Tegan and Sara - Hey, I'm Just Like You

℗ 2019 Sire Records

Hey, I'm Just Like You Tracklist:


This album isn’t their best and it’s not their worst. I just have mixed feelings. Some songs I really enjoy others I just could/do pass on. I will say I’m glad to hear them back to their old alternative indie pop/rock sound. I missed it.

Buck Rogers

I bought "So Jealous" back in 2004. It's apparent how much they've grown professionally. I've only listened to HEY, I'M JUST LIKE YOU a few times but it's immediately a hit with me.


Hey I like this song wowowowowowo


I love it. Every song is gold 🏅💕

the truth for now

Don't waste studio time with this low level talent.


This album is flippin GOLD. Another hit. Absolutely in love... you guys rock!!!!


Tegan and Sara’s best album to date. The album is so captivating from top to bottom. Love the pop influence mixed with the grunge/guitars. Simply flawless and the emotions on this album shine through! They’ve mastered their sound completely - pure perfection.




The concept of releasing songs you wrote in high school is so beautiful. Tegan and Sara are taking us through their time-machine with a modern look. I loooove it


I wasn't surprised when I heard this. They always come at us with their best! Keep it up ladies.


I'm hoping they can find ANOTHER tape of lost songs because this is their best work since So Jealous! looking forward to this and the book that goes with it!


Like an amazing 90's alt-pop album come to life! T&S are back in good form like "Sainthood" mixed with "So Jealous" they're brining their best to the table!




The genre change back is interesting...still sounds like awesome 80's goodness..instead of sounding like Expose/bubble pop its more classic 80's sound/The Cars.. still LOVING IT!