Ray LaMontagne - Monovision

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Monovision Tracklist:


I have been a fan since Ray first started recording, each work has its own feel and tempo, but this is without a doubt his best work to date. I feel a return to his roots, but it is evident he has grown, and developed a deeper sound. LOVE THIS ALBUM.


Is it just me, or can anyone else hear the song "Astral Weeks" from Van Morrison's album, Astral Weeks, in the song here, "Misty Morning Rain"? (That's a good thing.)


Rustic and enchanting


Yep, the entire albulm. My main jam for my 24 day vacation on the Harley Coast to Coast.

Shabby Cabby

Go Your Pass


I was debating this with a friend after seeing Rocket Man again: What’s more important, the music or the lyrics? Would Elton John have been such a smash hit if Bernie Taupin weren’t writing for him? Ray Lamontagne‘s new album is a perfect example of this. He is absolutely at his best when his lyrics are just smashing you in the heart. Here, like his last few albums, there are a lot of lyrical misses. Just too straightforward and obvious. Don’t ever tell me that you feel down and out. Tell me a story instead. He’s simply “telling it” too much these days. That said, such a beautiful voice as always, and some sweet songs herein nonetheless.


It’s pleasant music, I guess. It sounds incredibly similar to my parents’ old John Denver records. But in my view, it lacks a bit of Ray’s soulful lyrics and energy from his previous efforts.

Music Heals...

This man is a musical genius who has been on his own musical journey, much respect to you Ray for taking that road most fear. Love the new album. This is not a welcome back, this is a thank you for sticking around and still blessing our ears and emotions with your journey and ours...


I think this is Ray’s best album since God Willin and the Creek Don’t Rise. Simply wonderful. I’ll never stop listening to him.


Welcome back Ray! A One Man Show! Wow! Great album. Thank you!!


My favorite record of the year by far. Wonderful songs. A beautiful mix of uptempo toe tappers and atmospherics. Fantastic performances. Most importantly, not a political word or virtue signaling anywhere. This is an uplifting record about love and perseverance. A true breath of fresh air.


This is the Ray & his music we all fell in love with. While I can respect his desire & artistic need to experiment in some of his previous albums, this is some of his best yet. Thank you Ray!


Yet another incredible effort by Ray. Highway to the Sun might be his most beautiful song ever, which is saying a lot. Don't hesitate on this masterpiece.


I enjoyed the initial listen and we all that we heard a little John Denver on a few tracks. Good songs to chill and relax to.


Three songs in, the rest of the album could be garbage (and I know it won’t be) but the first songs deserve the five stars! Ray is the MAN!


Wonderfully soulful, exactly what summer 2020 needed.

Sandra K8933

This is wonderful!


Back to the roots!

big al18

Strong enough is outstanding. The mama song is good. Soft song is corny. How many rhyming words can you fit in a song ?


It's all here! Ray's sensual voice, his rich, gorgeous lyrics, and those beautiul melodies, that just flow, oh so gently into our souls; like that sweet honey that we all crave. Can you tell that I love this man and his music? This is just one more of his albums to add to an ever-growing collection of perfection from Ray! Go find a quiet place, turn on this album, and just take it all in... enjoy. Then, go to Youtube to check out the videos for these songs. Ray's son Tobias is a budding videographer, and he has created some very artistic, beautifully made videos. Each of them accompany Ray's music perfectly. They make a great team. You won't be disappointed.


Refreshing, soulful. In a time when people are alone or stuck together and falling apart, what nice songs for these not so nice days.

Denny Gamm

.....Ray!!!! Perfect songs......i like it!