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Fell Short!!!!

Like so many tswift fans I wanted to love this music. For me, it misses the mark on an authentic level. This albums gives off the illusion it is stripped down to its simplest form but in reality is highly edited. It’s as if tswift picks an artist to emulate leaving her true self out. What makes tswift a genius is her being unapologetically herself, this album doesn’t feel like it. Her talent lies with her remarkable ability to tell a story like “All Too Well.” I don’t hear tswift in this, I hear an artist channeling Stevie Nicks and not her true authentic self.


Absolute artwork and great lyricism


Stop please


Some of her best work. It’s like the Old Taylor is back but more educated. And Betty is the best song ofc 🙄💅


Can’t love more


This album is so beautiful. Def. in my top favorite albums list of all time.

Chelle 3930

Just when I think Taylor can’t possibly change her style anymore, she does...and she hits it out of the park...again.


Heard exile on the radio. Started checking out parts of other songs. Just purchased my first album in over 20 years and it’s amazing.


one of the best song writers, singers, performers of all time. she has created country, pop-country, pop, trap-beat synth pop, bubblegum pop albums and now she created a beautiful new album filled with the slow, swaying songs or the sobbing tear jerkers, and even the soft, breathy love songs. She has proved over and over again that she can write these songs to perfection and that is exactly what she proves in this album. It's amazing, perfect, and exactly what we need in those horrid times. Anyways, stream FOLKLORE!


Otherwise lovely album, no skips Ignoring the &$!#% (listen to the clean version,) here’s my ranking from most fav to least fav exile (feat. Bon Iver) mad woman cardigan invisible string epiphany betty the last great american dynasty august peace seven the 1 this is me trying hoax illicit affairs mirrorball my tears ricochet

Sad Sc Mx gc

Probably one of Taylor’s best album yet and written so beautiful and overall a magnificent album.


We love someone who has changed through 3 styles of music throughout her entire career and does it successfully.


I think this tone that she’s taking on for this album suits her voice much more. We love a good lower rich tone. That being said, the music in itself wasn’t my cup of tea. I loved cardigan. Taylor really snapped on the bridge. I like slow music. I like mellow music. I’ll listen to alternative. That being said, at some point it did feel like some of these songs just blended together. Considering this is new territory for her, I think she’s just gonna have to get more used to it in order to do it justice, but I think she’s fully capable of doing so. The songs on here that I liked, I really liked.


Just wow ❤️

Emily Loves Louis

Pure genius, amazing storytelling 🙂


I love this album so much! The haters don’t know what they’re talking about. I believe Taylor can do whatever she wants with her music, it’s her freedom and decision. We all have different options and I still think that folklore is my 3rd favorite album. Yeah, they might sound the same, but that’s how some songs are supposed to be. I don’t mind listening to the same song over and over again. You deserve a lot more love and support! I listened to this album about 35 times now, keep up the great work Taylor!

somewhat mariah fan

Excellent song writer


Along with 1989, I definitely find Folklore one of the best albums of Taylor’s career. It’s soothing, it’s meaningful, it’s peaceful and greatly crafted, its lyricism is gold and above all, this album certainly suits our current mindset and 2020’s context. I’ve seen lots of singer and bands releasing material completely out of touch with our reality this year. Taylor, on the other hand, just did it masterfully as she also reinvented herself crossing from pop to folk/alternative sounding. Way to go and I’m glad you’re evolving so much.


taylor has done it again, queen status


This is album is one of her best! It’s one of those , wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket and listen to with the lights down low type album and I love it! She’s genius!


This album was horrible . This is not what I was expecting.


there all good for a quiet evening, just nothing high energy or really special


While we’re all stuck in home for quarantine ourselves from the CCP virus, this album provides the blue that we need to get through this terrible time in life, with songs like “cardigan”, “hoax”, “peace”, as well as other amazingly-written tracks on this album. Once again, Taylor Swift has proven her song-writing skills is the reasons of her success.




So boring everything sounds the same


terrible song.






This was a sharp turn from other CDs but she apparently spent her sheltered in place time well. Each time I listen to these songs I love this CD more!


Best album to date. Especially love Exile with Bon Iver!


Taylor Swift is boring now


More like folkBORE💀😴😴


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Although it is definitely not my favorite of hers, I do love “folklore.” The lyricism is wonderful and it’s interesting hearing her using different perspectives from characters. It feels kind of like RED’s cool, edgy older sister. Some of the songs kind of bleed together, but some stand out like crazy (exile? my tears ricochet? MAD WOMAN? Iconic). Overall, it’s a solid album. I do miss the Lover era though.

Anonymous User 33

Songs are so gorgeous and come straight from the heart!!! This album appears to be a transition back into country! Best yet!❤️


This album is poetry put to music.


This is Taylor’s best album yet! Exile is such a powerful song! Now, they just need to turn Exile into a ringtone! I love this album!!!


So calming to listen to especially for someone with anxiety like me.


This album is the best! It does have many swear words, but if you overlook them it’s amazing. I love whatever you put out Taylor


what was that??? Don’t waste your money on this 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


Let me just say, I have ALWAYS loved Taylor and always will. I just REEEALLY miss when she was country!!!! Our Song and Fifteen and many more songs off of her older albums. Red was also a good album, and Lover. But these albums where she’s mad in every song makes me a little scared. TAYLOR I STILL LOVE YOU!!!!!😭❤️


She should never sing again


such a nice transition!


As a “mature woman” who loves many genres of music, I felt a kinship with the songs. I felt many of the emotions from my late teens through 30’s of loves and lovers from my past. Taylor Swift is a wonderful talent and I highly recommend Folklore


Simply put, Swift delivers another classic album that people will pass down to their kids and grandkids. She reaches new levels with folklore further cementing her status as one of music’s greatest artists ever.


Masterpiece ... can’t wait for the lover fest next year!


Waaaay better than her previous album


I have never written a review on iTunes, but this is by far my favorite album in years and deserving of every star. I am honestly not a big Taylor Swift fan, but this album blew me away. Her talents shine through between her voice and and storytelling. Every song is play worthy, and I have been listening to this album daily. Phenomenal!


All the songs sounds the same and it seems rushed and bland Lover reputation and this album are her worst so disappointing Taylor 😒

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