Paul McCartney - McCartney III

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McCartney III Tracklist:


I have enjoyed all of Paul's albums until now! This album is just blah! It's so forgetable and doesn't evoke any of the crativity that Paul used to have. It is boring. I also dislike how so many people are giving this high ratings just because it's Paul McCartney, and they it was a 4 star album even before any music was released. You should not be able to leave a review for something that isn't even out yet!

Soul Tunes

Not good. He's way past his prime, decades so. But can't give it up. This is really bad

Super flyby

A beautiful album Growing up on the Beatles And now listening to a true artist get better with age It was original and refreshing Glad to know someone can still record real music with real instruments for real people Thanks Sir Paul

Super flyby

A beautiful album Growing up on the Beatles And now listening to a true artist get better with age It was original and refreshing Glad to know someone can still record real music with real instruments for real people Thanks Sir Paul

Rhythm Maker 70

This album sounds ultra produced, as if it was more computer, than Paul McCartney.


I'm a life long McCartney and Beatles fan., but this one doesn't keep my attention. I really wanted to like it and and show my life long support, but it's a play once and done album for me.


I have it on vinyl and it’s pretty good I like The Kiss Of Venus and Winter Bird/ When Winter Comes

Thom Yorke's Son

I buy songs so I can play them in whatever divice I choose. I can play the song I BOUGHT from these album on my i phone but not on my other divices. Be scamed at your peril. The rating is ZERO {0) not one (1) star.

Sterling 84

He is talking... if anyone thinks he sounds great then you need your hearing checked. Stop living in 1968.

Rick E Lake

Every Paul album has a few remarkable tracks. Although he plays everything, he still over-burdens the production here and there. This is not McCartney I redux, The Perfect Album. But the sound quality is excellent and it’s nice to have Paul opening the New Year.


Geezus Paul I was looking forward to this too. I’m totally let down by an obvious homemade album. I hear loops and clips used that don’t show much in terms of production. Just a letdown.

Treasure Tones

A very worthy follow up to McCartney I and II and, more recently, Egypt Station.


I love the variety of sounds and themes. My favorite is Deep Deep Feeling but the entire album has grown on me so much. Thank you!


At 78 the master musician proves once again why he deserves to be called Sir Paul McCartney. A collection of lively and lovely pop gems spread across 11 tracks gives listeners a little musical bliss as we head into what one we will only hope is a better year. To me the stand out is Pretty Boys, a haunting song that harkens back to Early Days from the New album. Seize the Day is another gem that is as fresh sounding as McCartney’s voice - like a bottle of beautiful aging wine. Lavatory Lil sounds like it was a track left off the Beatles White Album. Enjoy it more and more with each listen and we thank the musical master fir his genius gift.


It’s a treat to hear Paul play us his new songs through a streaming medium like Apple Music. Love how the styles and textures of each piece change from one song to the next. Audio Engineer Steve Orchard does a beautiful job recording Paul’s sound. Every McCartney has that one song for me. 1 had the song “Junk”, 2 the song was “Waterfalls” and for 3 it’s “Deep Feeling”. Will we be blessed with McCartney IV?


Yes it was been a tough year for everyone but McCartney took it he time to produce music for himself to keep himself busy and challenged. Good for us that he released it. He is 78 and the voice isn’t 21 anymore but it’s good music. Go ahead and criticize but for me after a few listens/dates I like it!


Never was into the Beatles of any of their solo careers but after listening to some Beatle albums and Lennon solo stuff, I have this album a try and love it. Very chill. Must check this album. If you like Johnny Cash this album is a parallel universe to Cash


I wanted a slick new product and got one just before Christmas. So great. I like all the songs. I read some of the reviews. Not sure how someone buys an album from soomeone that is 78 and expects their voice to sound the same as when they were young... Anyway, I am a fan of all of the Fab four. They are great together and separate as well. Sir McCartney is awesome.


Paul’s voice is gone, every song is mediocre, boring and repetitive sounding. Mixing is terribly loud and compressed. Should not have sullied the “McCartney” albums with this piece of trash, sorry.


One of the best musicians and songwriters of any era in music in the past 50 years or so. Not a bad track record, I might add.


Hanging on for the money I guess. This music is trash.




I haven’t bought a Sir Paul record since Flowers in the Dirt. Yeah, it’s been that long. I’m as old as dirt myself- 68- some would say. Having loved Macca from the Beatles at the start. This one was like joining up with an old friend. He still has it. Its quite good- better than I expected. He isn’t was he used to be but neither an I. Life goes—I’m not going to say it.


Paul continues to make music that actually means something and moves forward. At 78, he still moves us all with great writing and beautiful melodies.


Other members of the Beatles agreed that most of their output after Revolver was due to Paul badgering the rest of them to get back in the studio. His talent and drive made him one of the greatest rock/pop musicians of all time. That being said, after listening to the samples of the songs from this album, my reaction is that, as others have stated, Paul should emulate Billy Joel; he has nothing to say as far as writing new songs.. I realize that he loves to perform and, even though his voice is sounding more like bob Dylan than Paul McCartney, he is still exciting to see and the band does a great job with the 'old' songs. Heck - the Rolling Stones are still popular, NOT for any new songs they write but for their role of the best Rolling Stones cover band. They are comfortable with that; I wish Paul was... IOW, Paul, continue performing but quit writing "new" stuff, at least for public release; it isn't working. :(

Macca Wings

Macca’s voice has aged and now has it’s limits even in the studio recordings. Having said that, this album surprises with sounds of his most creative 70’s albums and even Beatles era music. Long Tailed Winter Bird sounds like missing tapes from the original McCartney album, very playful and off the cuff. Kiss of Venus and it’s acoustic guitar chord progressions is very White Album feeling as if it was written on an India sabbatical. To me the most Beatle feeling on the album is Seize the Day with it’s fun lyrics and a lot of typical Paul nonsensical thoughts in the clouds. I’m also pretty sure Lavatory Lil somehow is connected to She Came in Through the Bathroom Window. We just have to cherish the fact his song writing can still produce magical melodies and make us thankful we lived during his lifetime.


OK - I am an older fan from his early solo album, and I have only previewed the songs. I am not impressed. Dull, and boring. Maybe he needs to give it up.

Megan 0571

each track has a momentary spark of hope at the intro that quickly withers into pretentious formulaic construction. yawn 🥱 to a contrived spray of “want to be cool”, but ain’t so.

pirate tony

Sorry this is a sad attempt for an aging Beatle to stay popular. What else could it be? It’s not like he needs the money.

chop dml

Love the guy, best there ever was but this is just unacceptable. Looking like a 35 year writers block, they al get it eventually. Here's the real kick in the butt, Ringo in 2020 sounds better.


While I’ve always like his music, this is hardly up to any standard. His solo work with Fireman was gritty, Jenny Wren was lovely. But his lyrics are sophmoric particularly for someone as seasoned as him. I’m at a loss.

Musicfan 399

Really cool

Does Apple test these?

But not clipped. The brick walled limiters took care of that. Some of todays music are still mixed for the digital loudness wars, not fidelity. I'll look for a 24 bit version to hear if anything improves...




The album is a masterpiece! Thank you Paul McCartney. I can’t get these songs out of my head.


I'm not amazed.


There comes a time when someone has to tell the Fab he has no clothes. Sir Paul you have no clothes and you no longer have the body for anymore exposure. Cover up and just walk away please!


There is no denying Sir Paul’s talent. But this album, like Egypt Station, would never have been released if it was anyone other than Paul. His voice is limited now. He try’s to hit notes that are now too high for him. But more than anything, the worst thing is he is trying way too hard. Either he is putting no effort into it, or over producing. The first track Long Tailed Winter Bird is just a very very long short guitar riff that gets extremely boring after 2,3,4 minutes. Not a good start We all know Paul can write better songs than this. Plus he needs to stay away from producing his own material. Bring in someone with an open mind. Or better multiple producers like done on Flowers in the Dirt Album


Those of us who have had the pleasure of aging along side Paul through the years really appreciate what he has given us with this latest release. For him to still be sharing his music with us at 78 is extraordinary. I enjoy the various layers of music in these songs. It's a nice addition to my McCartney library. Thanks Paul. Much appreciation.

Dr. Von Boogie.

Ugh. The dude has lost it. It’s time to retire, go to his farm and raise sheep.

Corona Joe

If I had to choose any person on earth to have dinner with, it would be Paul McCartney. HOWEVER, this Cd is no Flaming Pie. Except for Seize the day, nothing is memorable to add to his huge catalogue of amazing songs. Listen to Flaming Pie, and compare the THEN to NOW. It's just another CD that will get lost in the shuffle of his greatness

The Thruth You Can't Handle

Thank you for continuing to contribute to the world with your wonderful art Paul! I hope you never stop! ✌️❤️


Had my first listen early this morning. Will re-visit a few more times. I like what I hear. Keep in mind Pauls' age and it's natural for his voice to weaken yet it's undeniably Paul and I really like his aging voice. I'm not sure if I will download the entire album but certainly some of these tracks will end up on my McCartney playlist for sure. Thanks Paul for continuing to write and play music!


A true musical genius, amazing songwriter and musician.....but we already knew that. He's doing great at this age. 3 is a great album, all things considered.

The snake2011

Am 65,Beatle fan , Paul fan , John , George, Wings . Sorry not buying.

Magic Man

What else is there to say? About a icon that’s had a legendary career, out of boredom probably, finally releases a “McCartney 3” to recapture that feeling he had when he recorded “McCartney II” in his youth. Some songs are on this are ok but overall this just amounts to his latest effort but I’m not complaining as I love the man mind you, but what did you seriously expect this to be? Another classic? Uh.....NO! But it’s fine for what it is. Treat it as such & you’ll fairly enjoy this.


You stopped being good once you left the Beatles. Stop please


I've been a fan for years but C'MON MAN. You sound outta touch. You're starting to make music for the old, weird, and senile. Try to get back on your horse. Two stars because I refuse to give it a one because it's McCartney.


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