instruments, it sounds like everything is being held back and full effort is not being put into it. And it’s becoming very obvious with each passing album now. I listened to the album a couple times and from just an audio standpoint, sure it’s okay. Music is not really organized, the flow is non-existent, and just nothing seems to be in the right place. And a lot of the songs sound far too much the same. And I am picking up on far too many audio clips from previous songs that it’s blatantly evident that this band is struggling now. I truly love Nightwish and really wish them nothing but the best. But in my honest opinion, this album either A) should not have happened or B) Should’ve been pushed back a year for proper editing and song-work or C) should’ve had two lyricists working on the songs alongside the band to really give Floor’s voice the power it needed to deliver this album. If I could’ve felt more emotion from her, this album would’ve been a bit better. But it feels like this is just another job for her and that she isn’t truly passionate about being with this band or about this album. I am really hoping that the next album is much better and that they really deliver on their songs. Because if the future is anything like this album and the last one, it’s really not looking good.


I can understand the other fans wanting something more akin to Hard Rock that makes 'em wanna smash through concrete walls (although Noise does the job for me alongside the others). However, the latter portion of the album with the instrumentation, ah, that's lovely. I believe that was their intent with this album: to reveal the human nature as rough, loud, but also pensive and calming (though it seldom feels as such when turmoil is all too prevelant). I'm unsure if that was intentional since I've not seen any interviews with them regarding this album, but either way, that's the philosophy I've acquired from listening to this, and I accept it. All around, a great collection for both background and intentional listening.

I Speak Realism

I have been a Nightwish fan for many, many years. I had to privilege of seeing them live when the last album came out. It was a such a great show. A band speaks through their music; therefore, I can appreciate the messages bands want to send through their music. However, I have say I was not impressed with any of it except ‘Noise’. Music changes, bands change, but Nightwish has been consistently good through the ages. From the 90s to 5 years ago, they were excellent and so good. This album is so....I can’t think of the word, but bland. Floor is an amazing, energetic, and great vocalist, but throughout most of the songs I feel like she sings the same upppp and dowwwwn melodies, predictable from song to song. Noise is the only song I like. It feels like Nightwish. I am sad it took this long to produce an album that just has a lackluster of life. I see what they were going for, but I’ll speak the truth, it just isn’t good. I’m surprised all these fans say how much they love it. I was debating on writing a review, but I felt a true fan needed to get their voice out on the other side of the coin. I love you guys. You are one of my top bands. Be safe during these times.


Great album

Is that a baby?

I thought I was getting a 17-song Nightwish album. Not so. The second half feels like a mediocre score from a historical drama. I would've been fine with a 9 song album...a lot of filler.

Nick Name Argueta

Everything from the lyrics, vocals and new sounds are an expression of Nightwish’s thank you to humanity and to our existence. Therefore Thank you nightwish for thanking the world for us existing today. This album takes you out of your body and places you in the greater scheme of the universe. We are not just pieces flying around aimlessly. We are alive, our existence has value. We are unique in this universe, there is nothing so far that compares to what we have been blessed to be, that which we have become and what we have yet to be. Interested to see where they go next. Nightwish is so awake that is hard to imagine them ever going back to who had been before EFMB. Keep rocking Nightwish, you have it in you to be even greater.


I appear to be in the minority here, or the others like me are not writing reviews. For me, this is my least favorite Nightwish album. I wanted to listen to it several times before writing a review to give it a chance to grow on me, but it has not. I agree that Floor sounds good, but she is still my third favorite Nightwish vocalist. I was hoping for some classic Nightwish music, not this folky direction that they went with. The album, to me, is too soft. It has failed to really catch my attention. I am still a huge Nightwish fan, I am just disappointed with this effort.

Markwing Duck

Could have done without the second half of the album. Just a bunch of filler songs if you ask me. Not sure making this a double album was necessary. The first half is great though!!


This album is a masterpiece of composition, lyrics, music and vocals. People may not understand how difficult it is to do these vocals on Music and Pan and Shoemaker because they aren’t “showy” or high belts but these vocals are so difficult to be on point (and pitch) it’s crazy. The operatic parts in Shoemaker are beautiful (I actually like the lower range notes more than the highs—-same for Floor’s lower register part in Pan). There are still impressive belts (How’s the Heart) and some heavier vocals (Tribal —which will be really good live I think). Pan is probably the most “old Nightwish” song in both lyrics and music and will be a crowd favorite in concert I’m sure. I had already heard Noise and Harvest as pre-released both great songs in different ways. Troy has been such a great addition to this band. Procession is hauntingly beautiful and one really needs to pay attention to the lyrics to really understand the song (same for all the songs as usual for this band). Endlessness is one of my favorite tracks and Marco’s voice is so good on this one. The music is not straight heavy guitar riffs or copycat of prior albums (there are plenty of heavy riffs/bass lines/drums) but also wonderful melodic lines. I loved this album from the first listen but it really needs multiple listens to grasp the lyrics and why the music is the way it is with each song. Highly recommend if you appreciate great musicianship, composition, lyrics, vocals (more than just crazy highs or growls).


Better than the last, but I’m also a huge fan of the slower symphonic work by Nightwish! One more awesome album!


I realize that many followers of Nightwish probably are less than enthralled with this album. However, I love the direction this album takes them. None of us knows if this will continue to evolve but Thomas is stretching Nightwish beyond my expectations. It’s my hope he continues both what they have been known for as well as this new direction. Bravo!


This album is just stunning. Previously, I’ve often needed a few listens to warm up to a Nightwish album but this one instantly grabbed me. I utterly adore it and the exquisite mix of familiar and new sounds. Nightwish is growing and evolving and I am in utter love.


You guys never cease to amaze and Human Nature is powerful. Since getting in on Friday I’ve listened to it 6 times. My favorite band hits yet another home run! Can’t wait to see you out on tour!


Nightwish never fails to deliver great music!! This album is no excetion!! Floor, as always, delivers very strong vocals and the band is in top form! Don't even hesitate to buy this, I sure didn't! I didn't even read the reviews her before buying it because I knew, as always, that Nightwish would deliver a very strong album and they sure did!


No, it’s not as heavy as past works, instead, it’s a beautiful collection of diverse music that delivers classic Nightwish but not completely repetitive of previous works. The music flows wherever it goes, this is anything but formula of verse chorus solo etc. The production is incredible, every note, vocal, etc. is clear and beautifully mixed. The drums are especially cool, the band sound great, and of course Floor shines. Hats off to Tuomas on disc two, what a glorious collection of classical works, just lush and stunning, “the Green” just gets me. I will happily play this music from start to finish every time. And finally, the message in the works, please take to heart, we have only but one world for us to live on, let’s care for our home.

sharks breath28

The one constant with Tuomas' writing is that it is unpredictable. For songs or albums you don't know where it is going to go but it will probably be good. I thought it followed the general direction of EFMB and if you liked it, you'll love "Human". Floor was challenged with some difficult vocals, for a mortal singer they would have been difficult, and is flawless.

Fem metal lover

The album is fantastic. They've taken us more folky than they've ever done before. I love the concept of the album, Floor is really given a chance to showcase her vocals and her range on this album, as well as the band. Tribal is intense and incredible. How's the Heart is one of the best songs on the album as well. The entire album is so maticulously well put together. My only compaint is for as long of a wait that we had to get this album, we only really got 9 songs. The entire B side to the album is one big instrumental. And while i do love a good instrumental, especially Nightwish's, this one is just too much. One thing i look forward to most is every Nightwish album always seems to have that one excessively long, epic song (Ghost Love Score, The Poet and the Pendulum, The Greatest Show on Earth, etc) but this album didn't have it. I initially thought the broken up B side was going to be it and i was so stoked, but its just instrumental. Maybe they announced that already before release but i don't keep up with interviews and such like that. So it was incredibly disappointing when i realized we only got 9 songs with vocals for the new album. Thats the reason i'm giving this album 4 stars. It's incredibly well done and they most definitely showcase every member of the band and i truly love have Troy in the band on the pipes now and his vocals, but the album is just too short for as long of a wait we have to wait in between Nightwish albums. (generally 4+ years).

Lavender Y

I've been a fan for about ten years and this band continues to amaze me each album. This album came out at the perfect time. Each song is incredible in its own way. I always liken the albums to going on a journey,as if you could go out to the forest and close your eyes and just escape everything for a couple of hours. Thank you so much for this incredible album


Not heavy like their other albums, but I appreciate that they aren’t formulaic and push their creative boundaries. Innovation is the mark of true artistic spirit. Great job Nightwish!


Nightwish never disappoints. Tuomas is a genius and Floor is one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard!


Takes a couple of listens to entirely appreciate but this album is awesome. How’s the heart? And Procession are really good tracks.


the band shines through the entire album but the star of the show is most definitely Floor. her voice is spectacular. thank you Nightwish for your awesome music during this hard times.


Nightwish is back and better than ever! 9 tracks of various things having to do with being human and humanity, making you really think about what it means to be human on this spec of dust we call Earth, and finally topping it off with a 30 minute pure orchestra piece about the works and interpretations of Nature. Truly a fantastic album if you love the genre of this band. They keep their classic sound and feel but yet sound completely new and  re-energize if that makes sense? They also play upon a big conservationist perspective with some of their songs lyrically and it really brings your attention to what’s going on in the world around you outside of your own bubble.


Nightwish is one of the most talented bands I've ever had the pleasure of listening to! Every album is a work of art and completely absorbs and bedazzles me. This album is definitely no exception, however, I can't help but yearn for their heavier side a bit. I feel this may grow on me after I hear it a few more times, but in the future they may want to keep in mind their biggest fan base is metal.


Every new Nightwish album takes way to long to come out. New single kicks! Thanks to the Metal Demi Gods! Edit: 1 Day before release, YouTube has Most of this with some interesting videos up. This was like discovering Nightwish all over again. Noise and Harvest are the most familiar Nightwish songs. After that it’s an album you will close your eyes and go on a journey through imagination. Fantastic.


You will have to listen to this album more than once. Admittedly, I was not super excited upon finishing my first listen. However, I know that a Nightwish album, with all of its depth, takes more than one listen to get into. I am glad I gave it more listens, because now I cannot get many of the songs out of my head! Nightwish delivers another spectacular album with "Human :||: Nature." Floor Jansen finally has a chance to really shine on a Nightwish record (although she still has yet to reach the levels of vocal ability she achieved with After Forever and ReVamp), Troy Donockly shines on "Harvest," Emppu delivers some heavy guitar riffs, Kai Hahto shows his power on drums, and Marco is a lot less present vocally, until the incredible closing track of Disc 1 with "Endlessness." Of course Tuomas offers us beautiful lyrics and keys throughout the album, and an epic arrangement with the final 34 minute instrumental, which is worth a listen all of the way through. While this album may lack a "Ghost Love Score" type of song, it hardly means it's worth dismissing (and maybe we will get a return to that on the next album). My suggestion is listening to this album several times through, and coming back to it if you must. Stand-out songs for me: Music, Pan, How's The Heart?, Procession, Tribal, and Endlessness (but really, I love them all).


The main riff during “Harvest” had a little bit of an Iron Maiden “Somewhere in Time” vibe. That aspect definitely makes me curious to see how the rest of this album sounds!


Does it get any better than Floor singing what's in Tuoms's heart?


Great single. A little Storytime-ish, but a good, driving beat and all the flourish we love from Tuomas. Can't wait for the album to drop.