Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. - Record Collection (Deluxe Version)

℗ 2010 Mark Ronson under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Record Collection (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Very good music


I came from FIFA 11 to only download 'record collection' the song but downloaded the album by mistake........and I did not regret it!

Chris Barnes 8039

Somebody to love me is one of my favorite songs of the year, it gives me chills everytime I hear it. Bang bang bang and the bike song are awesome too - great pop songs with a different twist to it. Look forward to hearing more from Mark soon.


I love this album! Even though I just found it a couple of months ago (kind of hard finding it in Texas!) I have listened to the songs over and over! Mark has true talent!


You know when the Gorillaz debuted in 2001 it was like a turning momento in music(in my opinion) of what good modern pop music could be..that fits its time really...but the Gorillaz stood alone.. this album is the first oow i've had since; its so catchy and so brilliant! stuck on my playlist for long time.


Bike song <3

Corina Roker

Oscar material in the music world!!!!!( they should make an oscars for music)


Simply astonishing, fresh, and original material. I really needed this experience. Thank you Marc Ronson!


I just saw them live in NYC... and love this album even more now. Its flawless. Highly recommend.


By far the best album of 2010. Mark Ronson is an instrumental wonder specially when working with MNDR and Q-tip with friends. BUY THIS ALBUM


Solid and a bit different sound. Nice.


This is so well constructed and executed it's kind of redundant to write a review. MNDR freakin' rocks. This captures a feel in music that disappeared long ago and brings it back where it belongs. What's the feel? Fun. Oh, yeah, music is supposed to be fun. Fun to make, fun to hear, and fun to dance to. Well... here it is. Get your fun now.

Picture Locker

Hearing that D'Angelo was involved with this dude Mark Ronson is what led me to this record. "Glass Mountain Trust" alone is worth the price of the album. It just cracks right down the middle of you and grips your spine man. It's the freshest song I've heard in a long while, since Talib Kweli's "Black Girl Pain" to be exact.


Mark never disappoints with his musical style. I kind of see him as the Fatboy Slim of the newer generation. He churns out a lot of catchy beats that are just refreshing to hear. I would definitely prefer to listen to his music over anything from Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, etc. This album is a lot better than his previous one (Version), and I'm so happy that he included more tracks for us to enjoy! Love it :-)


and to the people that are saying the US needs to catch up please i been up on mark ronson for the longest since here comes the fuzz so chill out he used nothing but some of hip hops top acts while to me anyway signing off BROOKLYN you kno what it is so fall back and break ya necks lol the US need to catch up funny stuff jerk offs


I have NO idea who this group is, but they sound pretty flipping sweet! On "You Gave Me Nothing", it sounds just like Adam Lambert's song, For Your Entertainment! The album's still great!

This album has some serious replay ability.


Every track is pure bliss!! I love Mark and everything he touches is gold! Best album i have heard in a very very very long time!


Is the US finally going to catch up with what the rest of the world is listening to? Mr Ronson is the hottest person in the music industry right now. The album is sensational. We need a music revolution and This is the Guy to head it up!!


Do yourself a favor and thank me later for buying this album. Amazing new sound though very familiar. Great collaborations and catchy songs. Eargazmic lol:)

JD Coda

Mark, you continue to amaze my ears! This is a brilliant album. Thanks for the ride.


I liked Version but not every song. This is definately one of those records that you can listen from the beginning to the end and then once over. Fresh african beats, lush synthesizers (which Mark apparently bought from Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran). Fun and fresh music! Stand outs are Record Collection with Simon Le Bon, Mark and Wiley. Somebody to Love with Boy George, The Bike Song (video reminds me of an old Style Council Video), Lose It and You Gave Me Nothing an 80's throw back pop song with synth and vocals that sound new and of this century. Don't miss getting this! Splurge on the iTunes LP version, it's worth the money.


I LOVE the album artwork. I actually hang vinyl covers on my wall for decoration and this would just be an awesome one. Anyway, about the music, I love Bang Bang Bang and Record Collection, and I like everything else. I wish they put the featured artists on here, if you want them you can get them on wikipedia by finding the wiki article on this album. Great album, very 80s (my favorite)


It's finally here! I've been waiting for this album for ages! 'Somebody To Love Me' is my favorite track, Boy George's vocals are pitch perfect, and Andrew Wyatt's vocals are . The retro feel in the album brings a lot of fun in every song. Love this album + Boy George! Mark Ronson is a musical god!

Guts & Guile

This is going to be the "Cool Kids" soundtrack of 2011, I'm sure of it! I used to think Mark Ronson was a great producer and Amy Winehouse's meal ticket but with this album he has proven his artistic worth and true genius! It is easy to love "Bang Bang Bang" but it's all about "Somebody to Love Me" with vocals by Boy George and the title track "Record Collection." Mark Ronson rarely features his vocals in his music but he's damn sexy in the title track, and for all you Twitter Generation Teen Social Retards, you will understand why Boy George is Freeking APPLES AND ORANGES! BUY IT NOW! Cool is personified by Europe and the UK, America must keep up. Lady Gaga is not enough!

Jhairsinho Silva

Love u mark! Finally this album... Congrats!


How he can move from Rock and R&B to Hip Hop/Pop/Electro is unbelievable. Its compleatly different, but suprisingly just as good as the epic Version.

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