Snoop Lion - Reincarnated (Deluxe Version)

℗ 2013 Berhane Sound System, under exclusive license to RCA Records

Reincarnated (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


Trash I am actually dumb boi yuh yuh weed is bad bad weed is yuh yuh boi dumb actually am I Trash

Alex Bartel

I stumbled upon this album when I was at a really low point in my life, and listening to this album is the only thing that keeps me grinding. From the very deep and meaningful lyrics to the joyful and catchy beats, this album has everything that a lover of music could ask for. Thank you Mr. Lion.

Bossume zoo

Love it !


It's kinda dumb why he change his name, but it was probably because of a new "era". A dog is more like "hip-hop" and a lion is more like reggae


This is awful.... and nothing about it says Reggae.


Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion is the best artist in reggae rap and is overall just a supper cool guy.


So he took a trip to J.A. big deal . He needs to take a trip to the grave yard to see all of the bodies his low intelect music ended . POSER !!!!


Love the positive vibe from the album. Snoop lion or snoop dawg he still my favorite #oneLOVE


This album was Snoop's spiritual journey, and sends a message to the world. To really understand the music, watch the documentary of the same name. Each song carries weight.


I kinda understand what he is trying to do BUT why cant he do the same thing with Hip Hop?


all these haters think they know music when they havent made a record in there life

Zac safron

First off, if you are hoping for a comeback of 90's snoop this isn't it. This is Reggae, his new lifestyle and love. He went through a spiritual journey in Jamaica to be able to make this. It is about him spreading peace, love and struggle, and the songs do that beautifully. Not only is the music powerful and great, but it stays true to the legends.




I do like the reggae with a hip hop sound to it. People call it garbage because it's not what he was in the 90s but that was the point. He wanted to get away from that image and find something he truly believe in.

Ms Blase

Wow!!! I'm 53 and know the Snoop of the early days. I just watched the documentary for this album and I am so happy and pround of his transformation into manhood. Love this cd and can't wait to listen to it all day while I'm working tomorrow. Love the old music and I can appreciate what this album means spiritually. What a gift.


I tried hard to like this album but I just couldn't

Bigg Palo Lalo

I'm halfway through this album and I like it. You gotta understand that snoops getting older and he can't stay "hood" his whole life. As a human and as an artist he's got to evolve. Plus you got to see the documentary to understand this album.


Keep it up Snoop Lion your da best and becoming the king of music keep making more songs like these. And don't worry about the haters there afraid of change it scares them so just keep it up cause your a legend


This album is the best. I fell in love with it after I watched the documentary so I decided to buy it. It is very amazing. Very worth the money. Snoop has changed for the better and is an amazing artist.


I got this Album when it first came out & I just now writing a review better late than ever Snoop Lion did his thing I Can't wait to hear what ever album he drops next snoop is dope & never let's me down i'm been a fan of his work & anybody who didn't like this album maybe they should stop listening instead of hating on a mans growth that's all I'm saying

Mack Plack

I mainly listen to rap, but I thought I would try the new Snoop. I'm glad I did. I'm especially liking Rebel Way!

K Willa

The beats are tight the vocals are different and on point. The sound is unique and the message is right on time. Snoop has always had the courage to be himself; watching his spiritual awakening is inspiring. Respect.


Spreading love will attract a lot of hate...keep spreading the love. Light allways prevails. Peace.


Sorry Snoopy you are not RASTA, a person who believes in the music or meaning, keep enjoying the ganja, and stay in Hollywood with all these corporate BIG BOYS, and the industry were you come from, we dont need your candy popcorn wanna be jahmekya music, becuase you have no knowledge of history or back ground of it, and when I here your music or see you I just laugh MAO at keep joking for what you get paid for Bazzy M- OUT!!! and to the ture Jah Rastafari to all stay postive and love peace and love snoopy


I watched the documentary on this album and listened to every song over and over and I love rap but this album got me into reggae and I love it . Make another album Snoop Lion.

always tired 01

snoop's poppin molly too.... got him singing to edm....


forget all ur ideas of snoop cuz its gunna close ur mind and just listen to this album as if u never herd this artist before

Mikel Ray

For those that understand that growth and wisdom comes with seeking a greater purpose should love this album. Growing up on Reggae and understanding the culture and also growing up on Snoop Dogg will understand the journey “Uncle Snoop” has gone through to get to this amazing point in his life. This album is brilliantly put together and personifies the artistic growth Snoop has gone through his entire career. I don’t understand why this album has received more publicity…..Check Check, then again i do understand. Its because Snoops not talking about gang banging and pimping so that makes it a horrible album to the commercial world. This is life changing music and a great investment


His stuff is ok but whatever he smokes he needs to share cuz his music and turn around is crazy


It takes a real musical talent to cross genres and produce quality music. I goitta give buff respect and shout outs to the production team. Major Laser and the whole crew. Snoop Lion is roaring!!!!


What happened to "Snoop Dog" snoop lion isn't him what happened :/ SMH


This is not supposed to be a rap album he changed his name to snoop lion for a reason


For anyone who cannot get in to this album you need to watch the documentary Reincarnated. It will open your eyes as to why and how this album was made. GREAT album and GREAT message.


Sad way to make more money, stick to rap, like Snoop, but you are a fake reggae mon


All his other work aside. This is a good album. You'll enjoy! Peace ✌

Youth Rebellion

I'm sorry but snoop dogg is giving reggae a bad name. This isn't real reggae, if you really want to listen to some REAL reggae I recommend you people to listen to Rebelution or SOJA, I'm telling you if you listen to those bands you'd will quickly find out what REAL reggae is about and never want to listen to this fake reggae garbage again. & as good as those bands sound they sound even better live in person, so if you see these bands coming to a town near you go and see them & I promise you won't regret it! P.s Stay true and Jah bless


I love snoop especially his reggae. I love blazing some good chronic and chilling out to this album. This is a definite buy

O.C. Cali-Weed

From Long Beach to the Islands.Rolling with the Lyon.


This is an absolute disgrace Snoop. Stick to being the Dogg and put the Lion back in the bag...lame.


i like this path ur taking and i saw ur movie on Netflix all of u that are hating on this need to check it out because u obviously don’t know why he went from snoop dogg to snoop lion.


Love the album all the wat around positive snd the album is great much respect to snoop


For those of you who are mad because this doesn’t sound like the old Snoop Dogg, i feel sorry for you. His old music was the type of music that keeps hate, violence, crime and disunity within the communities it reaches. Snoop Lion has changed into something beautiful. This music speaks to souls in positives ways. I commend him on his effort to go out on a limb and reclaim his identity. This is what we need from artists now a days. If you haven’t watched the documentary about the making of this album, you shouldn’t even be commenting on this topic anyway. Way to go Snoop Lion. Respect x Love


I love the album but I just can't get the digital booklet and I payed for the deluxe and it won't download


It is a great album he nailed it I would buy it I hope he makes more albums as snoop lion though snoop dogg was good he does great on this album BUY

Otis Jenkins 22

I love the music i love the album but i downloaded it on my iPhone and the digital booklet is gone? Its not on my phone?? Help !!x)


Snoop...WHY?! I listened to Gin and Juice the other day, a TRUE west coast classic, and then this album hits? What the hell bro?! This is why the game needs changing. Shout out to Odd Future


For everyone who doesn't like this, take the time and watch the documentary about his trip to Jamaica and the reason why he's choosing this path. His reasoning is completely legit and I think it's a job well done

A Deezy

After watching Reincarnated based on the reason for the album, I see why this album has so much meaning and love behind it. Nice album Snoop.


I think it is a Good Album good job snoop


I grew up listening to Snoop Dogg, Dre, Tupac, NWA in the 90's in Guatemala Central America. when I came to California when I was 16 years old it was like if I was a Muslim and went to Mecca, To be in L.A. after seen all that on TV I was like Dang! It was like a Christian going to Jerusalem. get the point. since I was 20 back in 2000 I became transforming myself spiritually based on personal experiences and re search I was doing at the time. looking at what happend to Snoop Dogg reminds me of how deep Personal Inner trasformation Can be and when it hits you it hits you for good. I am glad Snoop Lion reached that point in His life and I can totally relate to the music he is making now. I used to be caugh up in the hate mentality before but is been years now that I am in the Peace and Love vibe. I started practicing Martial arts and that helped me transform myself too. is funny how I look back 10 years and I feel like that was not the person I could have been. Now I feel I am in the right track and I found my mission in life! I can relate 100% with Snoop Lion. you have to feel it to understand it other that that you are just going to critizice it. Watch Snoop Dogg Documentay by the same name of the album "Reincarnated" you will get the message more clearly. Peace!