Noah Cyrus - I Got So High That I Saw Jesus

℗ 2020 Records Label, LLC / Columbia

I Got So High That I Saw Jesus - Single Tracklist:

awsome skeleton

she could done better


I really hope she sticks with this raw, acoustic sound she has going. She has such an incredible tone to her voice and it sounds best when it’s stripped down like this. Songwriting and voice- just phenomenal.

# I love cars

Why the title, and why are using His holy name in that way????


You have to think outside the box it can mean more than one thing just like any song


Absolutely love it. Noah is amazing.

The weekend blah blah

keep doing ur thing noah !

Lee Coble

Why are people so mean if they were truly were Christian they wouldn't be so hateful and not say anything at all


If half of the angry Christians in the comments actually listened to the lyrics, they wouldn’t be so mad.


Pop off Noah... haters will hate

davetta haywood 11

Girl no really? I’m sorry Jesus she didn’t mean to make this song


Awful title.


Seriously. This is crap. Total crappiola.


Nothing but Christian mocking crap.


Pretty melody but that’s all. There’s no meat, no substance to this song. Your name can only get you so far.


She has become one of my favorite vocalists over the last year or so. Every song of hers lately is so different. I love her versatility. I feel she belongs in in country though. Her voice is filled with soul and heart. BEYOND talented.

BHAD BHABIE is awesome

This song is really dope and I love the music video


Love it


this is beautiful.