Tenille Townes - Road to the Lemonade Stand - EP

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Road to the Lemonade Stand - EP Tracklist:


Saw her Live when she toured with Dierks. She’s good!


Dear Nashville, Please do not ruin Tenille’s career. She has such a beautiful voice and raw delivery. It’s so refreshing to hear someone in country music actually stand behind what they are singing. The production on “Holding out for the one” is just bad. I don’t blame Tenille but I hope she doesn’t let a producer or label ruin her career. She has something special


White Horse and Somebody’s Daughter should not have been touched by this producer! The acoustic versions from the Living Room Tapes are perfect as is! Her voice is too good and doesn’t need all that additional crap in the background trying to compete with her voice. Let it be raw and beautiful!


It’s so great to hear an artist who has her own sound and a voice that delivers these songs honestly and with heart.


Amazing songwriter, great EP!!


Incredible lyrics, fantastic production, uniquely gorgeous voice. A+