Future & Lil Uzi Vert - Pluto x Baby Pluto

℗ 2020 Atlantic Recording Corporation & Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Pluto x Baby Pluto Tracklist:


Almost every song is a hit!!! Check out the deluxe!!!


I rly liked it! A lot of the songs had a great vibe and overall it was an enjoyable album. However, I think they kinda played it safe on a lot of tracks and future kinda carried sometimes. Still rly good tho! 🔥🔥🔥 7/10


Now Uzi inherits his boring flow 🤦

Doanald Trump

It’s good but future ain’t it


Yuh*+heard wut%^+i sa1d >:( ++++slatt


Future told a judge that he lives in a two bedroom house in Atlanta and owns no jewelry.

young coopa

Future sounds like my 60 year old grandpa and Uzi sounds like my 4 year old cousin


I like uzi and future but this album production was repetitive. Wish they took time making the music.


The deluxe part of the album saved it


Boring...the songs all sound the same an the subject matter is beyond dull. Uzi had potential but I haven’t been impressed by his last couple releases.

old rap aint all that

The title says it all


Future runnied it for me uzi was 🔥just not future . Also why does future make albums with every rapper?


It was pretty good album, but some of the songs could have been done better


I love this song so much❤️👍🏾


Just previewed it. I like Uzi, but the production on this is horrible with all the beats sounding the same, and no substance to their words. So imma pass on this garbage.


We constantly complain about how much madness is in the world—especially in America—but we’re constantly buying songs from people who influence our children to do life-threatening drugs, kill each other, see themselves as mere sexual objects with no real human value, and sell life-threatening drugs to each other. This is, by far, the absolute dumbest generation of America ever. Even the African Americans—who used to be extremely against destroying their cultures through drugs, murder, and promiscuity—now indulge all of these things. Then we ask “why do so many black people kill each other?” Maybe because you’re driving your children or your younger brother, sister, or cousins home while playing destructive music like this in their ears for the entire ride—every single day. This generation has no idea how God is going to handle them. Will He show mercy? Or do we deserve to suffer for what we’re doing to our own children through feeding them constant evil influences and calling it “culture ♥️”..? What will God do? Do you expect Him to let this keep going on? Is He not good? Therefore, won’t He destroy evil? Won’t He destroy the enemies of His Creation?


Like it

Skyx Paradise

Considering the first two singles that were released prior to the album were great, I was actually hyped and my expectations were high. Needless to say I am somewhat disappointed.

Professional Heat Detector

This was straight heat, my top 3 were Real Baby Pluto, Stripes like Burberry, and I don’t Wanna Break Up

victor olidipo

Just the beats the same old thing like do something new

vic is to good

They hyped this album up so much just for it to be so bad. All the songs were boring, these two don’t have good chemistry to do a whole album together. Should of been Carti and uzi. I really dislike future now, he used to be good but he just outdated now. Very boring, terrible lyrics, bad album Only good track: Lullaby


I’m a fan of Uzi, but this was disappointing for me, I honestly don’t think a single song on here was any good.

Marcus Phillips

One of the best tapes this year will def grow on the haters 🔥

Jay Zone 1 atl


Edward Hernandez 310

This album go hard idk why people say it’s mid it has 5-8 tracks that are on repeat Future carried the album fosho


Best album of year


How do people listen to him


This album would be so much better if Juice Wrld were on it instead of Future. Obviously thats not possible, but this had Juice vibes all over it and Future being on it just killed it for me.

Bobby boke



It’s really just basic. What you would expect uzi to do. No risks taken. Same beats. Same flows. We’ve heard this before. There are some catchy elements no doubt with a few catchy hooks and verses and back to backs but just another album uzi fans will go CRAZY for even it is really average.


I love how their styles compliment eachother and I was very happy to see a no feature list


OMG I love autotune. OMG I love not being able to decipher the lyrics. OMG I love how this sounds like every rap album in the past 5 years. OMG I can’t wait for this music to die.


Got more stripes in the streets than Burberry


I made it 5 star cause I’m biased. Uzi and Future could’ve gone crazier but, for me the beats are basic and lack different styles. There’re a few tracks like “That’s It” “Real Baby Pluto” and 1 or two more where it catches my attention but nothing outstanding. There verses are nice nothing new or crazy just regular Uzi and Future style. I hope to see the version that Uzi was hinting at on his Twitter to have more variation and creativity involved.


Is mumble rap still around lol I thought it died back in 2015. Brainless music for idiots lol.




What happened to the old future

FillmoreDa Homie

Beats are amazing and they both flowin


Some songs were okayish but most of them sounded so mediocre. Even a non-rap listener could easily tell that there was little effort actually put into making good music.


Its fire but low effort🔥💯


Beats are pretty good no cap but it feels like they didn’t put much effort into this album.


First song fyeeee🔥

Bruce W Smith

The beats are good tho


Two trash mumble rappers together on a mixtape and someone calls both legends?!? 😂😂😂😂 Mumble rap needs to die out and quick. These two are neither “hot” nor “legends”, just two generic rappers with each other’s d#cks in their mouths.

iidb xx jjd

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥uzi the baby goat and future the goat


This album bangs, every track is 🔥. They both legends.


The chemistry between these two were INSANE.

Im ur dad (obviously)

i love future and uzi, but they just gave us an average album here, if not a little above average. i thought this would be one of the best albums this year, but it was just ok. best tracks: real baby pluto drinkin n smokin that's it (the song)

Stuart Q.

This is one of the worst albums to drop this year BY FAR. They are terrible together and they definitely just did it for the money cuz they OBVIOUSLY didn’t care about the music 🤢


Uzi the only man in the industry paying homage to the goat! (Only one of his children who is grateful for their DNA on the beat)

Music Album of Future & Lil Uzi Vert:

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We on One (feat. Future) - Single
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Guillotine (feat. Yo Gotti & Future) [From “True to the Game 2” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] - Single
Guillotine feat. Yo Gotti & Future [From “True to the Game 2” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] - Single (2020)
No Love (feat. Future) - Single
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Black Migo (feat. Future) - Single
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It's Whatever (feat. Future) - Single
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Gucci (feat. Future) - Single
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What It Was (feat. Future) - Single
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Expensive (feat. Future) - Single
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Life Is Good (feat. Drake) - Single
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Big Drip (feat. Future) - Single
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Last Name (feat. Lil Durk) - Single
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Holy Terrain (feat. Future) - Single
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