Sturgill Simpson - SOUND & FURY

℗ 2019 Elektra Records

SOUND & FURY Tracklist:

Red 2 delta

Title is pretty self explanatory, it says that the title isn’t available in my area. I live in Texas, not sure why it won’t work. Otherwise the music is great.


New to Sturgill Simpson. Really enjoyed the anime music compilation on Netflix. Really good stuff here.


This album is a prime example of an artist who wasn’t great in the first place letting their ego get the best of them. Basically a Waylon wannabe singing over electronic garbage.


I’ll admit this album is pretty cool. It’s by no means what I expected and it has a lot of Pink Floyd and the cars vibes which is really captivating to listen too. The only thing is that his voice sounds edited and echoey all the time and I can’t listen to any of these songs without being completely distracted by it. His voice is amazing and this album did it a huge disservice. I’d have loved this album had I not known what came before, but unfortunately I’m more than a little disappointed. I’ll always listen to new stuff though. The guy is a genius.

Trick-E 007

ANYONE THAT IS BASHING THIS ALBUM IS ONLY BECAUSE THEY'RE COUNTRY REDS! AND HAVE THE NERVE TO TELL STURGILL SIMPSON TO STICK TO WHAT HE KNOWS!? REALLY!? HE KNOWS MUSIC AND ART!! AND THATS WHAT YOU OBVIOUSLY CANNOT GRASP! SO HOW ABOUT YOU STICK WITH WHAT YOU KNOW! NOTHING! This is exactly why I don’t listen to country! All the Country Reds are just DUH! Dumb as a box of rocks! And please post this itunes. Country reds need to read this IF they can?? Lol

7duck hunt winner

You were the next Waylon or Merle but this album sounds like a psychedelic mess please let this be a phase or mid life crisis come back to country


Let’s be honest the last two albums have been terrible. It’s sad because I really liked his country music.


The movie is amazing. I’ve watched it 10 times and I’m still catching things.


A trve masterpiece

Annoyed at micro transactions

This is more of an experimental rock album, so if you are expecting outlaw country you may be disappointed, but it is a great album nonetheless. Gritty, heavy, and urgent.


Buy it. Now!

Jack Debian

And it’s great. His frustration with the music industry and Nashville in particular makes for an amazing creative inspiration. I’ve been looking for a modern alternative album that isn’t Beck for years and who would have thought it would be a country music ex-pat from Kentucky? A good mix of driving, frenetic fun and chill, thoughtful music; Sturgill has captured exactly the kind of album I have been waiting for. Make sure to check out the Netflix movie that accompanies it, it’s amazing as well. This is one of only a handful of albums that I have found worthy to purchase in the last few decades.


This album sounded like the 70s disco threw up! I loved his other albums but this makes you wonder if he was high the whole album or totally leaving his original sound! Highly disappointed!!!


I wish more musicians followed their truth and got out of the lines defying expectations. I’m a KY native and find home in much of his work. Keep it up man; do what you feel...we’ll all be better for it!


thanks sturgill! Great tracks

MATE 2020

I like Stugil. His music is different. I like this song the best


Someone was playing this at the tattoo shop I work at. There was solid silence for about three songs, when finally, someone asked what it was, which I was about to ask, myself. I realized, everone in the room was listening and trying to process it. It's original. It's a new sound. I wouldn't expect everyone to be onboard, at least imediately. It's definitelly not catreing to the lowest common denominator. All I can promise is, that it's worth listenbiung to. I actually bought a couple of albums, because on this one.


Am I listening to “Eliminator” from ZZ Top? I make no apologies......I am very disappointed! I knew, going into my first listen to this release, that SS was apt to get “creative” and even go in a completely different direction. But, what the Hell? Is he using a drum machine on every track? Granted, he is making an attempt at displaying his guitar playing prowess but outside of some isolated riffs and runs this effort is a huge disappointment after his first two masterpieces, “High Top Mountain” and “Metamodern Sounds........”! “A Sailors Guide......” is also a wonderful album but his debut and sophomore efforts are unparalleled! So much for getting ones hopes up! This effort brought mine crashing down.


Sturgill keeps getting better. Every album is a new adventure and he’s not pretending that it’s country. He warned everyone 2 years ago his next album would be country and he stuck to that promise. His rock music is equally as important as his country music. Hope he continues to explore this sound/genre.


I didn’t know who he was. I hate country. I LOVE this conception. It reminds me of QOTSA’s ...Like Clockwork.

Billy C 0907

This man and this band couldn’t stop killing it if they tried.


And made even more so knowing that he had fun doing it. I haven’t actually listened to his old stuff, but it seems like most of the low ratings are just because this is something different than what his fans are used to. I think it’s wonderful when an artist branches out, and especially wonderful when it comes out as well as this.

Resident Bad#@&

I like hearing Sturgill’s unique voice and the techno beats just overpower him on every track here. A Sailor’s Guide to Earth was an absolute masterpiece and I was hoping to hear the heart felt raw emotion in this album as well.


Love it!


This is FUN to listen to. To listen to this, is FUN.


I ad ne’er heard of him before this cd. I’m not a fan of country music at all. But this is not country! This really rocks! Love it!


This is the best thing I’ve heard in 20 years!!!

San D. Usky

Tried. Didn't dig it.


I, personally, have never heard of Sturgill Simpson until recently when a friend was talking about a movie on Netflix. I gave it a watch and found it to be amazing. Kinda of Heavy Metal movie with a Japan vibe but the music was what I found the most interesting. I found it to be a new school flip on some classic rock sound, like listening to 70’s Rock all over again. I dig it, man.


This is good stuff.

KAZ 2Y5 2014

This is THE sound I've been looking for. Probably going to destroy my speakers with Fastest Horse in Town on full blast.


I don’t like country music, never have and never will but this album speaks to me.


Sturgill has a tremendous voice and sound that is never used or used very sparingly in this album. I am more interested in his voice regardless of genre, but he can be barely heard or in some not at all. This album should be credited to the musicians who played the instruments and not to Sturgill whose voice was wasted. I am a huge fan of him changing sound and style, but I am a fan of his, and there dosnt seem to be any Sturgill in this album. Even if he was all the creativity and talent behind it, for the fan who enjoys hearing him, this album isnt going to let you down.


Man, this sad to hear. He started out so promising


This album needs to be a played all the way through... then again, and again, and again. Great song writing and a throw back to the concept albums of earlier rock groups - I miss the country vibes but the magic is still there, just turned up to 11


He did it again.


b/c there are none.


OKish album by MGMT. not sure why they named it Sturgill Simpson


Enough said.


I’m sorry. Love the guy. Have his other albums. Made a purchase based on previous experience. This is absolute garbage. Would I pay to see him in concert. Yes. Do I wish I didn’t purchase this album. Yes. Go back to what you did best.


I know that every artist has listened to country, rock, classical,opera and others. It shapes what makes them an artist. They also have a recording sound. That sound is their signature for the album. Sturgill's previous albums have that great sound and fantastic music. You could tell what he was listening to when growing up. On this cd he threw out his signature sound and music for some kind of strange blend of off the wall big shed music and sound. The recording and production is so tinny and tight that the lyric might be good but is spoild by the sound. The best sound is the one that has his signature on it. Mercury in Retrogram. I understand that sometimes an artist wanted to do something different. That doesn't mean that it will be good. At least he didn't change his name like one artist I know.{Garth Brooks}


Unbelievable ALBUM. Has songs that might be singles but it’s better if you listen cover to cover. Open up your minds or move on if you don’t like or respect it. Can’t wait to see him play these live.


...a few spins that is. But front to back this is his best, most consistent record. It’s a rock record through and through, and far more cohesive than the initial listen suggests. If you’re looking to get your “You Can Have the Crown” or “Turtles all the way Down” on, you way n’t find ‘em here. Appreciate this for the rock record it is, and a darn fine one, or go back to what he’s already put to tape. My favorite album so far this year. And it’s not particularly close.


This slaps.


Such a great album and film. Animation and music took me back to the days of watching Akira, heavy metal and ghost in the shell. I’ll definitely be catching his tour.


Love the Pink Floyd vibe

Joseph Hughes

The best album that has came out in a long time!


I'm not sure what happened between this album and the last, but whatever it was, it wasn't good. The entire album feels like a bad 70's TV show song. Each song is remarkibly similar, with a never ending, nails on chaulkboard, electric guitar whaling in your ear.


Sturgill 4 President! He tells it the way it should be. Love the sound but love the lyrics more. Can’t get enough 🙌🏻⛩🎚⚔️🔮


I can't get volume out of this. I have full volume on my earbuds on my iphone and its not as loud as his other albums or my many other albums. Something is wrong. It obiovusly supposed to be played loudly and this isn't delivering.