Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. - Record Collection

℗ 2010 Mark Ronson under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

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Trust and Us



This is a classic sounding selection, peppered with old school melodies, synth beats mixed with new lyrics and mulit-genre sound. The songs sound eerily familiar but I know I have never heard any of them before. It takes me back to 1985 without the nostalgia, which is amazing musical trickery. Don't wrorry Mark, that's a good thing. You have yet to dissappoint.

Esoteric Ear...

is a uber-immature delight.


This is my first time hearing about Mark Ronson and i love the vibe of this music..its really great people and record labels need to support MORE good music like THIS

Tim Bombadim

The rest is good, too Re: Crediting guest artists, the external CD packaging doesn't do it either, so chill out. It's the artists' choice, don't blame iTunes


Believe me when I say; I really wanted to give this album 5 stars because I'm a huge Ronson fan and really enjoy this album more than others that have come out this year. However, the first track which everyone (God knows why) is raving about makes me want to stab my ear drums out with a fork (it's really the stupidest song I've ever heard in my entire life). I guess everything can't be perfect and that's how I feel about this album. I strongly recommend buying it, I only wish iTunes would allow you to pick Sound of Plastic over Bang Bang Bang.


It has taken me nearly ten months to finally call an album my favorite of the year. Mark Ronson & the Business International has done it. They have created a stunning collaborative work ranging from rap to trip hop to indie pop to New Romantic to synthpop to electronica. It is the perfect blend of all these genres - a few songs dedicated to each genre - brought together by Ronson's fabulous production and lyrical cohesiveness. After catching his two New York shows in the past two nights, he brought down the house like no other - to even capture a spot on my top three favorite concerts. It also impresses me to see such a collection of artists working together - these are people from all ranges of music, world, and life. Biasedly, it also contains one of my favorite artists new to the scene, MNDR. Witnessing four of her shows, I am a diehard follower - her work on Bang Bang Bang made it one of the best of the year. Just when I felt this year had been greatly slow in terms of quality, cohesive releases, Mark Ronson steals the show in what could be considered an excellent start to a new decade.


First, I would like to say that "Bang Bang Bang" is probably one of the CATCHIEST songs I've heard in awhile! Second, I love the mix between old-style vocals, underground rap flows, and creative female vocals. What's great about this album is the consistent feeling of POSITIVE VIBES throughout! You can't help but smile a bit (or alot) when listening to these tracks. Also, what I love about this CD is that the PERCUSSIONS are seriously SICK! CATCHY and INNOVATIVE!! You should definitely check out this Record Collection!


Yet another album I will not buy on itunes due to lack of credits.

Corinne Coe

This album gives me happy feelings! 

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