Sammy Hagar & The Circle - Lockdown 2020

℗ 2021 Mailboat Records

Lockdown 2020 Tracklist:


They songs are short but when they were made it was for the internet and wasn't intended for an album. I'm glad they decided to put this together.


If they re-do this and just put the exact same songs in full on it, I’ll buy it again! If you think this doesn’t have a great full sound, you need to buy some new equipment. Great album from some of the nicest people in the world!! Buy this!!!

colorado redhead

These videos were brilliant during the lockdown and I think it’s great they were all released together. Seriously solid rock band with the best rock and roll vocalist of the last 50 years.


Yes I wish the songs were longer too but I love the sound, it's different but yet high quality. It's underground, it's Lockdown! Best music Ive purchased in a long time. Please do another one guys!


There are complaints that these cover songs aren’t full versions of the originals. Who cares?! What people don’t realize is that these songs that appear on this album were taken from live recordings done with cell phones for live Instagram performances during the spring and summer during quarantine. The audio is cleaned up a bit and some post engineering has taken place but these are the live versions we saw on social media being performed by the band all in different locations. Fans demanded these performances and exact versions were released on CD so the band complied with those requests. And then those same fans complain when their wishes were fulfilled. These songs were short performances to help people get through the day and a small amount of entertainment while being “locked up.”


What a money grab!!!!!! I gave 1 star because I had to.


Defiantly buying for what it’s worth.... my decade and some change buying music I love albums like this were there not rehearsed there from the heart. People across the board should stop comparing other artists and complaining . I love when artist like this release new stuff even it’s covers at least there putting out music they don’t have to. Like Steve Perry doesn’t have to release anything but he does now be happy there still recoding stuff anything to me is a gem for Sammy Steve Eddie bedder anyone of those times to be releasing material!


and he slammed Van Halen for redoing some of their original songs on ADKOT in 2012. Don’t Tell Me needs to be retired. I would guess it’s the last song of the night being so hard on his throat. I’m actually surprised Cabo Wabo or something to do with tequila wasn’t done.


I really looked forward to the vids from the circle!!!! Now on iTunes Outstanding ! Thank you and God Bless you all!


Very disappointed Funky Feng.... was not made into a full length song. Come on guys, you had the time! Such a killer groove, this needs to be a real single! Some cool versions of other songs. It was cool when these were released, nice escape from COVID crap.


First, this sounds like it was recorded in a bar or tin can. Sammys voice sounds metallic and echoed along with the drums and guitars. Reminds me of the horrendous production/ recording of Metallica St. Anger. Second, love the energy that’s in these songs even if they are covers. A reimagined version is always cool. Third, this sounds like it was re-recorded in a bar or tin can. Ugh!! Can’t get past it to want it enough

kyle butler

Can't they at least play the full song?


Sounds great! Glad here something new and with some great songs! Keep It going and hope to see this live.


Most of the songs clock in at less than three minutes. Lots of good covers and re-imaginings of Van Halen and solo Hagar material, but the covers aren’t even full covers. If the album was five or six dollars, then it would be five stars. But full album price for very raw recordings of partial covers is asking too much.


no new songs not very good can some one write new stuff


The logistics of getting these musicians to sound like they’re all in one studio is amazing. Sammy sounds better than he ever has, which is proven out by songs like Don’t Tell Me. Amazing performances.


You just have to love this guy! Yeah, it’s a cover album but he blows most of the songs away! The man is 73 and gets it done! This is one of those rare albums that fires you up with it’s blend of familiarity but still sounds fresh. I love it and salute the Red Rocker for giving us something positive to close out a real crappy year.