The Band CAMINO - tryhard

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Amazing performance tonight in Columbus opening for Dan+Shay in the Nationwide Arena! Much appreciated all of the great music, definitely enjoyed all of the songs played tonight! Can’t wait to hear more of your music!


I downloaded this after falling in love with Daphne Blue. What a pleasant surprise that every song is fantastic. Farsighted might be my favorite song of the year. Such fun, unique beats and super catchy hooks but lyrics that really stick with you. I absolutely love this album and highly recommend it! If you’re looking for something you can listen to from beginning to end over and over, this is it. You NEED this one. ❤️


Just WOW

L'Zhae Finley

I love the Daphne Blue song. All the other songs sounds the same. :/


I love see through, daphne blue, and what I want!! Amazing


I’ve been a fan of the band for a few years after hearing “The Black and White” on some Spotify suggested station or list. I was excited for tryhard when I heard about it coming out. I love every song on this album! I was lucky enough to see them on their album tour in Omaha with Valley and they have an incredible live energy and put on a fantastic show. Best of all, they care about their fans and played a few acoustic songs after the gig outside the venue when some fans couldn’t get in. “Daphne Blue” has seen a lot of attention lately on alt rock radios and all the fans love it. I can’t wait to see where The Band CAMINO goes next!


I can listen to the entire album start to finish, unlike many bands that make filler songs. The dedication is clear. Great album, awesome band! I’ll be looking for live dates.

Jay 84

I haven’t bought an entire album in a while but they did a great job!


This is FIRE! Sooooo good! Hits hard on the emotions too :)


i’ve been a fan of tbc for about a year now & adore every single song they’ve released. i was stoked to hear about the release of “tryhard”— it exceeded all of my expectations! “haunted” is exceptional, i love the somewhat new sound of “farsighted,” & the new version of “what i want” blew me away. not only are their vocals impeccable, but their music is insane! can’t wait to see them in concert!

Johnny stixx

Perfect blend of style, musicianship, and character. The melodies always find their place with the thoughtfully written riffs. Sure hope this blows up, cause these guys deserve to represent the dying breed of rock musicians that manage to make music relevant to the times. Hope to hear more!


So much hard work and dedication was put into these songs and it completely paid off. Every one of these songs is absolutely amazing and soon everyone will know of this talented band!


I gave this 5 stars for an up and coming band that has nice pop rock hooks and something that I believe everyone can listen to and find a groove. Haunted and Daphne Blue are by far the songs that carry the album. I will be seeing yall live in Nashville. Good Stuff!!!!


Can’t wait to see them live!!


these guys have come so far and this album truly encapsulates all of their growth and hard work. Amazing songs and an amazing EP!


Every song on this album is AMAZING. It’s everything I didn’t know I needed. I can feel the passion and hard work all the boys out into it through the music and the lyrics. The whole thing gives me goosebumps. I couldn’t recommend this band more. ❤️❤️❤️


This album is them. It is each and every one of the boys. It is so authentically them. When I listed to this album for the first time (at midnight the night it dropped obviously) I was smiling from ear to ear. I could feel them in every song. I could feel the emotions and the stories in each track. If you have not yet listen and downloaded it, you’re missing out. Love these boys so much.


That’s it. That’s the review.


This album is amazing! I just really wish it was longer. I’ve been following Camino ever since they opened for dashboard and ATL and did an amazing job


Literally every song on this album is amazing and so genuine. I hope they never change

I hate this app4957

Been following the band camino for years. So happy to see how far their music has grown. This is real music, we need more artists like the band camino in this day and age. 5/5 wouldn’t change a thing.

Elias mehlhaf

Haunted is amazing and the new version of what I want 😍

infp 123456

I love this band and the genuineness that pours out of them and their music! Tryhard is the only album I’ve ever bought on my phone and I’d buy it a million times more. Thanks for the GOODTIMES 💥🤘


TBC is hella talented and this album is incredible. lyrics are 🔥 as usual. can’t wait to hear the Hush Hush guitar solo in concert 😍🤤


Graham Rowell

AnnaMarie Kathleen

Everything that they make is amazing. Farsighted and the re-recorded What I Want are amazing!!


Show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before..... but really, this EP is phenomenal. The Band CAMINO are their most authentic selves on this record, the band their fans know and love. I can’t wait to see how much higher this band can rise, and they deserve every bit of success along the way ❤️


This is where inspiration comes from. Quality, heartfelt music. Love it!


Literally never heard a better album! There’s a song for everyone! The energy! The talent!


The Band Camino never disappoints. Every single song of theirs is on my “No Skips” playlist-yep even the duplicates (and I really never skip songs on that playlist). I highly recommend their music to everyone. The new EP is just even more perfection

c o n :)

if you’re looking for a band to fall in love with, this one is for you. this EP IS the band CAMINO. they truly outdid themselves and put out some of their best music to date. the highest recommended.


first heard daphne blue & immediately got hooked to them! i love all the songs, did not disappoint me! just a wonderful band, i can’t wait to hear more from them :)


The Band Camino does it again with their signature pop-alt rock sound. Personally love Haunted out of the newly released songs. Excited their music has finally started to take off. Jeffrey and Spencer’s voices go great together and stoked to see where this band goes in the future.


Guys. For real. Been waiting a while for this and it’s amazing!!!

Central Illinois

The Band CAMINO is the best band to ever grace this planet. They are the most talented band in this entire universe. No I’m not being dramatic. They are unmatched. Their ability to deliver straight up dimes each and every time they release new music is mind blowing. They can seriously do it all. From heavy, rock beats to slower-tempo, indie jams, The Band Camino makes it clear they are gifted at being versatile. And on top of it all, they write lyrics that matter. Lyrics that embrace me when I’m feeling alone. Lyrics that I want to shout so loud everyone can hear. Lyrics that have moved me in a way that no other band or artist ever has. I couldn’t be prouder to be a fan of this band. My Instagram bio literally just says “the band camino” . @macysoph if you don’t believe me lol


Doesn’t feel like The Band Camino had to tryhard. 😍 Just when you think they can’t get better, they do.


Band Camino keeps getting better. So lucky to have been there from the start!


Clever lyrics and catchy melodies. Hope these guys keep growing because they deserve it. This is good music


Best release yet! Can’t stop playing it on repeat.


Amazing EP by an amazing band

monica hope !

if you’re considering listening to the band camino for the first time but you’re unsure, go ahead and do yourself a favor by listening before they release their first full length album in 2020 and blow the fr*ck up. you’ll thank me. if you haven’t listened to them by now you’re already behind. you’re losing. just being Honest™. fix that by purchasing this EP. “haunted” is god tier. “farsighted” is unlike anything they’ve made thus far but it still absolutely slaps !!! “what i want” is a re-recording of a previously released song and it’s so clean and crisp and just *chef’s kiss.* “hush hush” ....................... you’ll just have to experience that for yourself. “break me,” quite literally, broke me. in the best possible way. this EP is just a little glimpse into the absolute genius that is the band camino. listen to tryhard or i will personally write a very strongly worded letter to your mother.

Teagues cam

the tryhard longform ep is quite possibly... the best album to exist ever


When they first released See Through and Daphne and took a listen, I was sooo pumped for this album. Did not disappoint!!


ugh YES so good, the transformation of "what i want" gave me chills, everything is just so good. i love camino so much


yet again just more bangers, i love these guys ❣️❣️


First 10 seconds of a song and I know I love them all.


These guys are on the path to being the best in the world.


Great dudes. Great band. Great songs. Over all a great time.




The music and the vocal seem to be the same level, making it hard to understand the singer. IF it is done on purpose, epic failure.. If it is a mistake, I suggest they go back in, tone down the music a couple notches..