Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty

℗ 2013, 2014 Warner Records Inc.

Talk Dirty Tracklist:

queen of dopeville101

Who ever said that their friends make fun of them cuz they have Trumpets, that’s not Jason’s fault or problem. It also ain’t his fault that u have a bad choice of friends -.- And the cover makes me wet I love Wiggle, Trumpets 🎺, Talk Dirty To Me, and Savage Love

lolo Qeen

Jason Derulo you are the best song ever I love you’re music 🎶 talk dirty and savage love ❤️😍💖❤️😻🤩👑

pretty boiii

r u kidding me

Trust and Us



And the trumpets they go....




some catchy but the lyrics are so typical


I replayed it like TEN times it’s so good and catchy and the song itself is soooo like the beat is just Idk..... there’s somthing about it~and also marry me is upbeat and happy


Hey I just got e I just got to the left and I left my phone in the back of my head to go get back to the phone and I just got to the phone and I left my phone in the back of my truck so I’ll talk to you guys at the same phone number I just got to get my phone back in the backed up and I’ll get back to you when I get back to the vac I’ll get back to you when I get back to the phone and I can tell you what I got to get my phone back to my phone back in my head I just left the left I’ll yuyyyy£££you When I

Lil weezyy

the only genuinely sweet song is “Marry me” and all the others are giving him the reputation of a pervert.


He is the best

the best granddater

My friends and I live this song by Kaydence

.*+The Singing Sylveon+*.

The picture actually makes me wanna gag. Just sayin


fun fact: Jon Bellion wrote/produced "Trumpets". Just thought i'd put that out there.


What more needs to be said? Wiggle. One of the worst songs ever written. Any album which has the song Wiggle in it is destined to be one starred. Honestly, any album which has that piece of garbage does not deserve to exist.


Almost all of the songs here are just repugnant and fill me with distain! I'm not even offended by this it just sounds horrible! And Derulo can't sing or sound interested for his life, he just sounds like an idiot!




One of the best songs


You people are so cruel you need hearing aids that's why you can't hear how great his music is


Jason Derulo is a great singer. I love his music a lot and he is cute.


The music just makes me dance. Can't believe it has so many bad reviews.


This crap is disgusting, provocative, objectifying, sexist, and absolutely revolting. This goddamn idiot thinks his statements are cool, but they're not. This isn't even music; it is pure evil. Every one of these songs is literally the same 3-note pattern repeating itself while Jason Derulo talks about sex. Terrible. Corrupt. Offensive. And it is ridiculous how the song "Wiggle" is not explicit. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!! That song is so outrageously perverted and sexual, but it is not explicit. Meanwhile, songs that have an uplifting, positive premise that swear once are explicit. Ridiculous. This album is crap along with the creator of it. If he thinks this is ok, then he is not a good person.

Sky Crawford_00

WOW. Snoop Doggy Dog just does anything now. From hardcore hip hop to nasty sexual pop songs that make no since once so ever.

Mackenzie Star

Absolutely LOVE this song!! Great dance song! I play this when I'm getting ready for the club!


Why is this 3.5 stars this is a great album

plz...just don't help me.🙄🙄

He says bad things about girls😤😤this is coming from a 7 year old😳😳


Amazing! Great job, Jason!


I guess there are only a few songs i like on this album and those are the ones that play on the radio. Some of them just have to much sexual stuff in them.


Really? There's only like 5 songs that aren't rap sounding....you've done way better.. I like you as a pop singer...but Im still a fan! You're the next king of pop! And all y'all talking about all his music is about sex he's a 25 year old "GROWN" man! He can sing about sex if he wants 2! Hello... For crying out loud!... 😑

Michael Ginocchi

For all the people who thinks that the album stinks your partially right some songs are good but not all.


It's not that bad of a song,I mean the people that did not like it should have known the song would have been like that .The title says TALK DIRTY TO ME 😡

Jimmy almeida

Yeah everyone talk dirty to me


jungkook's 30 second cover of marry me is better than this whole album.


I hate this dude. All he wants is to hook up with every single girl he meets on the street, literally, that's basically the message in "Talk Dirty". I don't understand why people are crazy about this garbage the humans define as music.

Corn guy

I like his songs Kama sutra, talk dirty, wiggle, trumpets, bubblegum, and the other side.

JMS 419

song sounds good and top favorite song is the other side


It's good but needs less auto tune


❤️ love it


Every song is so inappropriate! And so are the videos. I used to like the songs until I heard the lyrics I have never liked the song trumpets ever since my BIRTHDAY😤😡!


Derulo has a great voice, no doubt about that. He has the ability to make thousands of teenage girls' heart drop. But to see his album downright sexualizing women is degrading to say the least. Such a tragedy he used his talents for the worse. Hopefully he can turn his career around.


Alright, I’ll be honest. I didn’t listen to any of the other songs except for Talk Dirty when it was on the radio. Then I heard about Wiggle, and I thought everyone was overreacting to how bad it was, until I listened to it myself. I actually wanted to kill myself. The only thing that kept me from doing that was Uptown Funk, and Nightcrawler. As a matter of fact, go and buy Uptown Funk instead. About a billion times better than this monstrosity.


Wiggle wiggle wiggle! Great songs. My opinion by the way.


nicccceeeeeeee music 👍👍👍


What the heck is this thing??! Women are not sex toys man...!!!

Suzie Marie Hickey

where is the song tattoos and his voice is pretty good


i love this album, i dont understand why anyone wouldnt. especially the songs that arent as well known, bubblegum is like me and my friends jam. kama sutra, with the lights on, zipper, and then theres Vertigo which has to be my favorite song on the album. Fantastic really, great lyrics, makes me want to dance!

Kkg I like

I love all the songs 😂. They are all very go.

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